2013-14 Term 1 A11. Poster Session

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The poster session will be an event where your peers, professors, and professional friends will come to see and hear about what you have done. Your assignment is to put together a compelling package that communicates the key points of your project.



  • Poster: 12:00noon, 12 Nov 2013. Please place poster here
  • Video: 12:00noon, 14 Nov 2013. Please place video here
  • Everything else: 12:00 noon, 18 Nov 2013

Collaboration: This is a group assignment. You may work with your project team only.

Poster Session

The final poster session will be held on 12:00noon, 15 Nov 2013 at SOE/SOSS BW09 and BW10. 0001Posters-151113.JPG

IS306 Final poster presentations

  • Time: Friday, 15 Nov 2013. 12noon- 3pm
  • Venue: SMU http://www.smu.edu.sg/campus-map. SOE/SOSS BW09 and BW10 (basement or concourse between School of Economics and School of Information Systems)
  • Light refreshments will be provided.

Prepare for the poster session by thinking about how you are going to explain your prototype to people. Are you going to let them hold the device and try it themselves? Are you going to hold it and show them? Why did you make that decision? What are you going to say to them? A good pitch is an elegant mix of demo and evaluation. Are there parts you want to call out as you walk them through the process? Keep in mind that none of the people there will have your exact background and insight into your application. Tell your audience about the user need first, show them your solution, and tell them why your work is unique.

Prepare your 1-minute demo of your prototype. After the video presentation, one member of your team (or two if you have a separate narrator) will go to the “video booth” we have set up. They will perform a 1-minute “hands-on” demo of your prototype (demo and narration). Navigate to the different screens, click around, and show the main functionality of your app. Since we want to constrain this to one minute, make sure you have prepared ahead of them what pages you want to demo. Practice this a few times to ensure the demo is smooth and is limited to 1-minute.

Light snacks will be provided. We will also have a panel of industry judges at the poster session, so do your best! At the end of the session, the judges will choose winners to three awards:

  • Best Interaction Design-The project with the clearest and most sensible flow of events
  • Best Visual Design-The project with the most pleasing appearance
  • Most Likely to Succeed-The project most likely to become a successful product

We got some Golden Village tickets!

Confirmed judges

  • Richard Davis, SMU Professor 0007Judges-151113 1.jpg
  • Anna Himmanen, Regional Director & Lead Consultant at Cresense 0005Judges-151113 1.jpg
  • Alex Kang, Founder of Designius Pte. Ltd 0006Judges-151113 1.jpg

Here is the program

  • 12noon Gather, meet students, refreshment
  • 12.45 Introduction of Judges and Presentation of Videos by student teams
  • 1.15 Interactive Demonstrations (talk to teams next to their poster)
  • 2.45 Announcement of Award Winners
  • 3.00 End


Posters and videos should be uploaded to the following Google Drive folders. (Click the Upload icon next to the "Create" icon in the upper-left corner to upload a file.) Each files should be less than 20MB in size. Use names of the form "GmTn-TeamName-ProjName-Poster," where "m" is your section number, "n" is your team number, and "TeamName" and "ProjName" contain your own team and project names.

  • Poster Folder
    • Name your file "GmTn-TeamName-ProjName-Poster".
    • Use PDF, PNG, GIF, or JPG format.
    • Poster resolution should be 300dpi for size A2 printing
  • Video Folder
    • Name your file "GmTn-TeamName-ProjName-Video".
    • Use a format that can be viewed with the VLC media player.

Each team should create an Assignment 11 wiki page by copying the A11 submission template G1 G2. This page should include the following:

  1. Deliverables
    • A link to your poster. (You can get the link from the Google folder by clicking "Share" in the upper-right corner.)
    • A link to your video.
  2. Prototype: Links to your final runnables, instructions for installing and running them, and screen shots.
  3. Reflections: A few sentences from each team member.

Teams must also update the team information G1 G2, and High-fidelity Prototypes G1 G2 sections of their wiki page, as necessary. And don't forget to update your scenarios, flow diagram, and screen shots if they have changed since you submitted A10.

This is the last submission for Iteration 3. Make sure that everything is in order for A9, A10, and A11 by the submission deadline. Do not modify them after the submission deadline, or there will be a penalty which rises from 0% at the deadline to 100% 24 hours after the deadline!

Have a look at the following samples from previous terms: