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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Some projects provide awards. Past Projects


Inphosoft Singapore Pte Ltd – Augmented Reality for InphoShop™

Background InphoShop™ is a software product of Inphosoft whose frontend is done in iOS and Android. It has features such as directory listing, text search and location search.

Objective, Project scope & Motivation The challenge of this project is to implement augmented reality as an extension of location search on InphoShop™ on iOS and/or Android so that the search experience is enhanced.

More Details When the augmented reality feature is turned on, the software will overlay the profiles of shop outlets surrounding the user’s current location onto the camera view of iPhones / Android phones. All of the shop outlet locations and information on their respective distances away from the user are merged with the user’s current surroundings – enabling the user to see each shop outlet relative to the real world in front of him/her.

  • Nearby search in the app starts in normal 2D view – enabling the user to view relevant nearby shop outlets as 2D listings
  • Holding the phone horizontally transforms the user’s view to an augmented reality perspective – enabling the user to experience a real time view of the shop outlets’ locations through the phone’s camera
  • Shop outlets can be further filtered by review ratings and other criteria, enabling the user to find what is wanted quickly

The above serves as a guideline; the team is welcome to contribute more ideas to enhance the product further. The team is also expected to do research to study and compare 3 to 5 popular augmented reality software libraries on their advantages and disadvantages, choose a library to use for this project, and justify the choice that is made.

Why Join Us?

  • Because you get to work on something real in the industry; not just a prototype or an idea.
  • Because you want to experience how a startup works, know how it is grown over the years to a sizeable team, and understand what pitfalls to avoid along the way to survive and thrive.
  • Because you want to get a piece of the real action of the tumble-and-rumble IT world out there, from a no-favours-bestowed, start-from-scratch company that hunts for food globally, as compared to other well-endowed, established, special-ties-with-big-boys, never-will-fail cruise ships which are being fed food one way or another.
  • Because you want to learn from software seniors who actually build software products and solutions in Singapore.
  • Because you share our values and belief of creating a future of everything with nothing but ourselves.
  • Because you are intrigued by the Inphosoft Story.

Required Skills The team has got to have people with iOS and/or Android development skills (or people who can develop such skills in double-quick time), people who can view things from an end user perspective, people who can do technical IT research, make sound analysis and conclusions.

Deliverables The finished and fully-functional software in iOS and/or Android that was enhanced from the current Inphoshop™ version that fulfills the project scope, with relevant technical documentation.

Resources The team is encouraged to work on the project within Inphosoft premises and the relevant software development hardware, software, test environment and test kits will be provided. Relevant training on the Inphoshop™ product will also be given.

About Inphosoft Created during the dotcom boom, Inphosoft accelerated mobile data adoption through more than 100 deployments globally for mobile operators, financial institutions, media companies and enterprises, building our own products and solutions along the way. Find out more about us from http://www.inphosoft.com.


  • Stephen Chan, email: stephen.chan@inphosoft.com
  • Xu Hongwei, email: hongwei.xu@inphosoft.com

Mensa - Integrated customer relationship management system

Project Information

Mensa Singapore in the midst of re-engineering our administrative processes and are looking for talented developers to help build an integrated customer relationship management system. The proposed system encompasses the collection of personal information from the time a prospect register their interest in joining our society, purchase Mensa branded collectibles on our e-shop, the registration of our admission test, to the renewal of membership. The proposed system should also enable us to conduct statistical analysis on our membership.

There will be ample opportunities for students to get exposed to the common features of a CRM, thus building up on the experience relevant to the industry. The project will be guided by several of our management committee members who are current IT practitioners and serves as a good networking platform for the students.

About Mensa Singapore

Mensa Singapore was registered in 1989 and is recognized by Mensa International to be one of only twenty countries worldwide to qualify for full National Mensa status. There are currently over 3,000 Mensans in Singapore, and growing. Mensa gives you a chance to meet people of like minds that you might normally not get to meet. Our Junior Mensans have a wide range of activities designed to stimulate their young intellect and increase their social skills. There are also many opportunities for teenage Mensans and those in their 20s to be proactive in participating as well as organizing their own activities.


For any questions related to the project, please contact:

  • Jeff Hong (Jeff.hong@mensa.org.sg)
  • Martin Lee (martinlee@mensa.org.sg)

SMU Macness CCA - SMU iOS app

SMU App v2

Macness is the Premium Club for Apple-product users in SMU and is formed by a team of Mac enthusiasts from the Singapore Management University. Macness organises seminars, events and provides assistance to users on mainstream Apple-products.


The objective of this project is to allow SMU iOS users to gain access to essential functionalities of SMU administrative and academic services. Since there is a tremendous increase in mobile adoption, Macness would like to enhance our current application by expanding the feature set of the application. By allowing the students to interface through an application, they will be able to embrace mobility at any point of time, without needing to access to their computers.


  1. Room Booking function
    1. Allow all existing functionalities to be executed through the application
    2. User to browse available rooms
    3. User to make bookings of desired room
    4. User to confirm bookings of room
    5. User to cancel bookings of room
    6. User to be able to select module group mates (list of favorites) to confirm room booking.
  2. Location maps function
    1. Allow users to lookup the locations of key offices/facilities/SR/GSRs in school.
      1. Filter based searches: GSR for 5 pax, show nearest location
      2. Availability of GSR for booking can be an added feature.
    2. Be able to know current user location and directions to destination
  3. CCA Event board - This feature aims to provide an alternative platform for information dissemination and to enhance student activities.
    1. Allow CCAs to publish their future activities on the application
      1. Images
      2. Videos
      3. Posters
    2. Allow for link to sign up pages.
    3. Allow CCA to access a common page/account and to post their information up.

Additional functions:

  1. Boss Bidding function
    1. Allow users to browse all modules
    2. Allow users to bid for modules
    3. Allow users to amend bid amount.
    4. Allow users to check their results.
    5. Boss Analytics report
  2. Event Scheduling function - The application will provide the ability for students to download their class schedule and/or exam timetables into their devices calendar
    1. Allow users to download and view timetables and location of classes.
    2. Allow users to schedule meetings with group mates.
    3. Allow users to share calendar and browse through group mates schedules.
      1. For example, a consolidated view of all group mates’ schedules, indicated with different colors, will identify the common available time slot.
  3. eLearn CMS
    1. Allow students to access eLearn through the application.
    2. Allow students to download course materials
    3. Allow students to print remotely from device.

Technical requirements Students would be able to suggest their preferred development tools.

Resources 2 iPads will be loaned to the team. MacBook will be confirmed at a later date.

