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NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all [http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2016-2017/NDAandIP.html NDA, IP issues] early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to [http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2016-2017/FAQSponsor.html FAQ].
NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all [http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2016-2017/NDAandIP.html NDA, IP issues] early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to [http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2016-2017/FAQSponsor.html FAQ].
== <span style="color:#C76114">SMU tBank - Marketplace Lending Platform</span>==
<span style="color:black"><b>Project Description:</b></span>
Develop a marketplace lending platform that will allow users to benefit from short term loans with reasonable rates of interest. The application will connect people with monetary needs with lenders having the appropriate risk appetite and lending capacity. The application should be able to run simulations leveraging on the existing SMU tBank applications for loan disbursement and repayment. The application will act as a virtual lending platform which will be used as a teaching aid for SMU masters and undergrad banking related courses.  Upon its success, it should be possible to run a pilot within the SMU community, and eventually move on to a Singapore wide launch.
''“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.” ''
<span style="color:black"><b>Sponsor</b></span>
*[mailto:alanmegargel@smu.edu.sg Alan Megargel]
[http://sis.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/sis/pdf/researchstmt/alan-megargel.pdf Research Statement]
==Flow Labs - Select one project only==
==Flow Labs - Select one project only==

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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Past Projects

NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all NDA, IP issues early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to FAQ.

SMU tBank - Marketplace Lending Platform

Project Description:

Develop a marketplace lending platform that will allow users to benefit from short term loans with reasonable rates of interest. The application will connect people with monetary needs with lenders having the appropriate risk appetite and lending capacity. The application should be able to run simulations leveraging on the existing SMU tBank applications for loan disbursement and repayment. The application will act as a virtual lending platform which will be used as a teaching aid for SMU masters and undergrad banking related courses. Upon its success, it should be possible to run a pilot within the SMU community, and eventually move on to a Singapore wide launch.

“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.”

Sponsor SMU-tBank Contact:

Research Statement

Flow Labs - Select one project only

About Flow Labs We are a team of seasoned commodities traders and block-chain technologist that believe in the potential of using technology to enhance the way market participants interact with each other. We aim to create a new set of tools from the ground up, using the latest innovations, to dramatically enhance market efficiency. From marketplace to settlement to chronicling real-time movement of the commodity from origin to end-user.

Background The trading application is to be developed for Liquefied natural gas (LNG) traders in Asia. As the LNG industry shifts into oversupply, short term capacity trading will proliferate. This creates a surge in trading volume as well as the need for better trading platforms. Currently there are no efficient ways to trade short term LNG capacity and the creation of this platform/application will revolutionize this industry.

This application will be heavily used by LNG traders to analyze, execute and negotiate LNG auctions. The trading application interacts with a private Ethereum blockchain via a middleware API layer that generates and parses contract data.

This project will give you exposure to Blockchain, FinTech, and the multi-billion dollar LNG trading industry. You will in fact be a pioneer in creating blockchain-based marketplace for commodities trading. Front-end web application development skills are required. Come join us if you like building applications on Ruby on Rails and ReactJS.

Project 1: Front-end Features:

  • List LNG auctions in the market
  • Create LNG auction
  • Bid on LNG auctions
  • List recent transactions
  • Display average trading price by region
  • Manage own auctions sorted by status (ongoing, under negotiation, completed)
  • Manage current bids
  • Update bid
  • Show recent LNG industry news
  • Send and receive encrypted chat messages (contract negotiation)
  • Perform HTTP API calls to middleware to generate and retrieve relevant blockchain data

Project 2: Middleware

  • Connect to local Ethereum node
  • Listen for transactions (auction creation and bids) on blockchain, index data to a local database
  • Serve auction and bids data via a HTTP REST API, to be consumed by front-end application (described above).
  • Generate and broadcast an Ethereum contract for LNG auctions (a contract that can be bidded on)
  • Facilitate a 2 party encrypted chat channel for LNG contract negotiations.

Skills Required (for Trading Application)

  • Ruby on Rails (Preferred framework, but we are open to other front-end tools, talk to us about it)
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS, general front-end UI knowledge, familiar with best practices or learn along the way
  • Databases: Postgresql or Mysql, Redis, InfluxDB (time series database)
  • Familiar with HTTP protocol, designing APIs and making API calls

Contact: Gerry Eng, CTO, Flow Labs gerry@flow-labs.co or yusho@flow-labs.co

Coordinator note: New sponsor is limited to 1 team per term.

