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Project Progress Summary

Mid Terms Slides:

Click [[Media: | here]] for Final Presentation Slides.

Project Highlights:

  • Change request to allow Super Admin to select application review deadlines and enabling applicants to resubmit forms based on business rule
  • Completion of Primary Function Modules: 100%
  • Completion of Secondary Function Modules: 100%
  • Dropped Tertiary Function (Interaction Module) as team was behind project schedule and team decided that the forum might not be used as frequently (business value to sponsor may not be as significant due to lack of motivation for users to use)

    Project Management

    Project Status:

    Function progress.png

    Planned Schedule:

    Actual schedule (1).png Actual schedule (2).png

    Actual Schedule:

    Actual schedule (1).png Project timeline actual 2nd updated.png

    Project Metrics

    Schedule metrics graph.png

    Highlights of Schedule Metrics

    Iteration Planned (Days) Actual (Days) SM Score Action Status
    13 16 81.25% Team is behind schedule due to unresolved bugs. Drop secondary functionalities considering the time left. Completed

    Bug score updated.png

    Highlights of Bug Metrics

    Iteration Bug Score Number of Issues Summary of Bugs and Issues Action Taken
    1 Low Impact, 4 High Impact Bugs, 1 Critical Impact Bugs Bugs present are related resubmission of forms (viewing of previously uploaded files and validations for most application forms). Critical impact to application's usability. Resolve bugs immediately.

    Project Risks:

    All risks.png

    Technical Complexity:

    Technical complexity 1.png

    Technical complexity 2.png

    Technical complexity 3.png

    Technical complexity 4.png

    Tech complexity 3 (1).png

    Tech complexity 3 (2).png

    Tech complexity 3 (3).png

    Quality of Product

    Intermediate Deliverables:

    Type Specification Documentation
    Project Management Minutes Minutes
    Metrics Schedule Metrics

    Bug Metrics
    Change Metrics

    Analysis Use case Use Case Diagram
    Business Process Diagram Business Process Diagram
    Design Architecture Diagram Architecture Diagram
    Database Diagram Database Diagram
    Testing User Test Plan User Test 1 Document

    User Test 2 Document
    User Test 3 Document (Applicants)
    User Test 3 Document (Assessment Partner)
    User Test 3 Document (GFA)
    User Test 3 Document (Super Admin)


    User Testing 1:


    • Discover usability issues of the web application
    • Obtain feedback by testers regarding functionalities and user interface
    • To improve web application based on UT1 results

    Number of Users: 3 (Sponsor, and 2 industry testers from Green Transformation Lab)

    Venue: SMU SIS GSR 2-1

    Date: 28 October 2015

    Duration: 40 mins per user

    Scope of UT1:

    • Registration
    • Login/Logout
    • Application form for 1-Leaf to 4-Leaf GFA Label (Shipper and Carrier)

    Find out more about our User Testing 1 Results here

    User Testing 2:


    • Average Success Rate of main tasks to be > 85%
    • Gather feedback on User Experience
    • Critique UI Layout

    Number of Users: 4 (Sponsor, and 3 Industry Testers)

    Venue: SMU SIS GTL Lab

    Date: 18 February 2016

    Duration: 40 mins per user

    Scope of UT2:

    • Registration
    • Login/Logout
    • Data Collection and Validation Module
    • Assessment Module
    • Certificate Generation Module
    • Notification and Tracking Module

    User Testing 2 Results

    Usability & Functionality
    • System should be able to detect user type without user specifying
    • Registration data should be saved in session
    • Add a hover-over information function
    • Upload file function should only be shown if data provided are outside verification limits

    User Testing 3:


    • Detect usability issues
    • Measure time taken to complete application form
    • Gather feedback and improve web application

    Number of Users:


    Date: 8 April 2016

    Duration: 40 mins per user

    Scope of UT2:

    • Registration
    • Login/Logout
    • Data Collection and Validation Module
    • Assessment Module
    • Certificate Generation Module
    • Super Admin Module

    User Testing 3 Results

    Usability & Functionality

    Learning Outcomes

    Reflection1.png Reflection2.png

    Reflection3.png Reflection4.png