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Name: Jeremy ZHONG Jiahao
Academic Year: 3
Degree: Information Systems Management
2nd Major: Advance Business Technology (Without Track)
Interests: Computer Programming, Computer Gaming, Swimming, Business-Readings
Current CCA: SMU Information Systems Society (SISS)
Contact: Facebook | Email Me


Korea's Lifestlye and Culture
I've always wondered why Korea is always catching up to the latest technologies. Is it their culture? How do they gain such insights and get all creative? Would definitely want to experience their lifestyle & culture.

Plenty of Companies
I heard there are many companies in Korea to look out for, in particular, Samsung Electronics, NCSoft, Nexon and Naver. Would want to tour and experience what goes behind the scene, the employers, the work culture, etc... These would definitely help in my future business.

More Exposure
I need to expand my invisible exposure "circle". After this trip, I would like to see things in a different perspective, and perhaps apply these perspectives into my ongoing business - to take it to the next level.


What type of internship opportunities interest you?
  • Mobile Programming - Always felt that the mobile industry is huge. Everyone have (or going to) a smartphone with them.
  • Electronic Commerce - I have a huge interest in Internet Marketing. Formulating a product is one; getting the word out is another.
  • Technologies Startups - I would like to understand the inside outs of a small startup

Any ideal firms (based in South Korea) that you wish to join?
Company Reasons
TSM-Jeremy-Samsung.png No doubt, I would want to visit Samsung. They're one of the giants in the technology industry. Would want to understand what goes behind the scene. How they stay competitive in the mobile industry. Not to mention the work culture. The employees.
TSM-Jeremy-NCSoft.jpg Gaming had been my favourite pastime. NCSoft had developed tons of online games that had topped the charts. For example, Lineage and Guild Wars.

I would want to find out what goes behind the scene and how they were able to maintain such huge success amidst of multiple online games.

TSM-Jeremy-Naver.png Always thought that WhatsApp was the most popular messaging application, and is here to stay?

Think twice! There's LINE, an application developed by Naver that took the industry by the storm. WallPosts and Stickers are the few interesting features that they implemented that managed to grab a few WhatsApp users over to LINE.
I always wondered what goes behind the scenes.


What types of business interest you?
  • Mobile Programming
  • Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce)
  • Game Programming
  • Startups

What plan do you have in starting a business? (list existing business)
  • Existing Business:
    • Internet Marketing - Currently involved in Affiliate Marketing through Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Search-Engine Optimisation (SEO). Further plans includes diving into multiple traffic sources to expand the revenue.
  • Plans
    • A Family-Based Application - A private space for families to share their happy memories together.
    • Mobile Game Application - Candy Crush Scale.
    • Multi-Language Human Translator - Converting our CodeXtremeApps '13 into reality.

  • Freelance Development - Had been doing freelancing for friends/families through word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Internet Marketing - as mentioned above