Success HR Centre- Portfolio Website

About Success Human Resource Centre Success Human Resource Centre Pte Ltd is a reputable staff recruitment agency in Singapore. We have since the inception of the agency in February 1997 assisted numerous organizations in the private and public sectors to recruit permanent, temporary and contract staff to meet their organizational needs. Our client base is broad based. It encompasses organizations in banking, manufacturing, hospitality, hospital, shipping, and several other commercial entities. We also have a large pool of candidates in our database.

The Company plans to implement a project that makes the above process paperless. The project consists of website and mobile application. On both of web and mobile ends, the staff (Candidate Role) can key in and submit working hours; on web end, the clients (Client Role) can verify the submission, the manager of the Company (Admin Role) can oversee the progress and review all records.

Components of the Project

  • Admin / Payroll page
    • Create user log in for client and staff
    • Notification once a client submitted timesheet for their department.
    • Compute staff total working hours
    • Identify PH and OT
    • Identify AL and MC entitlement
    • Identify hourly and monthly rate
  • Client Page:
    • Approve, amend or decline In and out, AL, MC of staff
    • Manage his/her team (separate listing for Temp, contract staff)
    • Able to approve multiple staff.
  • Candidate Page on Website:
    • Manual log in or mobile log in (QR Code generated)
    • Time in / time out
  • Client Page on Mobile App(Android & IOS) :
    • approve or reject (in, out, AL, MC, UL, HD (AM/PM), CCL, Maternity)
    • candidate list to approve
    • able to choose Team (tem staff or contract staff, what department and team)
  • Candidate Page on Mobile App(Android & IOS) :
    • registration
    • manual or mobile option

System features and guidelines

  • system must have audit trail (all changes made by manager, payroll and staff must be recorded)
  • system able to compute depending on client specification
  • OT must be properly recorded depending on pay schedule, clients instructions (i.e. minimum 15 minutes, after official working hours)
  • system must be customizable to fit clients need
  • system must be user friendly, intuitive and easy to use
  • Candidate not able to time in once assignment or contract ended unless extended or renewed
  • System must be able to handle/ identify salary change in between assignment and contract i.e. salary increase, additional allowance.)

Contact: Hender Tho (Mr) Success Human Resource Centre Pte Ltd EHender Tho <hender.tho@successhrc.com.sg> www.successhrc.com.sg

Ngee Ann Poly SICT - Various projects

Ngee Ann Poly School of Infocommunication Technology. Andrew Tan has proposed various projects, FitNexx6

Project 1: Portfolio Website Taken

The Portfolio Website is to be developed for students of the School of InfoComm Technology, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The purpose of this project is to allow students to create their online portfolio. This website must inhere to a 3-tier architecture of front-end, application layer and backend/database, and must be mobile responsive.

Basic and Intermediate Features

  • secure login via NP’s login
  • creation of portfolio by students
  • updating of personal details
  • creation (upload) of projects (e.g. posters, movies, images)
  • approval of projects by staff
  • management of data via a CRM (include upload of data via excel spreadsheet)
  • mobile responsive
  • analytics of usage
  • good UI and UX

Advance Features

  • export of portfolio by student
  • updating of website interface by staff
  • updating of website content by staff
  • connecting of portfolios to various social media platforms

Project 2: Career Guidance and Advisory website

This is a website that:

  • stores students profiles
  • allows students to take personality tests (e.g. DISC, Myer-Briggs, etc)
  • suggest possible pathways for students (i.e. career roadmaps)
  • suggest modules to take based on pathways
  • suggest jobs offers based on pathsways (i.e. from job portals)

Advance Features may include:

  • provide analytics of usages
  • offers online communication with mentors

Contact: Andrew Tan | Senior Lecturer | School of InfoComm Technology Email: andrewtan@np.edu.sg Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Allied World Healthcare - OpenMind; a Next-gen Platform for Social Impact projects

About Allied World Healthcare We are at the leading lead of emerging talent crowdsourcing enterprises. With support from PwC, University of Cambridge, NUS and SMU we deliver free healthcare services to rural, poor communities.

We do this by leveraging our wide international network of diverse expertise and technology to empower existing community assets to give ‘health worker-like’ services in hard-to-reach areas.

Our payback to team members seconded by international corporations and post-graduate student teams is a valuable mixed environment with international leadership and a profound real world impact across South East Asia.

We are an existing partner of SMU and one of our core systems has been built by a team of students. We have loved working with such bright young talent, and are keen to find a new team to partner with for a core, complimentary platform: OpenMind.

Team spaces are limited.

