2013-14 Term 1 Technology

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Home Assignments G1 G2 Technology

Technology Enrichment Video Series

You can subscribe to the video series on youtube at the SMU IS306 YouTube channel to receive the latest videos in your YouTube homepage.

Topic TA: Daniel Tsou Class References

1. Introduction


2. OpenShift: Creating an application

Video | Daniel's OpenShift Application

3. GIT & TortoiseGIT: Setting up for Windows


4. OpenShift: Deploying Code using GIT


5. GitHub: Setting up and syncing with OpenShift

Video | Daniel's GitHub Repository | Video

5.5. Microsoft Expression Web: Introduction


6. HTML: Introduction

Video | Lab HTML + CSS Example

7. CSS: Introduction

Video | Lab HTML + CSS Example

8. CSS: Creating Layouts

Video | Lab CSS Layout example

9. Javascript: Introduction


10. jQuery: Introduction


11. PHP: Introduction

Coming Soon

12. Twitter Bootstrap


13. AngularJS


14. Your Topic

Free Media

The following links contain images, audio, and video that can be re-used on web sites and interfaces. Please update this list if you find more!