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[Testers/2013-2014 Term 2]

Testers/2013-2014 Term 1


  • Each student who qualify and complete the test satisfactorily will earn extra credit points. (Supervisor may override, please see points below).
  • The accumulated extra credit points will go towards a + to their IS480 grade. This means that if your final grade is a B, you will be bump up to B+. A maximum of 1 + will be given to each student.
  • There is no fixed extra credit points to qualify for a +. It depends on how many extra credit points were accumulated by you and ratio of your points to IS480 student points that term. Note that your extra credit points may end up not giving you any +.

IS480 teams

  • You may give out a maximum of 100 extra credit points for your IS480 project.
  • The supervisor may invalidate the extra credit points given if the testing is low value. (eg friends who are not doing credible work)
  • Please email the IS480 TAs (Michelle Leong or Sebastian Kiran Joy) with your spreadsheet of UAT participants & points. They will update the overall spreadsheet form for the term.