Project Objective To build OpenMind – a tool where anyone can post a new project idea that will have a positive social impact, find partners, add news skills when required, and have an open tool to help them manage the actual project delivery and evidence gathering (which is critical to proving project success, and scaling great initiatives that help people).

Project Scope An application that can fulfil six core functional scope areas:

  1. A sign up process that creates a profile for user (e.g. researcher, project lead, financier, clinician, any many other relevant roles to deliver new projects). This will create a user profile, which will have adjustable privacy settings.
  2. A portal to post new projects and research concepts, both early stage and in-progress
    1. Descriptions will be detailed and across multiple areas, to allow projects at all stages to gain value (e.g. for a new idea to find funding, but also for an established project that just needs to find one more resource).
  3. Collaboration Tools
    1. Integrate a set of collaboration and communication tools whereby users can search for others users by skills/role/location etc (e.g. if a project in Cambodia needed support from an international diabetes clinician, they could search for support and send a job description out)
    2. Have integrated communications tools (flexible, but could include messaging, forums etc)
  4. Project Management Space
    1. Create a simple space for in-progress projects (that will be expanded over time) to give a free tool for users to input, view and manage key social impact and research project delivery
    2. This will integrated with the other system areas. E.g. there could be a list of all project staff, and the vacant Diabetes Clinician role could be advertised. When people apply their profiles show up in this section for review/approval/interview/declining etc
  5. Integrated Digital Marketing
    1. These features will be integrated with broader social media channels. E.g. if someone advertises a role or potential collaboration in OpenMind, they will be able to automatically put it on Twitter or Facebook, by linking their social media accounts with OpenMind
    2. OpenMind itself will also promote externally, e.g. to an OpenMind Cambodia Twitter account, and in a series of newsletters to users (where information is automatically sent according to user profile type)

Deliverable Complete working platform with proper and relevant documentation. The requirements above will be fully scoped and prioritised with the successful team, to create a well-sized project for time available.

The benefits OpenMind will give the social impact community a new tool and platform to work together in, increasing collaboration and positive impact across the world.

For our partners and this team, you will get intimate insight across a number of global organisations to scope our requirements and learn from a numerous global businesses about their needs. The product will be live and used as it is developed by you, giving an excellent credential on your CV and strong reference for future job searching.

You will work closely with AWH’s CTO and developers as part of our broader IT team, working to all common industry standards and using industry-leading tools; all if which will support your development in the ‘real world’ and give valuable skills for your future careers.

Contact: For more information, please contact Ed (edward@alliedworld.healthcare). Past project LoLo

FJ Benjamin - Fashion Your Future (Online Recruitment Site)


About FJ Benjamin With a rich heritage dating back to 1959, SGX-listed F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd is an industry leader in brand building and management, and development of retail and distribution networks for international luxury and lifestyle brands across Asia. Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the Singapore Exchange since November 1996, F J Benjamin has managed over 31 iconic brands and operates stores. The Group employs over 3,000 employees and runs three core businesses: Luxury and Lifestyle Fashion Retailing and Distribution, Timepiece, Creative & Design.

Background This project requires students to create a fully functional recruitment website to attract potential candidates. This website will also introduce the company, people, culture and heritage.

Project Brief To build a website with good interactive user experience to communicate our company and vision. We want to project a fun and innovative company and serious about attracting the right person for the company.

Business Process

  1. Current staff are issue referral cards to be given out to potential candidates.
  2. Candidate will visit the website and will have to browse through information about the company.
  3. Candidate will fill in their contact information and the referral code on the card
  4. Upon successful submission of information, they will receive a voucher code
  5. The candidate will be able to use the voucher code in our stores.

Key Requirements For the website, Requirements are:

  1. Present key information of the company
  2. To be able to validate that the candidate has completed the journey of the site.
  3. Capture contact details of potential candidate
  4. Target at potential candidates and candidates referred by current staff using the card.
  5. Interface with POS system for voucher code
  6. Validating of referral code
  7. Promoting Referral code to Voucher code
  8. Retrieval of contact information of candidates.
  9. Report on performance of site and simple analytics for the site
  10. Fun and innovative experience
  11. Mobile friendly
  12. Graphic design or enhancing current digital assets

Secondary Requirements are:

  1. Looking at Gamertizing the website
  2. Simple Customer Feedback system

Students are encouraged to propose any other functions that they feel would enhance the platform.