For more information


  • Derek Lee derek.lee.2009@smu.edu.sg
  • Hu Jiaming jiaming.hu.2009@smu.edu.sg

Chung Suk Co/Grundfos.com - M-web/App for EasyPump E-Commerce Platform

About EasyPump

EasyPumpShop is owned and operated by Chung Suk Co., Ltd Singapore Branch. The eCommerce operation started in Jan 2012. The site currently serves these five markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Why EasyPump

This project will allow to gain regional exposure and valuable learning in E-Commerce. Project team will also receive certificate from the management to recognize their contributions. Special award will be given for outstanding delivery of this project.

Your Challenge

Come out with crazy and fun ideas to boost traffic and sales conversion/order on EasyPumpShop. Students are encouraged to use latest technology tools or create applications to facilitate purchase decision making and streamline checkout process. The key features include product categorization, community engagement, special promotions and shopping cart management . Students should design and recommend solutions by researching and identifying opportunities for the current business processes and apply their knowledge in E-Commerce.

Project Scope

  1. Research report (current site audit and recommendations)
  2. Actual scope will be confirmed after discussion with project team based on selection of objectives

Project Deliverable

  1. Final presentation
  2. Working prototype (can be deployed)
  3. Source code
  4. Spec files

For more information


  • Martin Li <martin.li@grundfos.com>

Eligible for EasyPump E-nnovative Award

Zension - Apparel Marketplace

Project Objective and Motivation

Our company is currently keen to explore a novel concept in pre-owned apparel trading. We’re exceptionally interested in turning this project into a real-world, fully functional site + app.

Essentially, we aim to create an online apparel marketplace whereby users can buy, trade, or sell their used apparel using virtual credits (of currency equivalent) – and the marketplace is self-governing and self-sustaining.

Users of the marketplace can essentially list apparel they have for sale, and an asking “price” in credits, and as such, receive payment in credits upon a successful transaction. These credits can then be used to purchase apparel from other users, or can be used to top-up an apparel trade of a higher value.

Some features which we envision to have are:

  • Individual user profiles with “for-sale” and “for-trade” listings
  • Credit-centric marketplace functionality
  • Ability to buy, sell, and trade between users
  • Capability to purchase credits using real money via a payment gateway (i.e, PayPal) in the event user does not have enough credits

Searching of objects by colour, size, apparel type, etc In short, we’re building a whole environment for users to carry out consumer-to-consumer commerce within our boundaries.


Provide solutions to improve the efficiency of the business unit by streamlining the some of the key business processes. Students could use technology tools or create applications which could integrate various business functions to eliminate human errors and bottlenecks as well as to improve resource management. Some main features include automation of report generation, statistical tool for trend analysis and resource management function.

Students would be encouraged to design and recommend solutions for the current business processes and apply their knowledge in a corporate situation.

Project Description and Details


As above. We’re open to tossing of ideas and exploration to add other features.

We’re exceptionally inclined additionally towards stuff like:

  • User-to-user messaging
  • Buy/Sell/Trade feedback
  • Discussion board (linked to user accounts)
  • A killer interface. Use HTML5 + CSS3 if you must, just make sure it looks awesome.

Key Data Requirements:

Process trades (buy/sell/trades) of apparel. Be able to sort through/search data based on specific criteria. Facilitate communication between users, and have stateful tracking for everything.

Key Technical Requirements:

As long as it runs on a standard Linux cPanel server. We’ll provide the hosting accounts with unlimited resources; if you need it, we’ll buy it.

Other Information

Mobile-capable responsive sites are a huge plus. Really, really huge plus.

Project Deliverable

Working prototype + interface of the site.

Contacts Kelvin Leong <kelvin@zension.com> Eligible for Zension award for best project in both term 1 & term 2

PricewaterhouseCoopers - Automation Project

About Us

As a leading professional services firm in Singapore, PwC has a team of multi-disciplinary professionals with specialist knowledge, in-depth local market knowledge and proven expertise that enables us to address our clients’ specific needs, coupled with insights into market place developments and global opportunities. We provide a wide range of industry-focused integrated solutions to client issues, which leverage on our competencies in Transactions, Performance Improvement, Crisis Management and Taxation to enhance value to our clients.


Provide solutions to improve the efficiency of the business unit by streamlining the some of the key business processes. Students could use technology tools or create applications which could integrate various business functions to eliminate human errors and bottlenecks as well as to improve resource management. Some main features include automation of report generation, statistical tool for trend analysis and resource management function.

Students would be encouraged to design and recommend solutions for the current business processes and apply their knowledge in a corporate situation.


1) Report generation: this function will serve to automate report generation. This report usually consists mainly of review findings and we would like to standardize the finding descriptions across the business unit. This process is currently manual. This function should be able to allow user to pull out information from a database to piece together a report and also ensure that reports generated are of a standardized format.

2) Statistical tool for trend analysis: This function is required to categorize the review findings of the financial year. The objective is to generate graphical results of the review findings based on various classifications.

3) Resource management: This function should help project managers to allocate team members to projects and use it as a tool to see the availability of each team member. This function should also be able to help the project manager track project progress according to project timeline.

Technical requirements

Students would be able to suggest their preferred development tools.


  • Meryl Kwek Gek Theng meryl.gt.kwek@sg.pwc.com
  • Doris Soh doris.yy.soh@sg.pwc.com

UXArmy – Automated remote web usability test

Project Information

Traditional laboratory-based web usability tests are time consuming and costly to conduct. Yet, the usability of websites are critical for site owners to maintain a competitive edge in retaining users. UXArmy is a start-up whose objective is to create a platform that facilitate the testing process cheaply, quickly, and with detailed information collected automatically.


Through the IS480 project, we expect students to create a proof-of-concept prototype of this web usability testing platform. The platform will comprise of three components:

(1) Tester interface – where testers are recruited and participate in a usability test project,

(2) Client interface – where clients of the platform can login to create a project and access the test results,

(3) Administration interface – where our staffs are able to manage clients’ accounts, projects, and access to all test results. The end product from this project should at least support the basic functions outlined in a functional specification that we will discuss with each team prior to project commencement.


Besides being able to apply knowledge and skills learnt through their courses at SMU SIS through this project, outstanding students will be invited to join us as co-founders at the end of the project. Thus paving the way for their career upon graduation. There is a valid business case for this product and we will share it along the way.

For any questions related to the project, please contact:

  • kulshreshtha.kuldeep@gmail.com (Kuldeep) or
  • jeffhong83@gmail.com (Jeff)

Gr8Quest: A Treasure Hunt


Welcome to the Gr8Quest project. The Quest is two fold.

