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Role Name Email Description
Project Manager/Database Architect NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Minh minh.nguyen.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Set meeting agenda, prepare and update Gantt chart
  • Time tracker, ensure that the team is on schedule
  • Consolidate and handle development issues as well as team problems
  • Oversee the software development life cycle to minimize project risks
  • Be responsible for designing, implementing, and managing databases to ensure the integrity of data
Assistant Project Manager/System Analyst Eugene LEE Wei Liang eugene.lee.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Perform system testing and identify the system risk
  • Ensures that the application contains no bug
  • Develop Test Cases
  • Facilitating User-Acceptance Tests or Heuristic Evaluations
  • Secondary role of Acting Project Manager
Software Architect CHEN Cen cenchen.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Lead the development of the system
  • Determine the technical specifications and software development
  • Resolve technical risk that is identified by the System Analyst
Assistant Software Architect/IT Subject Expert PHAN TRAN Le Nguyen ln.phantran.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Understand the Business needs and develop solutions
  • Analyze and develop the system designs that maps clients' requirements to solutions
  • Secondary role of Acting Software Architect
Business Analyst/Liaison Officer Alphonsus LIM Kwan Yeow ky.lim.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Understand the business requirements and describe what the system must do to fulfill the business requirements
  • Know the needs of the stakeholders with clear interpretation
  • Ensure deliverable reflects how the product will be designed and developed
  • Identify needed achievements for the project plans
  • Middle person between the stakeholders and developers
Design Architect Jesline TAN Mei Rong jesline.tan.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Build the web template for the layout of the portal
  • Develop visual solutions that are appealing and relevant to the Business needs
  • Ensure that all Graphic Designs and layouts meets the Client's demands
  • Improve the usability of the site, making interface and navigation simple