Deliverable A working online recruitment site with the primary functions completed with proper and relevant documentation

Contact: Joseph Sung, Divisional Manager - IT (joseph.sung@fjbenjamin.com), SIS graduate 2008

Aldora Training - Mobile Game + Human Interaction App

About Aldora Training Aldora Training is a training and development consultancy group that specialises in soft skills training programmes for a wide range of industries across government, private as well as educational institutions. We believe in the development and engagement of individuals and the power of programmes to help individuals find their passion and purpose in life.

Problem to Solve With increased use of social media, online games etc, more and more people are engaging in activities through apps and online platforms. Sometimes, through these platforms, we lose connections with the people around us as we focus more on the online world and less in the real world.

Project Description We are looking to develop an app that engages people with both the uniqueness and engagement of social media, online games etc as well as bringing people together in real life and uniting them as one team through fun, engaging activities that can be played off an app but together as a team to build teamwork and positive team dynamics.

Potential options can be:

  1. Online activities such as trivia questions on the app which they have to find the answers from by searching for clues at the location they are at.
  2. Doing a group pose that they will have to “wefie” and post on the app
  3. Game options that the groups can select from the app and utilise it before the other groups playing the game. Such as a “Extra Time” card if they accomplish a certain task etc. The app should show these cards in real time and if they have been utilised by other groups or not
  4. Directions on the app to direct teams to particular locations at their venue to find a specific object and to take a pic of that object and upload it onto the app
  5. Real time scoreboard on the app so groups can see how the rest are doing and potential options for them to catch up such as more challenging tasks to help them earn more points etc

Value Proposition To develop a new way of building bonds within a team that utilizes the engagement of online tools such as social media, gaming etc, but in the real world context with real team mates and groups.

Uniqueness Currently, it’s either a fully online game in the virtual world, or a physical teambuilding game in the real world. We are looking for an app/platform that would be able to combine the two elements in a seamless manner. To engage participants through online gaming but in the real world context and with real people.

Project Scope To build a gaming app that is able to bring teams together as participants work together towards a common goal both in the online world as well as in the real world.

Contact: Sara sarakim@aldoratraining.com

The Black Sun - Annual Report System

About Project

  • Annual Reports (ARs) are produced each year by SGX listed companies for stakeholders (shareholders, analysts, bankers, funds, regulators and other interested parties).
  • The SGX Listing Rules and the Code of Corporate Governance provides guidance on the form and substance of the ARs to be produced. However, the range and quality of ARs can be quite broad and varied.
  • SGX provides a listing of ARs listed on the SGX but these are curated and analysed at a high level (http://www.sgx.com/wps/portal/sgxweb/home/company_disclosure/annual_financial).
  • There are other similar listings such as www.annualreports.com
  • The SGX Stockfacts (http://www.sgx.com/wps/portal/sgxweb/home/company_disclosure/stockfacts) provides more detailed analysis of the financials.
  • The Black Sun and IIRC Best Practices Reporting Databases reviews and publishes ARs that meet best practices criteria (http://bestpractice.blacksunplc.com/corporate/database/home and *http://examples.integratedreporting.org/getting_started)
  • There are other websites that curate ARs (https://www.listcorp.com/ and http://database.globalreporting.org but the challenge is keeping the details updated
  • Depending on the coverage by analysts, each AR may be subjected to different levels of analysis and comparison with industry peers. The coverage by each analyst will also vary, depending on the analyst’s experience and depth of coverage.
  • The Singapore Corporate Awards reviews ARs on a submission basis. This self-selection criteria would preclude lower standard ARs from being reviewed.
  • Based on current market best practices, good ARs will continue to be featured because they are good. This self-selection criteria doesn’t encourage the not-so-good ARs to improve, and by extension, the capital market won’t be able to go to the next level.
  • In order to raise the bar for the Singapore capital market, the ARs of all listed companies should be reviewed and curated. With this, sub-par ARs will be encouraged to improve.


  • To develop a system where all SGX listed companies can upload their ARs in PDF format, and the subsequent analysis will be automated.
  • This ”self-help” approach will reduce curating to a minumum.
  • Text analytics will be generated based on the automated analysis of the uploaded PDF ARs.
  • Standard text analytics can be publicly published, while more sensitive ones can be restricted on a request basis.
  • Stakeholders will be able to compare the text analytics between different ARs from the same sector or different sectors.
  • This system will focus on the text alone, as the review of the financials is already being done by SGX and analysts.
  • In future, when technology is available, analysis of photos, infographics and other images may be possible.

