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Bugs Metric: <br>
Bugs Metric: <br>
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Project Progress Summary

Project Challenges

The team has learned how to translate business requirements into a IT solution. As the team is using Objective C and wants to submit the application to the app store, we have to adhere to Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

When developing the application, our client wanted a checkbox to be implemented. However, this could not be fulfilled in the iOS environment as it's against the HIG. Any attempt to go against HIG would means our application would be rejected when submitting for reviewal.

Another issue our team faced is the accepting credit cards in PayPal. However, B1G1 does not have SSL server and though we could get the PayPal to accept credit cards in sandboxed environment, the actual implementation would be longer than the expected as we need to code on both the SSL server and the application. Given the short timeframe, the app that we submitted only accepts PayPal accounts.

Project Achievements

Project Management

Project Schedule (Plan VS Actual)

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Project Metrics

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Schedule Metric:
Final Time Mgmt SPI.png

Bug Metrics

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Bugs Mertic:

Technical Complexity

Quality of Product

Project Deliverables

Stage Specification Module
Project Management Scope Management Motiva Scope Management
Time Management Motiva Time Management
Quality Management - Bug Metric Motiva Bug Metric
Quality Management - UAT Motiva UAT
Communication Management Client & Supervisor Meeting Minute
Requirements Navigation Flow Navigation Diagram
Story Boarding Story Boarding PDF
Analysis User Interface Prototype User Interface PDF
Use Case Diagram Motiva Use Case
Schema Diagram Motiva Schema Diagram PDF
Sequence Diagram Motiva Sequence PDF
Design ERD Motiva ERD PDF
Archiecture Diagram Motiva Arch. Diagram
Testing Test cases All test cases used through iteration
UAT 1 UAT 1 guide
UAT 2 UAT 2 guide


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Bugs Metric:


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Team Reflection

Individual Reflection