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Problem and Solution

Someone always has to wait

Problem: Where is my friend?

Description: Meeting our friends always means that one person is bound to wait, that waiting time is something to avoid, especially if our friends are to busy to answer their phone and we are unable to determine their location.

Goals: We want to be able to track the location of our friend. To be able to remove our friend's need to reply us in order for a location exchange. This way, the finding out of our friends location becomes automated and greatly reduces the texting and calling required just to meet up.

Solutions: There are rarely any apps that deal with tracking of other's devices due to security issues. Thus, we aim to bridge this gap and provide a tracking solution time-varied by events, so friends are trackable during the event timing and probably an hour before the event. We hope to reduce the insane amounts of text messages requesting on our locations right before an event. With a solution and facilitates tracking, friends can find out where we are without us touching our phones.