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The beginning

The main reason why I chose B1G1 project is that the deliverables hold much moral values to me. Unlike other charitable organizations that emphasize on the financial needs to support the beneficiaries, B1G1 promoting giving through personal lifestyle. B1G1 will show how many people are impacted positively from your giving. I am fortunate to be born here and went through world class education and this project can serve as a platform for me to contribute back to the society.

This would the first time I am embarking on a mobile development on iPhone’s. Learning curve will be steep, as I have no prior experience in Objective C or even the basic C language. To gain more insights, our team went to register for iPhone crash course organized by Code Extreme at Nanyang Polytechnic and the common learning outcome that we agreed among us after the course is that we have to start development / prototype early, there is much to be learnt. The gist of iPhone application is the “cool” user interface and designing such interface could also pose a challenge to us. However, I do have strong faith that our team can successfully overcome them.

From this project, I want to acquire technical skills on Objective C language and developed web services so that iPhone can communicate with B1G1’s database. On top of that, I want this FYP an enjoyable and memorable one for we are developing an application for a good cause.


Working on this project, I had gained much invaluable experiences. Firstly, the different technologies that need to be incorporated into our application such as Facebook connect, PayPal API & Google Map. It provided an insight to me on what the industry is doing to develop mobile applications to be socially connected.