Deliverable: A system where all SGX listed companies can upload their Annual Reports and generate standard text analytics. The schematic of the proposed system is as follows. The system should be able to generate basic text analytics results such as

  1. word counts of relevant words such as “risk” and “growth”. The system should have a repository of commonly used key words in Annual Reports
  2. the context of these key words I.e. where they appear
  3. readability
  4. sentiments
  5. "who, what and where" is being discussed in the Annual Report.

WorkFlow diagram

Stakeholders: SGX listed companies

Contact: Uantchern Loh, CEO Asia Pacific, Black Sun Pte Ltd <ULoh@blacksunplc.com>

RoboStudio - Robot App development for restaurant robot

About RoboStudio RoboStudio is a startup founded by SMU Alumni focusing on Robot App development and training. Our mission is to develop frontend software to interface with backend software to provide holistic robot functionalities

Project Description Develop Frontend Robot App to provide holistic functionalities for restaurant robot: Greeting to Customer -> Ordering -> Delivering food to table -> Payment

Problem to solve F&B industry is experiencing a tough time. A key contributor is the high labor cost and shortage. The reason why robotics is not widely used yet is that there are still big gaps between customer requirement and existing robot functionalities. (Existing robot just holds a tray and walks around.)

Value proposition To restaurant: Save labor cost; To robot hardware vendor: Provide software as supplementary product to boost robot sales and usage.

Uniqueness We will be the first company to focus on Robot App development in Singapore and one of the few in the world. After mastering this competency, we can apply the same to other service industries – Banking, Hospital, Government agencies… Big potentials.

Project Scope Develop Robot App for restaurant robot using Agile methodology to provide below end-to-end functionalities: Greeting to Customer -> Ordering -> Delivering food -> Payment.

We will focus on the Frontend App layer, to interface with Backend layer. Similar to the relationship between Mobile App and Mobile hardware. I created the term Robot App (Mimic the term Mobile App), while the trend is that robot hardware will be standardized. Robot App is the soul of the robot and becomes more and more critical.

  • The development will be done using Java (Android platform) or VB (Windows platform). So IS students could be a good fit from skillset perspective.

The Backend layer are developed using C, C++ or Python etc., which will be taken charge by robot hardware vendors. We (Frontend App) will interface with them like calling an API.

  • There are only about 3-4 robot hardware vendors in Singapore right now, with some Robot App embedded in their products. But the functionalities are very limited.

That’s also why few restaurants are using robots yet. And this is the problem / gap we are trying to tackle. It has big potentials.

Opportunities Robotic is the next big thing for Singapore and the world. Besides the values your work will bring to our customers (Save labor cost etc.), it’s a good opportunity for you to learn hands on experience for this promising skill.

Skills required Programming skills like Java or VB. Of course, we are looking for people with passion on robotics!

Contact: Ben Li, Master of Innovation, SMU <ben.li.2016@mi.smu.edu.sg> Email ben.li.2016@mi.smu.edu.sg (Ben Li, Founder)

Luppi - Digital marketing system

About Team Luppi A concoction of youth and experience, where our collective realism is blended with the juvenescence of imagination, allowing us to soar - without the contempt of Icarus.

The confluence of cultures and ideologies that spans 3 demographics – X, Y and Millennials – Luppi is ideally conceived for the general community to engage and interact. Without the encumbrance and prejudice of bureaucracy that has somewhat glazed the enthusiasm of a Gen Xer, the young, however, embraces the innocence of possibilities!

Let us support you in conceptualizing an idea, and you, to help us dream again.

About Luppi Mobile Application LUPPI – coincidentally an acronym - Linking Up People & Professionals Instantly. It is a Service-Hailing mobile App, and is currently available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

Service providers’ platforms such as Thumbtack (US), Servishero (MY), Kaodim (MY), PageAdvsior (SG), and Findapro (SG) are conceptualized based on a digitized tendering and/or professional & product listing model. These methodologies are conventional and their effectiveness have been shown to be diminishing with time and technology.

Luppi works on a very different logic sequence. It is built on a reverse enquiry structure as oppose to the time-consuming conventional process of searching for what they want.

Luppi empowers the user/client to “hail” for services, and be attended to instantaneously by relevant professionals of the service/product that he/she seeks.

“We aim to create a unique client experience where the consumer feels like a private client or the uber-rich where if you want something, people will come and render their services to you at a snap of your fingers.”