Firstly, to bring the traditional Treasure Hunt as we know to the next level so that “treasure hunters” from around the world, including Singapore can enjoy this healthy activity leveraging the current mobile technology as a Proof of Concept (POC).

Secondly, when the POC shows potential, we can proceed with the next stage of commercialising this after the team’s graduation. You now have an opportunity to participate in a Start Up and make a difference! You will have mentors and funds to further enhance Gr8Quest for a world wide audience. Are you game?

There is an old proverb that says “Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss.” So don’t miss this opportunity to find out more. It may change your life ~ begin with the first step to arrange for a discussion (our email contacts are below)

Project Objective:

To build a Social Network Activity that brings people together for a Quest (Treasure Hunt), that supports strengthening relationships, building teamwork or just bringing friends and/or family out for some healthy outdoor fun. The motto could be Go Out-Solve It-Find It-Snap It-Have Fun


Gr8Quest is an outdoor treasure hunt that leverages the web as a portal for registered members to organise a treasure hunt, select the Quest (Treasure Hunt) and invite registered members to participate in the Quest to find a series of targets. The clues will be delivered to the Quest participants via the mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones or tablets. It is also the same devices that they will use to log in the success in reaching each target. The system will then deliver the next clue once the current target is found and logged in. This will continue until all the clues are solved and logged in. The winner of the Quest will be the team that solves, finds and logs in all the clues successfully in the shortest time.

The project team will need to spend a small amount of time building a sample size of clues to test the system. The team will prove the concept by organizing a fun Quest for the university students within the campus grounds. We can fund the marketing materials and even will sponsor some prizes to make it interesting.

This is just version 1. The team will test the concept in the market and when successful we will bring it to the world wide market. We could possibly invite some of the passionate and good students in the journey to commercialize Gr8Quest when they graduate. We already have version 2 in mind when we build start building Gr8Quest version 1.

Skills Required:

The students should be able to

  • Programme on iPhone or Andriod
  • Design and Programme the web administrator
  • Design the Database
    • Membership database
    • Clues repository
  • Take photos

What is in it for you?

Have the opportunity to

  • Build on the Treasure Hunt concept
  • Mentoring
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Participate in the commercialising of Gr8Quest after graduation
  • Have fun in the process

So what are you waiting for!

Contacts for Discussion and Q & A.

  • Benjamin Tio at bensct@gmail.com
  • Victor Heng at appproject7@gmail.com

When you send us emails please put IS480 Gr8Questin the subject heading.

Cosified - Volunteer Platform


About Cosified

Cosified allows volunteers around the globe to share their experience and volunteerism practices, so that others can learn and implement similar examples within their local community. Our main objective is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge in the community service scene so that more individuals are inspired to start similar initiatives that will benefit their community at large.


This platform aims to allow volunteers to launch localised projects directed towards their community in collaboration with Nonprofits and Sponsors in that community. Volunteers are the only users who will be using this application, whereas nonprofits and sponsors will be communicating to the platform through their existing email infrastructure.


  • Volunteer profile – Keep track of projects the volunteer is involved in
  • Search – Allow users to search for projects in there vicinity
  • Publishing – Allow volunteers to post articles
  • Project Approval – Allow Nonprofits and Sponsors to “Approve/Reject/Feedback” for project within their email and sync this information back with Cosified
  • Social – Integrated with existing social Networks


  • Use PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Localization
  • Use Cloud to host the application


Enam Ahmed – enam@cosified.com Feel free to drop me an email to find out more.

Tanglin Trust School - Memory Island

Who are we?

Learning support specialist teachers based in a large International school in Singapore. We are qualified teachers with special needs qualifications and many years teaching experience.

What are we designing?

We are interested in developing an online application to support children with special needs. This will work on developing working memory which has been proven to be a critical factor in academic progress. At present there are some unsatisfactory websites and CD ROMS on the market. These are not child friendly and do not track the children’s progress effectively.

To read more about working memory: http://tracyalloway.com/tracyalloway.com/Welcome.html

Designing an online application for children, parents and teachers

This is an animated online game for children with a number of characters and different settings appealing to children. The interface would need to be child friendly and with audio and visual feedback.

Children are required to play a set number of activities over a set time period. The games would adjust to the children’s ability and score. There would be opportunities for parents and teachers to monitor and track progress.


  • Responsible, innovative and highly motivated team players
  • Committed team who possesses the drive to lead a project to fruition


  • Affable and supportive staff who are able to meet with the team regularly to provide advice and strategic direction though teams will be given considerable autonomy and freedom during the span of the project
  • Free food and beverages during discussion sessions!


Mrs Raman Tanglin Trust School Dover Road Singapore Vidya.Shankararaman@tts.edu.sg

Lodestone - Delivery Excellence Dashboard


Project Objective

To develop an easy-to-use mobile management tool for Project Managers to:

  • Aid in the assessment of the project status based on the 8 Pillars of Delivery Success
  • Provide visibility to Partners globally and regionally on the progress of projects per country
  • Provide a common base for project status reporting
  • Provide input to monthly Steering Committee meetings


To develop a configurable mobile application that allows:

  • New Project Set-up
  • Modification to criteria/questionnaire, formulas and weighting
  • Access control (Authorization)
  • Alerts to remind Project Managers
  • Multi-platform (e.g. iOS, Windows and Android)


What’s in it for you?

  • Working experience with a global management consulting company in developing a tool that supports its core business
  • Acquire knowledge on the fundamentals of good project management

This project is eligible for Lodestone award

Contact: Anna Rui Zhou <rui.zhou@lodestonemc.com>

Vincent Perrier-Trudov EthiSoa - Smartphone game for learning sign language


SignUp!: The smartphone game for learning sign language and enhance the inclusion of deafs and dumbs in the society

The project will be driven on the basis of concentric circles of features. Each circle of features must be totally achieved and debugged before starting the development of the next circle of features, to be sure to have the right level of quality for the final product at the end of the process.

As a start, 3 circles of features are previewed. If the team is finishing them in advance, new set of features, with the acceptance of the team, will be added to the product. The IP will be shared on a basis of performance and dedication to the project.

