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The beginning

Having been involved in many Community service projects in SMU, it has amplified my student life vibrantly. Through these experiences, it has made me realise that being a SIS student gives us even more advantage when participating in community services with the edge of top notch technology. With the increasing number of people engaging in social media and mobile applications, it is most ideal for us to jump on the bandwagon and create a world full of giving. Having heard some inspiring stories from Masami Sato (Founder of B1G1), I’ve the same sentiments and direction as the team and am determined to make it happen!

We may face difficulties while learning, but this is what technology is about. Learning is limitless, and there’s no shortcut to it. With regards to this project, there are many concerns; and most certainly, unknown obstacles. In my opinion, I’ve put all these obstacles aside. Instead, I would like to take this as an opportunity and think in a positive manner. Most importantly, be passionate to both the business operation (charity) and the development of the project. I believe that my diversified background in both designing and coding is substantial in leveraging the values of the project. Lastly, I’ve a team of IS comrades whom I can trust and is passionate in working with.

Every project constitutes of another chapter of learning in our lives. Project management, development skills, adaptability skills, business skills, etc... All of these are just the basic answers to the question. However, my biggest take away from this project would be the global recognition. I would want to see how the application can change the world. I would give my best to see that a team of 5 SIS students can make a difference in beautifying the culture of giving.