2013-14 Term 1 G2 TeamYOLO A3 Scenarios

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Scenario 1: The Restaurant Visit (Easy)

Vivian is out with her group of friends at their favorite restaurant. After a hearty meal, Vivian volunteers to pay for the entire bill first. After leaving the restaurant, everyone huddles around the receipt to find out how much they need to pay for their respective items. Due to the wide variety of food ordered and shared, Vivian now faces the age-old problem of trying to split the bill among her friends!

Enter the Bill Splitter Application!

Using the new Bill Splitter application just downloaded to her smartphone, Vivian simply just has to snap a photo of the bill receipt itself, and within a minute will be able to split the bill accurately among her friends!

Scenario 2: A Receipt Like No Other (Hard)

Vivian was tasked, by her grandmother, to purchase some food and drinks from a nearby convenience store for their yearly BBQ gathering session with all her immediate family members. Having her hands full of plastic bags containing the many items she bought, Vivian stuffed the receipt the cashier handed to her into her jean's pocket without a second thought. After the BBQ session, when her family gathered round to settle the food and drinks expenses, Vivian realised that her receipt was in the pocket of her jeans. Gingerly fishing the receipt out, she was dismayed to see that the receipt had been crushed badly. Thankfully, the printed words were still somewhat legible.

Enter the Bill Splitter Application!

With her smartphone in hand, she fired up the Bill Splitter app and took a photo of the receipt. As the receipt was badly crushed, the OCR results turned out to be rather inaccurate for most items. After pondering for a second, Vivian decides to manually key in the items on the receipt into the application instead. To her great delight, the manual input process was pain-free and she swiftly proceeded to split the bill among her family members.