Circle 1: Basic features (the main screens, the dictionnary, the database, the random engine)

  1. First screen: registering through email address (+ confirmation)
  2. Menu screen: Go game, go to dictionnary, tell friends
  3. Game screen: start new game, best scores/stats
  4. Dictionnary screen: alphabet and numbers
  5. A database consisting of images of signs and the letters and the numbers corresponding
  6. An engine selecting randomly an image of a sign and 3, 4 or 5 potential answers (3 levels of difficulty with 10, 20 and 30 questions)

Circle 2: first viral features, stats and scores

  1. Tell friends interface: send to all/select friends from contact database (email), share on Facebook, send a tweet
  2. Record every stats of game: how much time for each question, what questions are right, what questions are wrong and what are the errors
  3. Points earned, % increased with number of friends registered, levelling

Circle 3: advanced features (more game mechanisms, extended database)

  1. Improving the database with words and idioms (videos?)
  2. Group competing: form teams, weekly competition (how many points earned in a week)
  3. Display of the winning team on the starting screen
  4. Game "improve your skills" with the selection of the questions mostly failed with

Contact: Vincent Perrier-Trudov <vperriertrudov@gmail.com>, MD, EthiSoa Solutions for your ethical projects

Standard Chartered Bank - iLab@SMU

Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank @ iLab

iLab@SMU is a collaborative partnership setup in 2006 by Standard Chartered Bank and SMU to create a hotbed for business, technology and financial innovations that will be rolled out across the Bank's network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while delivering on the Bank's commitment and belief in talent development. The collaboration creates opportunities for students to experience the corporate environment as they work on projects to solve real-life business problems with the Bank.

iLab@SMU has sponsored close to fifty IS480 projects since its inception in 2006 and had generously recognized and rewarded excellent performance from IS480 teams and individuals that delivered exceptional results in their projects.

Got ideas? Talk to us about it!

Come to us if you want to explore project possibilities. A number of iLAB projects have been initiated by YOUR ideas, and then refined through interaction with SCB professionals.

Requirements for ALL iLab@SMU projects :

  • Passion and Willingness to explore boundaries of innovations
    • New tools, Development environment
  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg / ilab@smu.edu.sg

Drop an email to me to arrange a time with our staff to find out more about the Standard Chartered Bank @ iLab!

Global Call to Action Against Poverty - Mobile eBook App

Global Call to Action Against Poverty The Global Call to Action Against Poverty is a civil society alliance that challenges the structures and institutions that perpetuate poverty and inequality. With campaigns in some 100 countries, GCAP calls for action from world leaders to meet their promises to end poverty and inequality. It is the the world's largest network of anti-poverty coalitions. For more information, visit www.whiteband.org

CHALLENGE 1-A : Whiteband.org - Content Management System & Interactivity

The GCAP website – www.whiteband.org – is an integral part of the organisation's communications strategy. It updates constituents, provides national coalitions with a platform to share information and is a source of information for the public. In its current state, the global website has most of the features it needs, but is not very user friendly. Some space is wasted and it is difficult to feature multiple items on the same page. The website must clearly inform readers about the issues and provide resources to take action.


Your challenge is to

  1. provide greater interactivity
  2. make it easier to update
  3. link the website to GCAP's social media properties

Deliverables Overview

  • Develop a flexible content management system that is easy to use for content producers
  • Produce a site that is easy to read and interact with for users


  • Wider design template to allow for increased display of content
  • Develop a home page
  • Change the current slideshow to an easy-to-update rotating banner that includes GCAP branding

and images from featured stories” section. Refer to onesingapore.org's home page for an example

  • Fix the RSS feed
  • Fix search functionality (it does not currently allow for spaces)
  • Design and make a cleaner looking area for social media and interaction (twitter, facebook, rss,

contact form, newsletter signup, press)

  • Create links between website, Facebook and Twitter. New web posts should be automatically

picked up in social media feeds.

  • Optional: optimised version of website for mobile

The GCAP website runs on Drupal.

CHALLENGE 1-B : Website Internationalisation - “Babel Fish”

  • Create links to 'duplicate' version of website in Arabic, French and Spanish
    • Can use online translation tools
    • + ability to insert new content created in that language
    • Content Management System should ideally have language options

CHALLENGE 2 : Act Now for The World We Want Beyond 2015

Multimedia Content Managment and Social Networking Interactivity


Background In 2000, the UN produced a document entitled the Millennium Declaration, which was an attempt to highlight the most pressing needs facing humanity at the turn of the millennium. Later that year and into the next, they produced a set of 8 goals around these principles that came to be known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which was historical in that it was the first internationally recognized document to highlight a set of goals to end poverty.

The MDGs have had a mixed record, but they have been successful at garnering some popular attention around the need and also the possibility that humankind can end poverty in this generation. These goals are set to expire in 2015 and the international community has recognized a need to have a new development agenda in place once the MDGs expire. GCAP’s role in this process will be to facilitate global discourse and ensure that citizen voices and civil society are heard and have a key participatory role in the conception and creation of this new development agenda.

The Challenge GCAP is exploring a new campaign centered around the post-2015 agenda and we would like to create a micro-site to facilitate online participation in this process. We have purchased the domain name www.worldwewant2015.org and would like that to be a stand alone portal similar to the Stand Up Take Action website:


Overview The World We Want website should be an interactive space, with multi-media content management and social networking interactivity.

Details Functionality may be similar to standagainstpoverty.org, though there is space for new innovation. Features include:

  • Video and audio upload so users can broadcast their vision for The World We Want and their

contribution to a global discussion around post 2015. This video and audio should be autofed to the site, with the most current or most popular videos and audio automatically going to the front.

  • Photo upload for the same purpose
  • Interactive map that allow people to have a simple profile where they can voluntarily show where

they are in the world, broadcast events, or coordinate actions together in a specific city or location. This could be a similar function to “meetup” which allow people to coordinate together. The hope would be that people use it to coordinate events around the world we want, and take some action to then publicize and broadcast these events.

  • If possible, some conceptualization of a text contribution system as well. Either directly via email, or

message board style so people can also type in their contributions.

Data management behind the front facing system should be simple but also detailed in order to capture:

  • general information from each user such as location, age, sex and other important demographic

data that could be used to ensure we can accurately represent the stories and contributions and use the information in advocacy work. For example, we wanat to be able to make general statements like, X number of videos submitted from Ghana” or X number of women globally are calling for The World We Want.

  • General data about topic of contribution in an attempt to classify issue areas that are important to

the citizens who are participating.

The back end should be easy to manage (for example, we should be able to turn moderation on and off, depending on what’s needed, and also have flexibility to have people log in to register events, or have it open). We should also be able to view the information in the back end in a versatile and relatively user friendly way, being able to sort events by country, topic, constituents participating, etc. We can provide more specific information about fields as we go along. People should be able to easily upload photos and videos from their events (via a youtube/flickr stream), and these in turn should be tagged by country, theme, and constituency, and also autofed into the relevant area of whiteband.org in the act section.

