2013-14 Term 1 G2 TeamYOLO A10

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How we recruited our participants?

  1. First, we came up with a list of potential participants that best suit our persona.
  2. We called them and explained the process of our web experiment. After which, we managed to successfully engage 30 willing participants to carry out the web experiment.
  3. We sent these 30 participants an email with our web experiment link attached in it, with 15 of them receiving link to experiment 1-2 while the other 15 receiving the link to experiment 2-1.

Below are screenshots of the email sent to different groups of participants:

TeamYOLO-SampleEmail-Experiment-1.PNG TeamYOLO-SampleEmail-Experiment-2.png

Breakdown of Participants' Details

Following our persona, our participants are local university students aged from 22- 25 .