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These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Past Projects

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: You are expected to attend meetings you set. If you are not able to attend for legitimate reasons, please inform your contact and course coordinator with reasons stated. If we receive any complain about your unprofessional conduct, you will be rejected from IS480 for 1 term!! Your conduct is a reflection of SIS students and SMU. Do NOT take this lightly!!

NOTE: These project have been reviewed by IS480 course coordinator. However, there is no guarantee that these projects are acceptable. You are required to gather more information, submit draft proposal for feedback, and clear all NDA, IP issues early before proposal. Sponsors must refer to FAQ.

Just Analytics - Analytics Virtual Assistant

About Just Analytics: Just Analytics is a specialized partner providing consulting and advisory services that allow our clients to meet current and future analytical goals and objectives. Based in Singapore we strive to help companies build applications that transform data into insight giving them a greater understanding of their information assets.

Project Description: Develop a bot which uses NLP to allow business users to ask and get answers of their existing data using their existing data mart / data warehouse (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nNGhFDTlhs&feature=youtu.be&t=5s )

Problem to solve: Many organizations use advanced reporting tools to create tabular reports, which are then exported and further manipulated in Excel. This is because many users are not familiar / do not want to use new tools to generate reports and extract data. A simpler method of data extraction is needed.

Value proposition: Senior business stakeholders can ask and get answers in seconds, without depending on subordinates. Answers can be real-time, and standardized across business units etc. The existing data marts in use can be leveraged.

Uniqueness: Different analytical providers are able to do different levels of (a) analytical complexity or (b) high creative output. Very few have capabilities to do NLP for users. This opens the door to a whole new set of senior stakeholders.

Project Scope: Develop prototype for Analytics Virtual Assistant using:

All development will be cloud based, and a medium complexity data mart with data volumes shall be available before start of development. Opportunities Analytics & NPL is an immense growing market in Singapore and the world. Besides the value your work will bring to our customers (new possibilities, new markets), it’s a good opportunity for you to learn hands on experience on these promising skills.

Skills required: Web development skills like Python, which will be used to develop the API. Of course, we are looking for people with passion, commitment and entrepreneurship.

Contact: Shwetank Sheel, SIS Pioneer Batch Alumni & Co-Founder (Shwetank.sheel@justanalytics.com) or Hemanta Banerjee, Founder & Chief Architect (Hemanta.Banerjee@justanalytics.com)

Ngee Ann Poly - Mobile Service Learning (mSL)

Project Background: The mSL project is designed for use by students and staff of NP. This project is conceived as a community building and learning tool for us. It will be deployed on the mobile platform (both Android and iOS) with a backend web CMS.

For students, the purpose of mSL are to:

  • learn about service learning in NP
  • reflect on service learning journeys
  • feedback on learning outcomes
  • connect to related SL resources

For staff, the purpose of mSL are to:

  • measure the outcomes of learning journeys
  • create service learning projects
  • create learning content
  • analyse data collected

The skills sets required for the team are:

  • knowledge of Android and iOS programming (aptitude to learn is good!)
  • knowledge of database design and development
  • willingness to work with technical team on deployment in NP environment
  • good people working skills as they will be required to interview stakeholders and conduct several rounds of quality testing

https://www.facebook.com/NPservicelearning/ http://www.np.edu.sg/home/media/release/year2016/jan_jun/Documents/MediaRelease_ServiceLearning_01032016.pdf

Contact: Andrew Tan | Senior Lecturer | School of InfoComm Technology Email: andrewtan@np.edu.sg Joyce TANG-WONG, Head of the Office of Service-Learning in NP. <Joyce_TANG-WONG@np.edu.sg>

SIS Prof Qiuhong WANG - Cyber Attack and Internet Topology Visualization System

Project Background: Visualizing the geographic location of real-time cyber-attacks (e.g., DDOS attacks, port-scanning activities, or hijacking) is a prevailing service provided by many information security institutes and companies. Different from the existing popular visualization systems in the cybersecurity market, our project aims to an innovative visualization system integrating the cyber-attacks and the Internet topology. By mapping the ever-changing cyber-attacks to the Internet topology, the proposed system can reflect the topological location and neighborhood of a country in the Internet traffic. Thus this project is able to add substantial policy and managerial value to the existing visualization systems.

Project Requirements:

  • On temporal dimension: we visualize attack tendency on year level, on month level, on daily level. It can help people to distinguish stealthy but continuous attack and heavy but short lived attack.
  • On spatial dimension: we visualize attack severity on topology level, or more precisely on country level, city level and on autonomous system level. It can help people to understand the impact of topology on attack.
  • On law dimension: we visualize attack severity on country security law level. To be more specific, we will show and analyze the attack attributions for countries with some same specific security laws. It can help people to find the impact of security law on attack.

Skills required: We are looking for self-motivated students with strong programming skills and innovative spirits. It is particularly helpful for those with ambition to pursue a successful career on cybersecurity analytics and management.

