2012-13 Term 2

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Staff Name Office Hours
Faculty Richard C. DAVIS Wed 2pm-3pm, SIS 5035
Teaching Assistant Daniel TSOU Guo Yuen Tsen By appointment


Design Briefs

Below is a list of assignments in this course. Assignments 2-11 will guide you through an interaction design project, which you will do in teams of four. You are strongly encouraged to choose a mobile application for your project. The constraints of this small form factor make this an exciting challenge. (You should design for a device you own. Samsung Galaxy SII phones are available to all teams if you do not have your own mobile device.) Projects should address one of the following three briefs.


A1. Design Exercise
A2. Observation
A3. Low-fidelity Prototype
A4. Heuristic Evaluation
A5. High-fidelity Prototyping 1: A Skeleton and a Plan
A6. High-fidelity Prototyping 2: Meat on the Bones
A7. High-fidelity Prototyping 3: Ready for Testing
A8. Laboratory Testing
A9. Web Testing 1: Setup
A10. Web Testing 2: Analysis
A11. Poster Session

Team Pages

Create a row in the following table for your team here. Update the team number, team name, project name, and member names to those of your team.

# Team Project Members
0 <Team Name> <Project Name>
  1. Member name
  2. Member name
  3. Member name
  4. Member name
1 The Wait Reducer The Wait Reducer
  1. Chong Zi Xin
  2. Chong Xue Ling
  3. Heng Wee Ying Joanna
  4. Lionel Koh Wee Heng
2 LikeABoss! LikeABoss!
  1. Cheong Wai Mun
  2. Zhu Juntao
  3. Goh Lulong Kenneth
  4. Ong Yee Suan Jervenne
3 ZopPal ShopPal
  1. Pyae Sone Maung Maung
  2. Jagdish Udeykumar Chandiramani
  3. Ang Qi Ye Kevin
  4. Hu Zhengbin
4 Travel Geeks Walk-a-City
  1. Hee Yan Ni
  2. Yap Qian Hui
  3. Yap Zheng Yang
  4. Zhang Qingmin
5 Team FAT Get F.A.T
  1. Lee Shao Hui Mervyn
  2. Foo Tee Jun
  3. Ryanna Ang Jia-min
  4. Safouan Amor
6 Team Ka-Ching Ka-Ching
  1. Cheng Bing Jie Adrian
  2. Chong Wen Xiong
  3. Leong Boon Liang
  4. Elvin Lim Tong Liang
7 The Sleeping Buddies Sleeping Buddy
  1. Alvin KWANG Zhi Sheng
  2. Loh Yiang Meng
  3. Shaik Dawood Haja Hameed Yousoof
  4. TRAN Hung Thinh
8 Team Kola Veri Di Whack-A-Junk
  1. Kean Kwok Jin
  2. Radeya Parveen
  3. Teo Siok Ping
  4. Yeo Zhen Zhi
9 Team Arges Arges
  1. Ardian Tjeng
  2. Cui Jiahao
  3. Ho Leong Yong
  4. Jia Qilin

Student Pages

Contact the teaching staff if your name does not appear below. Copy the template page to your own page, and change all references to <Name> in this template to your name.

Alvin Kwang Zhi Sheng
Ang Qi Ye Kevin
Ardian Tjeng
Cheng Bing Jie Adrian
Cheong Wai Mun
Chong Wen Xiong
Chong Xue Ling
Chong Zi Xin
Cui Jiahao
Foo Tee Jun
Goh Lulong Kenneth
Hee Yan Ni
Heng Wee Ying Joanna
Ho Leong Yong
Hu Zhengbin
Jagdish Udeykumar Chandiramani
Jia Qilin
Kean Kwok Jin
Koh Wee Heng Lionel
Lee Shao Hui Mervyn
Lee Yan Ting
Leong Boon Liang
Lim Ming Hong
Elvin Lim Tong Liang
Loh Yiang Meng
Ong Yee Suan Jervenne
Pyae Sone Maung Maung
Radeya Parveen
Ryanna Ang Jia-min
Safouan Amor
Shaik Dawood Haja Hameed Yousoof
Tay Wen Bin
Teo Siok Ping
Thant Zin
Tran Hung Thinh
Wong Junjie Kenneth
Yap Qian Hui
Yap Zheng Yang
Yeo Zhen Zhi
Zhang Qingmin
Zhu Juntao

Technology Enrichment Video Series

Please note that the topics and the order they are released are subjected to change. You are, however, highly recommended to watch them in sequence.

You can subscribe to the video series on youtube at the SMU IS306 YouTube channel to receive the latest videos in your YouTube homepage.

Topic TA: Daniel Tsou Class References

1. GitHub


2. Introduction to "Awesome Start"


3. Twitter Bootstrap


4. AngularJS


5. Backend as a Service


Free Media

The following links contain images, audio, and video that can be re-used on web sites and interfaces. Please update this list if you find more!