Project Scope The desired outcome would be an internal web application that can fulfill these requirements below:

  1. Database processing engine
    1. Systematic and Customizable data query fields
    2. Open ended, standardized platform that can readily be assimilated to another.
  2. Recommendation engine
    1. Develop a recommendation engine that enables us to know what other services we can recommend users base on their choices
  3. Predication engine
    1. Develop a prediction engine that can predict the user’s future behavior based on his/her past choices
  4. Digital Marketing
    1. Targeted marketing towards different category of customers
    2. Search engine marketing and search engine optimization

Contact: For more information, please contact Mark (m@luppi.co), Nicholas (n@luppi.co) or Matthew (matthew@luppi.co) Lock

Singapore Weiqi Association - tournament website


About Singapore Weiqi Association (SWA) Singapore Weiqi Association is the national body (NSA) for the game Weiqi (Go) in Singapore

Project Objective This project is to enhance the operation efficiency and accuracy of the several national and international tournaments held in Singapore.

Project Brief The students are required to improve the existing / create new tournament software with the following functions:

Primary functions

  • Integrate the standalone tournament software to be accessible online
  • Real time publishing of pairings and game results online
  • To automate the calculation of player rating
  • Database design for all tournaments, individual games result and players information

Secondary functions

  • Website for players to retrieve their past records
  • Real time recording of the game results during the tournament (mobile platform)
  • Web and mobile application for the tournament registration, check-in, live updates on games and pairing.

Deliverable A working online tournament software with the primary functions completed.

Contact: Jacinta Yang (jacintayang@gmail.com) SIS OMG, Genial Tan (secretary@weiqi.org.sg)

Aenon Pharmaceuticals SEA Pte Ltd - pharmaceutical website

About Aenon Pharmaceuticals SEA Pte Ltd We are a pharmaceutical company that represents medium-sized international pharmaceutical companies who are interested to expand their business in Singapore & Malaysia.

Background This project requires students to create a fully functional pharmaceutical website to reach out to healthcare professional, consumers and business partners to complement to our business.

Project Brief We are looking to have a website with a great user interface and user experience to communicate our company and products to our partners and consumers. The Content Management System needs to be versatile for widgets and plugins and for the administrator to add, delete, edit pages easily.

For the website, CORE Requirements are:

  1. A great user interface with a great user experience which provides ease of navigation through a well-designed layout.
  2. The website and layout has to be SEO and other application friendly.
  3. A Content Management System platform (CMS)
  4. Autoresponder Integration
  5. Mobile friendly

Secondary Requirements are:

  1. A simple mobile application for verification of vouchers.
  2. Simple Ad Management System

“Good to Have” Requirements are:

  1. E- Commerce with Shopping Cart and integrate with Payment Gateway
  2. Generation of vouchers and coupons with randomised serial numbers with campaign images to consumers.
  3. E Commerce Reporting tool

Students are encouraged to propose any other functions that they feel would enhance the platform.

Deliverable Complete working platforms with proper and relevant documentation

Contact: Alex Tay (alex.tay@aenonpharm.com), Chris Chua (chris.chua@aenonpharm.com)

Bobby Harjani - Targeted learning platform

TARGETED LEARNING Using big data to sharpen learning.

Purpose To create a targeted online learning platform that will diagnose students’ strengths and weaknesses and improve their performance by producing personalised tests.

Background Singapore’s education system is competitive and stressful. Students are cumbered with heavy workloads and high expectations. Parents spend a fortune on providing tuition for their children. With big data so prevalent in the world we live in, is it possible to use technology and data to improve the education experience of a student? We think it is possible.

Solution Every student leaves a data trial in his/her education life. This data trial can be analysed in real-time to better understand the behaviour of students and deliver an optimal learning environment. We want to develop algorithms that will analyse student performance and give instant feedback to students, teachers and parents. We will be partnering a local tuition centre to test bed the idea.

How It Works

  1. Questions are drawn from a data bank (Singapore’s education syllabus).
  2. Students answer the questions on the learning platform.
  3. The platform tracks students’ strengths and weaknesses by:
    1. Marking the questions
    2. Tracking the time taken to answer each question
    3. Which questions they skipped
  4. Platform generates subsequent personalised tests for each student, focusing on their weaknesses.
  5. Platform produces instant feedback and detailed analysis (e.g. charts, statistics) for each student. This analysis enables teachers and parents to keep track of the student’s performance.