  • Be familiar with HTML, JS and CSS, which will be used to develop web for the visualization.
  • Be familiar with Java or Python, which will be used on the development on the server end.
  • Be familiar with tomcat or jboss would be a plus.
  • The last but not least, we are looking for people with learning spirit, passion and patience.

Contact: Contact: Qian ZHANG qianzhang@smu.edu.sg Qiuhong WANG qiuhongwang@smu.edu.sg via Qian TANG qiantang@smu.edu.sg

Liberté - Shopify website + mobile app


About Liberté: A small fashion startup aiming to provide custom fit casual clothes made with natural and sustainable materials.


  • Custom Shopify website to the needs of the business
  • Develop system to store and modify custom measurements with visual aid and an API for output
  • Create a system of recommendation based on a configurable set of values and the custom measurements inputted by customers
  • Store customer preferences
  • Calculate customer rewards

Deliverables: Working Shopify website and mobile app

Contact: Hui Ting Chiam <ting.chiam@gmail.com>

SMU CEC – PoWeR Grammar

PoWeR Grammar - A mobile learning platform for grammar skills acquisition

Project Background

We want to enhance the acquisition of grammar skills for undergraduate students enrolled in the Programme for Writing & Reasoning (PWR). The creation of a mobile application empowers students to learn grammar in a fun and interactive way, outside the classroom environment.

Project Brief:

Develop a mobile application to improve students’ knowledge of English grammar. The application should combine mobile learning and game-based learning to generate interest for students who are digital natives. The application should be available across various mobile platforms.

The content for the app will be provided by our instructors. We will need your team’s expertise in developing the platform(s) from which our users will interface with.

Project Requirements:

BASIC Level (All content will be provided by the instructors)

A. Development of a learning platform that encompasses the following topics:

  • Sentence fragments
  • Articles
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Parallelism
  • Pronouns
  • Prepositions
  • Punctuation
  • Tenses
  • Correct form of the word
  • Common spelling errors

B. Assessment of concepts learnt


C. Gamification of learning

We have some initial ideas to for the games but we will need your input on how to best implement these ideas based on your technical expertise and your ideas on what game designs would entice the average SMU student user.

D. Learning analytics of students


  1. Complete working platforms for both iOS and Android
  2. Proper and relevant documentation


Sumathi Krishna (sumathik@smu.edu.sg)

Lara Pugh (larapugh@smu.edu.sg)

Centre for English Communication (CEC)

Novosphere – Mobile Auto industry shopping cart

Project Background The project aims to create a mobile application, which synergizes mobile convenience and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences together through incentivizing in the form of several loyalty rewards program schemes in the automotive industry.

Value Proposition The mobile application will host multiple participating commercial merchants in an e-catalogue, segmented by brands, where automotive merchants are able to list their retailing products/services at retail and/or discounted prices. Customers are incentivized to earn rewards through 2 different loyalty schemes of their preferred choice, Cashback or Loyalty Points, when they visit brick-and-mortar shops. Customers would just need to simply scan the selected retail product/services through a QR code or barcode, transact through the mobile application via our mobile payment gateway, and earn X% of Cashback or X amount of Loyalty Points upon successful transaction.


Contact: Derrick Ding, Novosphere Director, Novosphere SG <novosphere.sg@gmail.com>

The Black Sun - Annual Report System

About Project

  • Annual Reports (ARs) are produced each year by SGX listed companies for stakeholders (shareholders, analysts, bankers, funds, regulators and other interested parties).
  • The SGX Listing Rules and the Code of Corporate Governance provides guidance on the form and substance of the ARs to be produced. However, the range and quality of ARs can be quite broad and varied.
  • SGX provides a listing of ARs listed on the SGX but these are curated and analysed at a high level (http://www.sgx.com/wps/portal/sgxweb/home/company_disclosure/annual_financial).
  • There are other similar listings such as www.annualreports.com
  • The SGX Stockfacts (http://www.sgx.com/wps/portal/sgxweb/home/company_disclosure/stockfacts) provides more detailed analysis of the financials.
  • The Black Sun and IIRC Best Practices Reporting Databases reviews and publishes ARs that meet best practices criteria (http://bestpractice.blacksunplc.com/corporate/database/home and *http://examples.integratedreporting.org/getting_started)
  • There are other websites that curate ARs (https://www.listcorp.com/ and http://database.globalreporting.org but the challenge is keeping the details updated
  • Depending on the coverage by analysts, each AR may be subjected to different levels of analysis and comparison with industry peers. The coverage by each analyst will also vary, depending on the analyst’s experience and depth of coverage.
  • The Singapore Corporate Awards reviews ARs on a submission basis. This self-selection criteria would preclude lower standard ARs from being reviewed.
  • Based on current market best practices, good ARs will continue to be featured because they are good. This self-selection criteria doesn’t encourage the not-so-good ARs to improve, and by extension, the capital market won’t be able to go to the next level.
  • In order to raise the bar for the Singapore capital market, the ARs of all listed companies should be reviewed and curated. With this, sub-par ARs will be encouraged to improve.