We would also want to explore the possibility of mobile phone integration into this consultation and collection space so that people can contribute via a mobile device.


Contact Michael Switow, switow@gmail.com, 9070-1724 Zach Hongola, zach.hongola@whiteband.org, skype: zhongola Caitlin Blaser, caitlin.blaser@whiteband.org, skype: caitlinblaser

Senior Lecturer Pamela Lim - Mobile eBook App

Kudotsu Kudotsu is a platform for textbook publishers, teachers and students to interact and download teaching materials for their lessons. Kudotsu is designed for students to embark on the following projects:

Features As most mobile devices come with both high-speed mobile broadband, Kudotsu would like to explore on harnessing the abilities of such devices taps on such capabilities. The applications should:

  1. be developed on Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android)
  2. Kudotsu Interactive eBook
  3. Publish Management System, Teacher's Management System and Student Management

User groups

The application comprises of 3 main user groups; namely Publisher, Teachers and Students

  1. Publisher can publish textbooks in the applications based on subjects. Quizzes and practices could be included in the textbooks.
  2. Teachers can access to these textbooks and select chapters of different eBooks of their choice and compile into their own textbook.
  3. Students can register with their teacher and purchase the eBooks compiled by their teacher for their classes.


  • Sam Yong Zhi, email yongzhi.sam@gmail.com
  • Pamela LIM <pamelalim@smu.edu.sg>

Oak3 Films - Audition Platform


About Us


Oak3 Films is an established and independent production house, having produced for History Channel, Discovery, France5, Mediacorp and numerous broadcasters around the glove for the past 15 years. We undertake conceptualization to final completion for all our productions, including feature films, interactive dramas, documentaries, info-eds and corporate videos.

Apart from being Google-YouTube’s premium content partner, we endeavor to deliver quality content to digital audiences worldwide with our slate of new interactive TV and mobile projects. Our previous clients include Samsung Singapore, Caltex, Mitsubishi and various other MNCs.

Current Situation

Aspiring actors/actresses have to come down to our office to be auditioned. Child Actor Audition


To create a networking platform where potential actors/actress can create their own profiles and upload their auditions (done at home) instead of having to come down to our office to audition. These profiles will be stored in an online database where we can easily access. It will be similar to a networking site (e.g. Linkedin, FB, etc) where we can also message the actors/actress online within the platform. Once we have achieved a large enough database of actor profiles, we also hope to open up this database to corporate clients sourcing for actors and actresses.

Key Features

  • Inbox – users and businesses can exchange messages
  • Invites- users can respond to invites to audition via the platform
  • Analytics - users can view who and how many times profile was viewed, and other statistics
  • Opportunities – for casting calls, users can apply or shortlist any casting calls they are interested in for a later time
  • Learning section – industry tips and test scripts
  • Subscription – users/businesses can choose to pay a monthly subscription to obtain account upgrades
  • Search & filter profiles or casting calls – for both users and businesses

Technical Requirements

  • Programming language should be PHP or JSP
  • MVC framework
  • The system will be webhosted outside of Oak3 Films.


  • Learn how film production works
  • Opportunity to be on a film set
  • Meet local & international actors and actresses
  • Chance to be involved across departments for brainstorming should you wish to be


  • Jolyn Chua, jolyn@oak3films.com

Buy1GIVE1 – Creating a world full of giving B1G1 logo small.png


B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1): a world full of giving

B1G1 is a global giving initiative based in Singapore that makes giving a literal habit through the magic of transaction-based giving. Imagine — every time business is transacted, some REAL good gets done. Buy a coffee, a kid gets water; buy a TV, a person gets sight. Effortlessly.

We believe this is the way that we can together create a world that is full of giving. Just imagine if every time you bought something, it made a difference.

Since being launched in 2007, B1G1 has added over 600 projects to the list of Worthy Causes and it now works with more than 500 businesses from various countries.

Find out more at http://www.b1g1.com

What YOU can do with B1G1

B1G1 has worked with five SIS student groups (plus one current project) in the last 2 years and many of them have won Lien Centre’s Awards. All of the students really enjoyed working with us because of the innovative aspect of our projects and because we become very involved in the projects with each team.

For B1G1, having great systems makes a huge difference to the way we work and to the impact we can have. So working on a B1G1 project means you can build something that has a worldwide reach and can really impact lives. You will have 100% support from the B1G1 Team throughout the project period. We will stretch each other!

Project requirement

We have various project ideas for this coming term. When you contact us to explore more, we will together decide what project to work on. This will also depend on your team’s strength and expertise.

Examples of project options:

  • Automated business giving application for B1G1 Business Members that have online business – imagine if every time a business sold something online, it automatically made a difference.
  • Desktop or mobile Application for giving businesses that helps them make everyday business giving a real habit in a fun and seamless way.

Do you have what it takes? B1G1 is looking for a team that can meet the criteria:

  • Creative, proactive and enthusiastic
  • Willing to work hard toward building something that can be fully utilised on completion
  • Good communication skills and willing to work closely together with B1G1 Team
  • Strong with PHP, JAVA script and MYSQL + strong desire to learn new technology
  • Experience with iPhone or/and Android App programming is desirable (not necessary)

If your team is interested, contact us now so we can explore more together.

  • Contact: Masami Sato, masami@b1g1.com

Kris Kong SIS 2010 graduate - Butterscotch


Background Notes All organizations face the common problem of finding the right person for the right job. This problem is further aggravated with the tedious process of

  • Downloading, opening and screening each candidate's curriculum vitae (CV);
  • Tracking interviews and the review process.

Job applicants too struggle with what to put in their CVs, not to mention managing customized cover letters for each of the companies they are pursuing.

Objectives We intend to build a recruitment software served via an SAAS model

  • To streamline the entire hiring process;
  • To help job applicants manage their customized CVs and cover letters.

Business Requirements

  1. Develop the functional web portal interface for job applicants.
    1. System is intuitive and dynamic for users to customize and generate the content of CV and cover letters.
    2. Use of OAuth for users to aggregate their personal information from various social networks, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+.
    3. Ability for users to manage different versions of CVs and cover letters
    4. Ability to email and keep track of the sent-out CV and cover letter copies.
  2. Develop the functional web portal interface for HR functions.
    1. Setup job openings and integrating with the company’s career page
    2. Retrieve up-to-date information of candidates.
    3. Manage the workflow of the hiring process
    4. Filter candidates based on user selected criteria.