Contact: If you and your friends are interested in this project, please email Mr Bobby Harjani at bobby.harjani@gmail.com SIS alumni and Mr Desmond Hoo at deshoocs@gmail.com

SMU IIE - Incubator Portal

About Project SMU IIE has established a business incubator, called SMU Business Innovations Generator (“SMU BIG”) since 2009, to help aspiring entrepreneurs build companies that can create significant value to this world. SMU BIG provides various incubation services for entrepreneurs and start-ups, ranging from co-working space, mentorship, training, service providers and demo day. It is open to all SMU students, alumni and staff, SMU’s affiliates under the SMU Affiliate Programme. The project is to design a cloud-based / SaaS platform to manage and track all the operational activities taking place at SMU BIG, and provide a definitive, end-to-end collaboration, monitoring and evaluation, data management and reporting solution.

Link to similar platform in the market

Key Technology: The project is composed of the following features:

  1. Online Application Management. Fully customisable application workflow.
  2. Company Profiles and Performance Reviews. Centralised, searchable directory of startup companies. Profiles include contact details with custom tagging and powerful search functions, important documents, a full history of all activities, progress and performance, training, mentoring, roadmap, team movements, customers and financial history.
  3. Mentoring and Business Development. Assign companies to mentors and define the relationship parameters. Coordinate sessions, allow the mentor and mentee to record notes and action items. Review what was discussed during the session and the feedback posted after the session by both the mentor and mentees. Configure mentor meetings with payment notifications
  4. Programme Management. Configure each programme to align to specific requirements - define stages with key objectives needed to complete them, including any required training. Easily monitor impact and outputs from each programme.
  5. Funding and Investments. Maintain a centralised directory of all available funding sources. Track investments in the companies and link funding disbursements to achievement of the companies
  6. Push Notifications / Alerts. Configure the Incubator Portal to automatically send email and / or SMS notices and escalation reminders when tasks are due.
  7. Dashboard/Report. Interactive dashboards that provides a visual analysis of key areas such as Applications, Companies, Jobs Created, Revenue, Funding, Training, Mentoring and Facilities.
  8. Community Groups (Optional). All the tools needed to launch internal collaboration groups, enabling users to ask questions, share useful resources (including video and photos) and access relevant work opportunities.
  9. Marketing Tools (Optional). Track enquiries and conversions, create and send custom adverts notifying companies about upcoming events, important announcement and new happening at SMU BIG

Contact: Cassie Dong (cassiedong@smu.edu.sg)

MOE - Singapore Public Service : Workplace@FB

About Project The Singapore Public Service is the first Public Service in the world to go onboard Workplace@FB. This is an exciting journey into unchartered territory. Traditionally, each of the 80 agencies has their own intranet and internal communication channels. Attempts have been made to pull the Whole of Government together communication channels but reaching out to over 140 000 employees of the Singapore Public Service is challenging.

Attempts have been made before thru different platforms, and Workplace™ by Facebook hopefully shifts the paradigm in how the Public Service engages the 140,000 employees across Singapore, in a variety of locations, job families, and interest. The roll out of Workplace has already started and should complete by Mar 2017.

But looking forward, the PSD core team would like to explore ways to make Workplace less of a social platform and add more functionality to the system. Below is a link to what we want to achieve. FB Singapore is very supportive in terms of resources and tools and we expect a close partnership between the 2 parties.

Link to what we want to achieve

Key Technology: Workplace Messenger Platform (similar to Facebook Messengers)

The project is composed of the following phases

  1. Basic (show me the potential)
    • Design, Customisation and Programming of at least 2 Chat bots for specific agencies, that can be adapted from WP’s current Alpha stages.
    • Testing, roll out, troubleshooting and support for these 2 chat bots
  2. Intermediate (solve my greatest needs)
    • Development of NEW Chat bots (#greatideas bot) and #ineedhelp bot for specific agencies, based on requirement gathering
    • Development of Event Registration functionality
  3. Advanced (show me the possibilities)
    • Scaling and rolling out to more agencies, based on standard templates
    • Start on gathering requirements to find the unmet needs of other agencies

Stakeholders: Public Service Division, Ministry of Education and 2 more agencies

Contact: Raizan Abdul Razak (raizan_abdul_razak@moe.gov.sg) Shaun Khiu (Shaun_KHIU@psd.gov.sg)


About Project Extend ByteMe Appsolute Schedule

  • Collect data, showcase, analyse
  • Schedule checklist Schedule
  • Hardware/software e-form Forms
  • Test credit compilation wiki

Contact: Benjamin Gan, Fiona, Hosanna, IS480

St Joseph’s Institution Junior – A Learning Platform for Learning Mandarin


About Project Learning languages is always a challenge for students at a young age. Learning their Mother Tongue, however trivial it may seem, is an even greater challenge. Learning is nuanced by the different interpretations, dialect groups, influences and learning styles of the students and their families.

