2013-14 Term 1 A3. Low-fidelity Prototype

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This assignment will teach rapid prototyping as a way to move from a design idea to a first draft of a user interface. Here's the strategy: First, based on insights from the previous assignment, clearly and concisely express your users' problem and the solution your project will provide. Then fill out your design with personas and scenarios. Finally, build a flow diagram and a paper prototype for your system. Like the tour de France, this assignment is fast and covers a lot of terrain.


Due: 24 hours before the beginning of class on week 4

Collaboration: This is a group assignment. You must work with your project team and no one else.

In Class

Selected groups will give a short presentation of their experience with this assignment.

  • Present your problem and solution
  • Describe your primary persona
  • Walk through your prototype using one of your scenarios
  • Explain how your design evolved and what techniques you found most valuable
  • State something you learned

You can refer to your project wiki page on the screen when making your presentation. You must all be present, but you should choose one person to be your primary speaker.


Submit your assignment on the wiki. You will need to edit the team G1 G2 pages table to include your team name, your project name, and your team mamber's names. You must also update the links in this table to point to your team page.

You will then create a wiki page for your team by copying the team template G1 G2 pages. Update the links in these page to point to your own assignments (the comments at the top of the template pages explain how). Note that the link to "Observations (A2)" under G1 G2 Deliverables should point to the A2 submission for the team member whose project you chose. The G1 G2 TeamName section of your copy should be updated with the following:

  1. Your team's name
  2. Your project's name
  3. Your chosen design brief or IS480 project
  4. Your problem statement
  5. Your solution statement

You'll then create an Assignment 3 wiki pages by copying the A3 submission template G1 G2 pages. Your A3 submission should include:

  1. A list of personas (at least one)
  2. A list of scenarios (at least two)
  3. A flow diagram.
  4. A comprehensive set of digital photos or scans of your paper prototype that show how your scenarios are accomplished with your prototype. The prototype should both be signed by all team members. If you want to go above and beyond, you can do one of the following in addition.
    • If you wish, you may also film your prototype “in action” and upload it to YouTube. Put the link after the photos of your paper prototype.
    • Alternatively, you could make an interactive version of your paper prototype using POP or InVision. After the photos of your paper prototype, put a link to your interactive prototype and add instructions for walking through one or more scenarios.
  5. A collection of alternative designs (if any).

You'll notice that the A3 submission template G1 G2 just links to other pages for your personas, scenarios, flow diagram, paper prototype, and alternative designs. That's because you may update them throughout the semester as your design changes.

Here is a sample that shows the type of submission we are looking for.