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Scope 1 with Techy Marlon

This story board was the version proposed for Acceptance.

Scope 2 with Photo Taking

This story board was the initial version of flow proposed to CMA, encompassing the integration of photo taking.

The following storyboard depicts the illustration in a more visual manner:

  1. As shopper stands in front of the sensor, shopper’s outline will be detected
  2. If shopper stays stationary for 5 seconds, doors with enticing background will appear
  3. As user points to a door or approaches a door, the door will glow and fill the screen
  4. The screen will dissolve, shopper will be transported to augmented reality background
  5. Timer will start, cueing shopper to pose as it count downs from 5 to 0
  6. Photo will then be snapped and displayed on screen, with Microsoft Tag incorporated at the bottom right hand corner of the photo


An alternative storyboard with a little variation is considered as well. In this case, a stick man will appear to approach the door and a dummy character will prompt shopper to assume certain pose. The rest of the scenario remains the same.