As such, SJI Junior is seeking to develop a web-based learning tool for their students from Pri 1 – 3. The project is composed of the following phases

  • Basic
    • Analysis of current learning style (as recommended by MOE)
    • Design and development of learning platform, encompassing:
      • Reading characters
      • Writing characters
      • Composition of characters
    • Testing
  • Intermediate
    • Gamification of learning
  • Advanced
    • Learning analytics of students

Deliverable: In an ideal stage, the platform is developed for the web and mobile-friendly. As this is the first time such an endeavor is undertaken, the platform is targeted for learning Mandarin. Future projects could involve learning Malay and Tamil. Apart from students of P1 – P 3, this learning platform is also targeted for users of special needs and other schools under the Lasallian umbrella.

Stakeholders: SJI Junior will provide expert guidance on the pedagogy and learning science underpinning the learning of the language. They will also provide a deployment framework and suitable test-bed to ensure the successful delivery of the platform.

Contact: Seng Chin Christopher Cheong <cheong_seng_chin_christopher@moe.edu.sg>, Subject Head for Pastoral Care and also a Chinese Language teacher via Andrew TAN (NP) <Andrew_TAN@np.edu.sg>, Senior Lecturer | School of InfoComm Technology

BMW Group – CIO cockpit

About Project We are working to develop a platform connecting various BMW Group data sources (i.e. GRC database, portfolio management tool, operations cockpit, SAP etc.) to aggregate and present strategic and operational information in a gesture enabled environment.


  • Implement a visual and interactive dashboard to present information
  • Gesture enabled (swipe, scroll, point etc.)
  • Mobile-compatible and access on the go
  • Robust and scalable to accommodate future expansion of data sources

Target Audience Senior leaders in the regional CIO office

Key Technologies

  • UX design and implementation
  • Motion sensors such as Kinect, Leap Motion, SoftKinetic etc. can be considered but are not limited to the development of the dashboard
  • .NET or Java
  • We encourage students to suggest other best-in-class technologies

Deliverable: A complete working system with the relevant documentation

Contact: Jonathan Ng (jonathan.ng@bmw.de), BMW Asia, IS480 Eureka

KDD Labs Steven Hoi - Data analytics projects

About project This project aims to build KDDLabs --- a novel efficient, scalable, and interactive data analytics platform for business intelligence. The platform will be adopted as the teaching platform in KDD labs for SMU Data Mining and Business Analytics courses. In addition, it also could be extended for commercialization purposes. Students with entrepreneurship in data analytics and BI areas are encouraged to consider this project.

Project 1: Visual Analytics Engine for Interactive Data Analytics Tasks

  • Provide powerful data visualization and guided analysis through autocharting, and offers a family of visualization techniques to present data and results in an insightful way
  • Interactive charts, dashboards and reports, to discover insights from any size and type of data
  • Other visualization functionalities and supporting tools

Project 2: Data Mining Engine for end-to-end Scalable KDD process

  • Easy-to-use user-friendly KDD process for end-to-end predictive and descriptive data mining.
  • Open-source integration with Spark Machine Learning library
  • Model comparisons, reporting and management, and other supporting tools

Students are encouraged to approach the sponsor to discuss the detailed scopes.

VWO - Make a difference

About VWO project Want a rewarding project that can make a difference in people's life?

Ideas You can wait for some VWO to propose a project, or you can propose one with a VWO.

Last term, team Creovate won the IS480 Best Value for Sponsor award. More importantly, they made a difference in someone else's life.

"Just one small example....as I was having lunch in Little India this week, I met one of the workers I'm assisting. He reported confusion at MOM about whether they recognised that he had discharged a lawyer handling his injury claim. On my hp, I could bring up the lawyer discharge letter and email it out again to both the lawyer and MOM. Very powerful and helpful to have such capability on my hp at any time and place." - TWC2 Project Sponsor Dr. Pat Meyer

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg

Self Proposed - Innovative Idea

About Self Proposed project Have a great idea? You can proposed your own project. Start with a problem, a real problem. Don't start with a solution or a technology. Think about it. Pitch it to your friends, IIE entrepreneurs corners, and write up a 2 page about your idea. You want a well baked idea, not an idea you taught about yesterday or half baked version with lots of holes.

Another reason for proposing your own project. Why work for anyone?


  1. Submit a 2 page writeup to course coordinator.
  2. Get a mentor. More info here. If there are enough teams proposing their own projects, the course coordinator will schedule a pitch session.
  3. Start working on your project.

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg