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Planning Documents

Please refer to Google Sheet for organization's planning Google Doc.

Korean Internship

General information of applying for an internship here


Please indicate the organization that you are researching on and liaison status. For internship subsidies, please refer to Internship

Company Team responsible Liaison Status About / Remarks
CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. Trouble Makers Rejected
Easyworks Universe Trouble Makers No Reply
Enkino Trouble Makers No Reply
Ideabove Trouble Makers Confirmed (1 May)
Wantedly 很好 ^_^ Confirmed (8 May)

Note: CEO will away on a Startup Talk in Singapore during our Visit Period. Nozomi, PR of Wantedly would be touring us instead.
Japan's LinkedIn
Stores.Jp 很好 ^_^ No reply. Moving on to Trippiece - One of Wantedly's List Creating Online Store in 2 Minutes
Cyber Agent Ventures 很好 ^_^ No reply. Moving on to Trippiece - One of Wantedly's List Incubators for multiple startups
Samurai Incubate 很好 ^_^ No reply. Moving on to Trippiece - One of Wantedly's List Incubators for multiple startups
Trippiece 很好 ^_^ Confirmed (8 May)

Part of Wantedly's industrial day-visit. Gengo - liaising with Nozomi. Yet to receive a confirmation.
Social Travel Service
SWIC 소고기(Beef) Cancelled
IUM SOCIUS 소고기(Beef) No Reply IUM SOCIUS has one of the hottest matchmaking application in South Korea right now with more than 500,000 downloads on Play Store since its launch. With the abundance of dating/matchmaking application in Korea, IUM SOCIUS has been able to stay competitive and attract more new users everyday.
Learnyware 소고기(Beef) No Reply TNT Crowd’s Learnyware application has intrigued the world with its novelty. It is highly common for people to share tutorial videos on youtube nowadays and earn money through advertisements, however, it is rare seeing a website that allows people to earn money by “selling” their videos to interested viewers. With most people turning to YouTube for tutorials, it is interesting how Learnyware has been able to attract their crowd and stay competitive.
VCNC 소고기(Beef) Confirmed (2 May) Between by VCNC has managed to garner over 5 million downloads at the end of 2013, which is a 150% increase in user adoption within a year. With numerous social apps existing nowadays, VCNC has been able to stick with their values on creativity, differentiation, integrity and advancement through challenges to remain at the top in attracting so many new users to use it as their platform to store memories as well as communicate with their lover. VCNC has also recently penetrated the Japanese market with between in early 2013.
KBS 소고기(Beef) Confirmed (30 Apr) With a total of 6 radio channels, 8 TV channels, 4 DMB channels, 2 international broadcasting channels and almost 5000 employees, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is currently the largest and most influential broadcasting company in South Korea. Over the years, KBS has produced various shows that are hugely popular with the general public both on a local and global scale.
flitto AG Confirmed (1 May)
Tripvi AG No reply
Tokyo Otaku Mode OtakuBoys Cancelled Office too small
asobism OtakuBoys Rejected
Freakout OtakuBoys Confirmed (8 May)
Gengo OtakuBoys Awaiting Reply
Hachimen Roppi OtakuBoys Confirmed (8 May)
Cybernoids OISHI! Confirmed (7 May) Company office is pretty small. Meeting room can only accommodate 21 of us standing, but not seated for discussion
Smart Education OISHI! Confirmed (7 May)
DesignClue Youtiao Awaiting Reply
VTouch Youtiao Awaiting Reply
Terra Motors Youtiao Rejected, founder overseas
VTouch Youtiao Awaiting Reply
Classting Youtiao Cancelled
United Youtiao Confirmed (8 May)
Korbit Tag Team No Reply
NFLabs Tag Team No Reply
Memebox Tag Team Liaising
BnBHero Tag Team Liaising
The Cup Le Short Le Tall No Reply
dcamp Le Short Le Tall No Reply
Twinword Le Short Le Tall Confirmed (30 Apr)
SCC Le Short Le Tall Confirmed (30 Apr)

Wantedly's List of Companies

Wantedly, Japan's LinkedIn offered to try their best to liaise with some companies that they have affiliation with.

If you are having trouble getting a Japan company, do let Jieting/Jeremy know. We'll try our best to help out.

Company Team responsible Liaison Status About / Remarks
Yaraku - - http://en.worldjumper.com/
TAM - - http://www.tam-tam.co.jp/english/
Mind Palette - - http://mindpl.com/
Cookpad - Rejected https://en.cookpad.com/
United Youtiao Confirmed (8 May) http://united.jp/en/
Trippiece 很好 ^_^ Confirmed (8 May) http://thebridge.jp/en/2013/11/tokyo-office-tour-trippiece
Freakout OtakuBoys Confirmed (8 May) http://fout.jp/
Hachimen Roppi OtakuBoys Confirmed (8 May) http://hachimenroppi.com/
Gengo OtakuBoys Liaising with Nozomi - yet to receive confirmation http://thebridge.jp/en/2013/11/gengo-tokyo-office-tour/
Coiney - - http://coiney.com/


More Information: SMU Open Company Event