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Course Info
Trip Itinerary
Cast & Roles
Project Teams

Cast & Roles

Cast & Roles!

Top Row: (L-R) Janan Tan, Teo Jie Ting, Tan Yun Xi, Eleazar Lim Wei Ji, Jerene Wong Pei Ling, Chan Si Hui, Virya Paramita
Middle Row: (L-R) Lee Xiang Rui, Jeremy Zhong Jiahao, Clarissa Goh Shu Yi, Benjamin Gan, Lee Jin, Freda Tan Yi Cui
Bottom Row: (L-R) Agurz Gary Leong, Denise Wong Kar Lin, Rachel Quah Shu Ting, Loh Yi Song Rafael, Nguyen Tuan Viet, Wong Kee Siang Glen, Nicholas Li Jiacheng


To reduce cost, we have no TA this term. Thus, everyone must chip in to help out with the organisation.

Roles Cast Comments
Course Coordinator Benjamin Oversees everything. The buck stops here.
Trip Documentors
Wiki Editor Nguyen Tuan Viet, Jeremy Zhong Jiahao, Quah Shu Ting, Rachel

Helper: Teo Jie Ting

Manage this wiki and all it's details. Able to assign pages to others, review and update links.
Photographer Wong Kee Siang Glen

Helper: Lee Xiang Rui, Wong Pei Ling, Jerene

Take all the photos before and during the trip (company visits). Must have photography and editing (photo shop skills). Post them all in wiki and Facebook
Videographer Li Jiacheng Nicholas

Helper: Wong Kee Siang Glen, Freda Tan Yi Cui

Take all the videos before and during the trip (company visits). Must have video and editing skills. Post them all in wiki and Facebook
Social Media Managers & Journalist Goh Shu Yi, Clarissa, Virya Paramita (facebook), Wong Kar Lin, Denise Helper: Nguyen Tuan Viet, Quah Shu Ting, Rachel, Li Jiacheng Nicholas Start our Facebook. A real exhibitionist to post every incident. Must have Journalistic skills. See 2013 TSM Blog.
Designer Loh Yi Song, Rafael, Lee Xiang Rui


Artistic talent. And not the Power Point kind.
Pre-Trip Planners
Korea Companies LIM WEI JI, ELEAZAR, Chan Si Hui Helper: Virya Paramita Organise companies to visit. Start with past companies here. Contact KTO for assistance.
Itinerary Planner Tan Yun Xi, Tan Janan Helper: Agurz Gary Leong, Goh Shu Yi, Clarissa Manage all itinerary planning. Must be very organise with timing and constraints. Will liaison with travel agent and tour guide. Must be able to think quick in case schedule changes and lost directions
Treasurer Teo Jie Ting, Helper: Jeremy Zhong Jiahao, Lee Jin This year budget here -- Last year budget here. Must have accounting skill. Need to be meticulous. Especially keeping some petty cash. Liaison with SMU finance and reports to IIE.
Entertainment/Welfare/Foodies/Hotel Info/Logistics Agurz Gary Leong, Freda Tan Yi Cui, Wong Pei Ling, Jerene Helper: Wong Kar Lin, Denise, Chan Si Hui Refer to past work here and here. Fun loving, cheer leader, never stressed out, shining bright light everyday, don't worry, be happy. Plan for an excursion.
Lobang king or queen Lee Jin Helper: Loh Yi Song, Rafael Able to get great deals. Do miscellaneous things and knows where to get Organisation Token & printing (Banner & T-shirt). Will carry the banner,