  • To develop a system where all SGX listed companies can upload their ARs in PDF format, and the subsequent analysis will be automated.
  • This ”self-help” approach will reduce curating to a minumum.
  • Text analytics will be generated based on the automated analysis of the uploaded PDF ARs.
  • Standard text analytics can be publicly published, while more sensitive ones can be restricted on a request basis.
  • Stakeholders will be able to compare the text analytics between different ARs from the same sector or different sectors.
  • This system will focus on the text alone, as the review of the financials is already being done by SGX and analysts.
  • In future, when technology is available, analysis of photos, infographics and other images may be possible.

Deliverable: A system where all SGX listed companies can upload their Annual Reports and generate standard text analytics. The schematic of the proposed system is as follows. The system should be able to generate basic text analytics results such as

  1. word counts of relevant words such as “risk” and “growth”. The system should have a repository of commonly used key words in Annual Reports
  2. the context of these key words I.e. where they appear
  3. readability
  4. sentiments
  5. "who, what and where" is being discussed in the Annual Report.

WorkFlow diagram

Stakeholders: SGX listed companies

Contact: Uantchern Loh, CEO Asia Pacific, Black Sun Pte Ltd <ULoh@blacksunplc.com>

RoboStudio - Robot App development for restaurant robot

About RoboStudio RoboStudio is a young startup founded by SMU Alumni focusing on Robot App development. Our mission is to develop Robot Applications to bring values to robot users.

Project Description Develop Frontend Robot App to provide holistic functionalities for restaurant robot: Greeting to Customer -> Ordering -> Delivering food to table -> Payment

Problem to solve F&B industry is experiencing a tough time. A key contributor is the high labor cost and shortage. The reason why robotics is not widely used yet is that there are still big gaps between customer requirement and existing robot functionalities. (Existing robot just holds a tray and walks around.)

Value proposition To restaurant: Save labor cost; To robot hardware vendor: Provide software as supplementary product to boost robot sales and usage.

Uniqueness We will be the first company to focus on Robot App development in Singapore and one of the few in the world. After mastering this competency, we can apply the same to other service industries – Banking, Hospital, Government agencies… Big potentials.

Project Scope Develop prototype for Remote RoboLab, which will provide robots with fun tasks under camera. Robotics Programming learners without a physical robot can use this lab to assist their learning remotely.

We will focus on the Frontend App layer, to interface with Backend layer. Similar to the relationship between Mobile App and Mobile hardware. I created the term Robot App (Mimic the term Mobile App), while the trend is that robot hardware will be standardized. Robot App is the soul of the robot and becomes more and more critical.

  • The development will be done using Java (Android platform) or VB (Windows platform). So IS students could be a good fit from skillset perspective.

The Backend layer are developed using C, C++ or Python etc., which will be taken charge by robot hardware vendors. We (Frontend App) will interface with them like calling an API.

  • There are only about 3-4 robot hardware vendors in Singapore right now, with some Robot App embedded in their products. But the functionalities are very limited.

That’s also why few restaurants are using robots yet. And this is the problem / gap we are trying to tackle. It has big potentials.

Opportunities Robotic is the next big thing for Singapore and the world. Besides the values your work will bring to our customers (Save labor cost etc.), it’s a good opportunity for you to learn hands on experience for this promising skill.

Skills required Front end and web development skills like Java, Full Stack etc., which will call API to control the robots. Python skills is preferred, which will be used to develop the API. Of course, we are looking for people with passion, commitment and entrepreneurship.

What you can get Hands-on experience with robotics and startup, which will equip you with the hottest skillsets to get your job, or start your own startup.

Contact: Ben Li, Master of Innovation, SMU <ben.li.2016@mi.smu.edu.sg> Email ben.li.2016@mi.smu.edu.sg (Ben Li, Founder)

VWO - Make a difference

About VWO project Want a rewarding project that can make a difference in people's life?

Ideas You can wait for some VWO to propose a project, or you can propose one with a VWO.

Last term, team Creovate won the IS480 Best Value for Sponsor award. More importantly, they made a difference in someone else's life.

"Just one small example....as I was having lunch in Little India this week, I met one of the workers I'm assisting. He reported confusion at MOM about whether they recognised that he had discharged a lawyer handling his injury claim. On my hp, I could bring up the lawyer discharge letter and email it out again to both the lawyer and MOM. Very powerful and helpful to have such capability on my hp at any time and place." - TWC2 Project Sponsor Dr. Pat Meyer

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg

Self Proposed - Innovative Idea

About Self Proposed project Have a great idea? You can proposed your own project. Start with a problem, a real problem. Don't start with a solution or a technology. Think about it. Pitch it to your friends, IIE entrepreneurs corners, and write up a 2 page about your idea. You want a well baked idea, not an idea you taught about yesterday or half baked version with lots of holes.

Another reason for proposing your own project. Why work for anyone?


  1. Submit a 2 page writeup to course coordinator.
  2. Get a mentor. More info here. If there are enough teams proposing their own projects, the course coordinator will schedule a pitch session.
  3. Start working on your project.

More Information Benjamin Gan, SMU, benjamingan@smu.edu.sg