Technical Considerations

  • Scalability: System should be scalable to serve 1 - 2 million users on cloud hosting.
  • Platform / Technology:
    1. Use of open source language/platform (preferably PHP or Java).
    2. Use of open source database.

Contact Kris Kong, SIS Graduate, 2010 Email: kris@kriskong.com

Wong Cheok Lup Principal Consultant, www.tinkeredge.com Email: cheoklup@tinkeredge.com

Prof. Feida ZHU - PalanteeRT: a real-time live Twitter interaction application


PalanteeRT 1.jpg PalanteeRT 2.jpg

What is PalanteeRT

Ever wonder what others in Singapore are tweeting about at this right moment? What are the hot topics everyone is tweeting about for the past hour? What are the trending photos and videos others are sharing? What is the "conversation" that is going on in your friend network on Twitter?

PalateeRT is a live real-time Twitter interaction platform to answer all the questions above, and many more interesting ones. Developed by researchers in LARC at SMU, PalanteeRT is based on state-of-the-art data mining technology and huge live data collected real-time from Twitter.

Project Requirement

The project is to develop an Apple application for iPad and iPhone to present the current and future PalanteeRT system.


The team would have access to two brand-new iPad 2 and one brand-new Macbook Air for the development. The team will also be backed by all the research power here at LARC on the underlying algorithms and data processing. For details and potential scope of the project, please contact Prof. Feida ZHU at fdzhu@smu.edu.sg


Prof. Feida ZHU, SIS 4041, SMU Email: fdzhu@smu.edu.sg


Resorts World Sentosa Project (LARC: Kyong Jin Shim) Taken

  • Develop an iPhone application with a back-end web service. The purpose of this application is to gather geo-location information of visitors and recommend venues/attractions near by (i.e. recommendation pop-up in the mobile app). The app should also facilitate communication with social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Students will get to interact with LARC faculty/scientists as well as RWS.
  • NOTICE (updated on 15th April):

BuzzCity - (LARC: Kyong Jin Shim and Ee-Peng Lim)

  • Develop an external agent for suggesting and posting relevant recommendations (at the user level) to myGamma, a mobile application for social networking.
  • NOTICE (updated on 15th April): We WILL sponsor this project. For more details, please contact us.

Twitter Followee Recommendation System - (LARC: Ee-Peng Lim)

  • Develop an iPad application, which will interface with back-end algorithms (already developed) for Twitter friend recommendation.
  • NOTICE (updated on 15th April): We WILL sponsor this project. For more details, please contact us.

Mobile Analytics (LARC: Kyong Jin Shim)

  • Build a context-aware shopping recommendation system with capability to source data from Facebook.
  • NOTICE: This project is getting pushed back to 2012-2013 Term 2.

Contact Kyong Jin SHIM <kjshim@smu.edu.sg>

Gastro Culture - Happybox


Company Gastro Couture Pte Ltd is a SPRING funded startup that sells empty tables for restaurants. Among our product lines is a reservation system that caters to odd hour timings. Gastro Couture is launching a new product line that would revolutionise the gift experience by packaging experiences into a giftbox to be sold at major retail stores.

Project To build an App on both the IOS and Android platfrom that is able to link to products and product description that we sell and be able to perform ecommerce functions. Tracking of customer click through behavioral data is one of the functions that would be valuable to have. This app can be either a native or a hybrid app and can be integrated with our upcoming website.

Scope Gastro Couture would require an app with the following functions.

  • To work on primarily IOS and then Android
  • To show displays and description of products which are added and edited regularly via our website
  • Ecommerce functions that includes payment gateways
  • Tracking of user interaction for specific marketing research - As cookies are not available for app, a solution needs to be proposed.

The product pictures and description would be stored on a local server. We are currently developing the website using the wordpress framework. As more product display and description might be added and edited regularly via our website, it would be better to create a hybrid app which is integrated with our main website. HTML 5 can be used to create the App.

Contact Zhengrong Loh <zhengrong@gastrocouture.com> Gastro Couture Pte Ltd

SATS - Staff Deployment Simulation Software


Always curious how complex and exciting aviation industry can be? Here is your chance to find out now!

SATS Passenger Services (Airline Operations) is looking for keen IS480 team like you!

We have 800 staff in our department to handle more than 35 airlines. Every year, we have two major airline flight schedule change - summer (April) and winter (November). Each change can be a drastic one and has great impact on staff roster. Usually, it will take about 4 weeks to come out with a new roster.

We aim to reduce the time to do a new roster to 2 weeks. Hence, there comes the purpose of the Staff Deployment Simulation Software. Also, the software will identify training gap and potential deployment problem. The simulation model will be follows: Sdss-simulationmodel.jpg

The greatest challenge of this project is the simulation logic as it need to propose an optimal roster. To facilitate a better understanding of passenger operations, live flight operations and tour in the airport operations facility will be provided (subjected to security clearance).

The development technology will be Java and it will be a desktop application. At least one Operations Management team member will be added advantage (not a must).

To find out more about SATS, visit SATS Homepage

Want to know more? Feel free to contact Kevin Choy at kevin_choy@sats.com.sg

Tan Kin Lian & Associates Pte Ltd - Monopoly Guru

Platform: iOS (iPad), Android (tablet) or Windows (desktop or laptop)


Tan Kin Lian and Associates (the Project Owner) offers this project as a IS480 project for a team.

This project is to develop the game Monopoly on any of the selected platforms using a special presentation conceptualised by the Project Owner to allow participants to learn the strategy of property investment.

The project team will be invited to play several rounds of the Monopoly game on iPad for three hours to get a feel of the intricacies of the game.

A prize of $1,000 will be given to the project team, if the final product is suitable to be deployed in any of the application store.

If it is to be deployed, the Project Owner will apply for a license from the copyright owner of this game, for the game to be commercialized.


Contact Person Tan Kin Lian Email: kinlian@gmail.com

TEDxSingapore - Project Connect 2 & Project X-Quest

TED and TEDxSingapore TED and TEDxSingapore are non-profit organisations dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. TED hosts two annual conferences and posts over 900 TED Talks online at TED.com with over 300 million views to date. TED also initiates projects and initiatives that seek to leverage the power of ideas to change the world. TEDxSingapore is an official licensee of TED founded in April 2009 and numbering many thousands people today. To date, we have hosted 11 idea events, platformed over 40 speakers and performers such as Inch Chua, the late Dr. Milton Tan and many others. The TED community in SIngapore has grown to over 8,000 people over 2.5 years and they meet this face-to-face through our idea events, and are connect online via our social networks on Facebook, LinkedIn sites .

