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Project Highlights Description
List of requirement changes Removal of tertiary functionalities such as Manual food creation, manual menu creation, add users from current location
Added in tertiary functionality (Workout Management System) - A web portal management system which allows Runkicker administrators to create, retrieve, update and delete custom workouts (To be implemented after mid term)

TheBrosCode ProjectProgressHeader.png

Platform Modules Total Functions Completed Functions Remaining Functions Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment % Total Done
Mobile Application Account 4 4 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested 100%
Food 3 3 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested
Activity 6 6 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested
Event 4 4 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested
Affective 1 1 0 100% 1 Fully implemented and tested.
Social 2 2 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested
Analytical 2 2 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested
Friends 2 2 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested
Notifications 2 2 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested
Web Application Management 4 4 0 100% 1 Fully deployed and tested. Sean will be implementing the front-end, Guan Ze will be implementing the back-end. 100%

TheBrosCode PROJECT SCHEDULE header.png

Iterations Planned Actual Comments
1 Account Module 23 May 2018 24 May 2018 Sean and Guan Ze went for OCSP so team was short of manpower. Delayed for 1 day.
2 Food Module 12 June 2018 12 June 2018 Everything went as plan
3 Activity Module 1 July 2018 1 July 2018 One of the hardest and most complicated module in this entire project. Everyone worked hard and the team managed to complete the iteration within the timeframe.
4 Events Module 18 July 2018 18 July 2018 Everything went as plan
5 Regression Testing 28 July 2018 28 July 2018 Everything went as plan
User Acceptance Testing 1 3 August 2018 3 August 2018 Everything went as plan. Had 30 participants participated in the user testing
6 Acceptance 17 August 2018 17 August 2018 Completed our Acceptance milestone.
7 Friends Module 22 August 2018 22 August 2018 A interesting module that we are excited about. Allowing us to add friends.
Notifications Module 25 August 2018 25 August 2018 One of the hardest module due to the different scenarios that user might face. Everything went as plan.
8 Analytical Module 4 September 2018 4 September 2018 Everything went as plan
Social Module 7 September 2018 7 September 2018 Everything went as plan
9 Regression Testing 21 September 2018 21 September 2018 Solved some bugs that were not found in previous iterations.
User Acceptance Testing 2 25 September 2018 25 September 2018 Everything went as plan. Had 30 participants participated in the user testing (12x Unfit and Unmotivated, 13x Overweight, 5x Obese)
10 Affective Module 2 October 2018 2 October 2018 Completed and tested. Will be testing after mid terms milestone
Mid Term 4 October 2018 4 October 2018 Completed.
Account Module (Tertiary Function) 5 October 2018 5 October 2018 Completed and tested. This function in the Account Module allow user to choose between 2 personality types
11 Management Module 25 October 2018
Event Module (Tertiary Function) 25 October 2018
12 Management Module 2 November 2018
Poster Submission 7 November 2018
13 Final Day 26 November 2018
Client Handover 27 November 2018
Poster Day 2 December 2018
TheBrosCode TaskMetricHeader.png
TheBrosCode TaskMetric10.PNG

TheBrosCode BugMetricHeader.png
TheBrosCode NumBugs1.PNG
TheBrosCode BugsScore1.PNG
TheBrosCode BugsBreakdown1.PNG

TheBrosCode PROJECT RISK.png

Risk Probability Impact Mitigation
Scope Creep. The Runkicker WMS module may experience changes and addition of unnecessary features. Low High The team must ensure that the specific requirements of this module and its functionalities/features are discussed with the sponsors. Both parties's visions have to be aligned to the fact that the WMS will only showcase features/functionalities that are necessary.
Tertiary function of the Runkicker app, which is the scheduling of an event on Google Calendar, may be complicated and the team might not have sufficient time to implement. Low High The team has to perform early adequate research and review online tutorials and Google APIs on how to connect the current "Event Creation" function in the app with the phone's Google Calendar.
TheBrosCode TechnicalComplexity.png
Where Why
AWS Server Configuration Commands and knowledge of knowing how to deploy API endpoints onto the Server
MySQL Database Table Structuring Friends Module - structuring the database to store user’s friend list and pending friend list
Mobile App Notification Module - leveraging on Google FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) service to send push notification to devices


Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Meeting Minutes TheBrosCode MeetingMinutes
Task Metrics TheBrosCode Metrics
Bug Metrics TheBrosCode BugMetric
Analysis Use Case Diagram TheBrosCode Documentation
Design ER Diagram TheBrosCode ERDiagram
Testing UAT TheBrosCode UAT

TheBrosCode USERTESTING2.png
UAT Category
2 Overall User Testing Results Summary
2 Sponsors Test Summary
2 Users Test Summary
2 Post Test Questionnaire
2 Task Instructions


Member Learning Outcome
Tommy Wishes to improve tacit skills such as the management of the project plan, stakeholders, and members.
Improve my knowledge on mobile application development.
Improve my skills on creating the user interface that will maximize users’ experience
Chun Ming Hopes to continuously improve on my coding abilities by working on such mobile apps
Gain deeper knowledge and insights on how important is a project’s architecture and design
Improve on my soft-skills such as communication and management abilities
Sean Hoon Improve communication skills to create the right end product
Cultivate a good understanding on web UX/UI to ensure a good user experience
Hopes to deepen my understanding on front-end web development
Tan Guan Ze Hopes to explore and develop automated test scripts
Be more precise and assure quality in all the work done
Explore the capabilities of android programming and the extent of its functions