Project Connect 2

Problem/Challenge : The mission of TED and TEDxSingapore is to connect thinkers and doers together to build a better future. We seek to do this simply, meaningfully and powerfully. Online our community is connected mainly through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are also profile pages and conversations platforms on TED.com. However, these social networks are not purpose-designed to connect mass numbers of people effectively or meaningfully. For example, we would like to enable the community to find and connect with people based on common passions, or by common interests in Talks or community initiatives like the TED Prize, or any project ideas initiated by people.

Project X-Connect: objective and scope : To continue the design and launch an online social network platform that complements that existing social networks. Most importantly, this platform will enables members of the community to find and connect to others in more meaningful and useful ways that general social network platforms cannot do. Also members will be able to find and connect with each other based on common interests, passion and other fields. They could also connect based on common interest in particular topics, Talks or initiate or join project ideas like the TED Prize. It is envisaged that community members will be able to incorporate or ‘pull’ information on a permission basis from their existing profile pages on FB, TED.com or LinkedIn without having to retype and reenter this information from scratch. A first basic phase of this online social network is being done by a x480 team and will complete this by Dec 2011. Continue with Project Connect taken by team Discover Linkage in term 1 2011.

What is the opportunity for you? To build and launch a new and complementary community connection platform to help thinkers and doers find and connect with each other in more relevant, meaningful and purposeful ways. There are numerous opportunities for yet-to-be-imagined functions and features that you can innovate and build.

Who would this opportunity suit? Dynamic students who have interest and passion in social networks, building communities of purpose, and in conceptualising and designing new frontiers in connecting people Skills and interest in website and database design and programming, user interface design, and relevant technologies and languages. Ideally students who are passionate about ideas and familiar with TED.com

What can you do next? Look at the existing social platforms and web assets: http://www.ted.com/profiles http://www.ted.com/profiles/9 http://www.facebook.com/TEDxSingapore.sg http://www.linkedin.com/groups/TEDx-SINGAPORE-1875601

Project X-Quest

Problem/Challenge : The mission of TED and TEDxSingapore is to connect thinkers and doers together to build a better future and build communities, Online, they are connected mainly through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and conversations platforms on TED.com. We are continually interacting with the TEDx Communities, globally and locally, and engaging them with interactive questions and seeking their collective responses.

Project X-Quest: objective and scope : To build and launch a new application for engaging and interacting with the global TED community, posing various questions, then gathering and displaying their responses in a visually compelling and informative way. Participation in this could be directly from a website and possibly through users' twitter accounts, FB or iPhone apps.

Who would this opportunity suit? Dynamic students who have interest and passion in community engagement and data visualisation. Skills and interest in website design, graphics user interface design, information visualisation, and relevant technologies and languages. Ideally, students who are passionate about community and familiar with TED.com

What can you do next? Investigate websites like: http://www.smithmag.net/sixwords/ http://www.number27.org

General information about TED & TEDxSingapore

4min TED video http://www.TED.com/pages/view/id/129 1min video trailer http://bit.ly/TEDxSingaporeTrailer Straits Times feature http://bit.ly/TheStraitsTimes TEDxSingapore idea events http://www.TED.com/tedx/groups/21.html

www.TEDxSingapore.sg www.TED.com


Dave LIM Founding Curator, TEDxSingapore ~ for passion, for people, for purpose

email ILoveTED@TEDxSingapore.sg

Exilant Technologies Private Limited - TEACH on iPAD


iPad to revolutionize the way kids learn! A new Teaching Pedagogy.

The project is about “Introducing a brand new way of teaching Primary, and Secondary, using iPad”. The Team needs to develop an iPad-based framework to publish any content that can provide extraordinary interactive experience.


  • Design: Create a platform where content can be plugged in.
  • Technology: iOS Native App Development, integrated with Industry Standard eBook formats such as ePub / XML.
  • Data Storage: Use SQLite as Database. Usage of Amazon S Cube (Simple Storage Service) or a file/folder structure to keep Videos & Multimedia is also recommended.
  • User Interface: The technology can be as complex as it can be; while the user interface should be as simple and intuitive as it can be.

Exilant would help you with Technology. We need creative minds from SMU. Prior experience in iOS/ Android App development is preferred.

About Us:

Exilant Technologies was founded in 2004. The world's most admired consumer electronics company is our customer. Our presence is in Singapore, UK, and USA. We are headquartered in India. Our development center is in Suntec City. This project is our first venture with SMU. We hope to be thrilled in working with SIS/SMU Talent.

About You: We expect you to be inquisitive, learning, agile and self-motivated. We expect your participation in brainstorming sessions, design discussions, ideas contribution. You are the one we need, if you are self-motivated to

  • Explore the market for similar apps (applications)
  • Cut-copy-paste and test code snippets from Google
  • Read/research better ways or features to code in iOS


  • App - This would be the presentation layer. Similar to any bookshelves/ books app such as iBooks. Intelligent and Interactive features would be built in it.
  • Data - ePub with intelligent tags. Multimedia files storage. SQLite/ Amazon S3.
  • Catalogue – Intelligent Meta tags to relate content across books. An user administration GUI to maintain Meta data.

This is the framework to begin with. It would be you to evolve this further. Framework.png

<span">Results from 3 Months hard work:

You Learn

  1. To be a iOS/ iPad Programmer
  2. To execute project from Requirements, Design, Develop and Test
  3. Industrial Software Development Experience

We Get

  1. iPad App (Initial Version)
  2. Creative Ideas for an intuitive and appealing App
  3. Experience in working with talent at SIS

What are you waiting for! Jump in!


<span">Immerse yourself and explore the innovation that touches children!!!

For further details contact:

  • Azhagarasan Annadorai Associate Vice President
  • Email: azhagarasan.a@exilant.com
  • HP: +65-92719219
  • Exilant Technologies Private Limited , 9 Temasek Boulevard, #09-01 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989
  • www.exilant.com Tel: +65-64071415 Fax: +65-64071501

Sageby - pay using waiting time



About Sageby creates a new form of payment whereby users pay not using money, but instead, pay using waiting time. To FYP Students, choose from below. The projects give a rough idea, and subject to negotiation. We know what you want, because we’re students too : )

FYP Project #1 – Deployable Shopping Mall Solution

Develop a web and mobile app that can rapidly customize itself to a particular mall. Within the app, users will be able to earn credits, view promotions, and redeem rewards.

  1. Credits can be earned when users complete a task – location-based or targeted surveys, social shares, videos etc.
  2. Promotions are updated by the merchants of the shopping malls, and can be in the form of mobile coupons or vouchers, using our in-house QR code generator.
  3. Redemption is done through security codes, QR codes, or integration with POS.

More social elements are in the plan, and we have prospective clients that would adopt this, so join us in building this cool app!

FYP Project #2 - Sageby Students

A marketplace for tertiary students to earn credits when they complete surveys for fellow students. Each student will start off with 5 free credits. When they complete surveys (or focus groups or UATs, usability tests, etc) they earn more credits. They can use these credits to put up their own surveys or tasks and be assured that a base of students will be readily available to give their responses. (Similar to bookinbookout, but on surveys and tasks)

Students will not need to fret over having insufficient responses for marketing projects, or get irritated by having to do free favors for friends. Use Sageby, get rewarded. It’s a totally independent project; but Sageby will give full support and provide resources. Selected team will get to build a MVP, test it during the semester (for real!) and improvise. Here at Sageby, we make sure things get done!

FYP Project #3 – iOS and Android for Sageby v2.0

Build front end to our existing back end system at www.sage.by (PHP) and at the same time, develop cool new features to upgrade from v1.0 to v2.0. A list of new features will be shared should teams be interested. Contact us for more information. We can start as early as end April!

Monetary Incentive A combined prize of $500 will be given to the project team if the final product is suitable to be deployed. We also provide work space (nice meeting room in SMU with fridge) for your team to work! Best of all, we will extend a startup experience to your team – great for your CV.

Required Platform: PHP, opensource codes, Facebook (and other social platform) API, Google products, iOS and Android

Contact George Chen – george@sageby.com Office – SMU BIG

NOTE from Course Coordinator: Only 1 project per term for new sponsor

Pivotal Expert Pte Ltd – SingPath Mobile iPad Game


Project Objective :

At Pivotal Expert, we believe that communities create great products and enhance great ideas. With the launch of Singpath in 2010, we saw developers and educators from around the world begin to contribute ideas and problems that enabled other players to learn and practice new skills in a fun environment.

Project Requirements and Scope

In 2012, Pivotal Expert would like to extend SingPath by creating a mobile application that will run on an iPad. The project will be based on the technology and content powering Singpath.com. On SingPath.com there are Beginner Paths that consist of drag-n-drop problems that could be solved by anyone with a iPad even while disconnected from the network. The goal for the project would be to deliver a compelling mobile game experience that enables people to practice reading and assembling code in different languages anywhere and anytime that they have time to practice.

The development process for this project is expected to be highly open and collaborative in order to enable individuals from around the world to contribute if needed. For example, the use of StackOverflow.com to solve technical questions and GitHub.com to share source code with others will be highly encouraged. You will use https://build.phonegap.com/ to build the mobile version of the application, so no MacBook will be needed. An iPad will be provided to the team for development and test purposes.

What Students will gain from this project

(a) The experience of building and launching a mobile application

(b) Learning about new problem domains such as iOS, mobile gaming, and analytics

(c) Standards based technologies such as: HTML and Javascript

If you would like additional information, please contact Sandra Boesch (SandraCBoesch@gmail.com), CEO Pivotal Expert.

Prof Richard Davis K-Sketch - Animation for the Rest of Us


K-Sketch allows ordinary computer users to create informal animations from sketches. The system has been highly tuned to allow a wide variety of animations to be made quickly and with little learning. A prototype of the system (for Windows only) and videos describing its use can be found on the K-Sketch website. A new version of the system that runs on many platforms through a web browser will soon be released. This new version is being built to run in Adobe's Flash player and Adobe AIR.

K-Sketch Prototype User Interface

Click here to see it live!

Project 1 Title: Animation Sharing Web Site

New K-Sketch users need an easy way to get started. The goal of this project is to build a web site that will introduce new users to K-Sketch and give them an environment for organizing and sharing their animations. This site should provide a tutorial for using K-Sketch (a written tutorial will be provided for reference), an easy link to the K-Sketch application, and facilities for managing and sharing animations. The animation management interface will serve two classes of users:

  • Novices who are learning about animation. These users need to maintain a small number of animations and share them with friends.
  • Teachers who ask their students to create animations as an exercise. These users need to create "assignments" that will be given to other users. The animations created in these assignments will be managed as a group.

This web site will be deployed on cloud computing infrastructure, and will become an important part of the K-Sketch project!

Prerequisites: Students must have an interest in designing user interfaces and experience in building and deploying web applications to Google's App Engine.

Timeline: about 6 months.

Contact: Richard C. Davis (rcdavis@smu.edu.sg, tel 6828 1967), SMU Assistant Professor of Information Systems.

SMU - Alexandra Health T-Lab

Alexandra Health Logo.jpg

Alexandra Health, together with the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) have established a partnership since May 2010 to work together to demonstrate fresh and better ways to serve and satisfy patients whenever they are interacting with the Alexandra Health system. Through this partnership, a joint mechanism known as the "T-Lab" has been established that enables students, staff and faculty of SMU's School of Information Systems (SIS) to team with professionals from Alexandra Health to work on a continuing series of projects to improve service delivery, quality, productivity and experience.

Come and talk to us if you are interested in working on a project aimed at adding value to the delivery of healthcare services.

Contact: Koh Lian Chee - lckoh@smu.edu.sg

  • Academic Modules pre-requisite
    • IS203 Software Engineering
    • IS301 Enterprise Integration

Kevin Steppe - Distributed Form Processing using Image Snippets

This is a distributed data entry based on the scanned image of a physical document. It will make use of technology and networks to accomplish a simple data entry task in a distributed, cost effective way. After a physical document is scanned into a image compression form, the various parts of the scanned image are cropped into image snippets. These image snippets will then be sent to our various offshore offices for data entry. Once data entry has been completed by offshore offices, the data will be sent back to the primary office and consolidated to have complete data for the scanned document. For example, suppose we want to capture the Name , Age, IC number from a handwritten form. Following will be the typical flow:

1. Scan the form in Singapore and assign a Unique Identifier to the scanned image at main site

2. Crop the various parts of scanned images such as Name, Age, IC and assign a sub identifier.

3. Send these cropped images over the network to offsite which could be anywhere

4. Provide a simple application where user can enter the data based on cropped image displayed on screen

5. Generate a file with Data & sub-identifier and send back to main site

6. Consolidate data from sub-sites and tie back to unique identifier at main site.

The following are expected: 1) discuss with us to understand/clarify the requirements and processing needs. 2) propose a solution with POC/prototype based on

  * java and swing
  * java imaging 
  * MS-SQL

Contact through: Kevin Steppe (kevingsteppe@smu.edu.sg)