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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams


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Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki (dashboard, team roles, project overview, project management with minutes, documents) or the following: Sample midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY. IS480 is now an SMU-X course! Check out the SMU-X webpage.

2018/2019 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 20 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 20 Jun.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final. Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
OUH Eng Lieh TAN Hwee Pink & Thivya KANDAPPU

Accounting Architects

Seah Kim Cheok Construction Co Pte Ltd – Enhance ACCPAC (DOS) accounting programme The goal is to design and create an accounting software suited for construction companies. The software will involve one-time typing in of information but also allow users to export these data into many different formats tailored for audit purposes. Additional functions include having a dashboard to display overview performance and budget monitoring feature. X-factor: Our team hopes the company will use the accounting system to track a minimum of 2 construction projects, used by the 2 accountants, saving up to 2 hours per week.

  1. Gary CHUA Rongjie
  2. Nicholas FOO Junyao
  3. Gwendolyn GOH Wen Hui
  4. Muhammad Hafizuddin Bin ABD RAHIN
  5. Joey CHAN Xin Ti
Seah Kah Howe, Seah Kim Cheok Construction Co Pte Ltd
TAN Hwee Pink OUH Eng Lieh & KOH Lian Chee


With eliminating the time-consuming process of customer on-boarding and account creation process in mind, our team aims to utilise blockchain technology and smart contracts to empower KYC-as-a-service application (Know Your Customer) for SMU tBank through a web application. To replace the traditional method of account creation by being present in a bank branch, our project is about building a web application that can be incorporated to authorised “KYC Agents” such as convenience stores that are strategically located, to reduce the waiting time and increase the efficiency to generate the consumer’s digital identity. Our project will be leveraging on Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts to perform consumer’s digital identity creation and verification with Facial Recognition technology as our secondary factor of authentication (Main authentication method will be the agent’s visual authentication). We will also be revamping SMU tBank’s existing web pages. For teaching purposes, a gamification module will also be built to facilitate in class lab exercises for financial technology related courses. It will be used to gauge the students understanding blockchain and its applications in finance.

  1. LEONG Yong Sheng
  2. Clarence NEO
  3. LIM Yue Feng
  4. Jordy Nelson SAMUEL
  5. Dion GOH Chin Bin
  6. FU Chuanyi
tBank, Alan MEGARGEL
KOH Lian Chee Benjamin GAN & OUH Eng Lieh


Our client, Scanteak, is a leading furniture chain store retailer in Singapore with more than 100 retail outlets and flagship stores in Germany, Taiwan, Brunei, Japan, Canada, and USA. Despite having achieved turnovers of more than $100 million annually, Scanteak, which actively seeks to remain relevant in the highly competitive market, is constantly looking for ways to drive transformation in the face of digital disruption.

Hence, we intend to digitally transform Scanteak’s traditional way of doing business by deploying various forms of data analytics. By providing Scanteak with valuable insights drawn from data analytics, we hope to benefit both the senior management as well as sales executives by empowering them to make better and more informed business decisions.

Ultimately, by leveraging on Scanteak’s wealth of offline retail data, our project aims to provide Scanteak with descriptive and predictive data analytics in three primary areas – customers, staffs, and stores. In doing so, we believe Scanteak will be capable of allocating the right staffs to the right stores to provide right customers with the right products . This will, in turn, improve the overall customer experience and capture maximal business value for our client.

  1. Solomon TEO Kok How
  2. ONG Chin Hao
  3. HONG Yang
  4. Larry THNG Bo Xuan
  5. David CHUA Wee Song
  6. Jeryl SOH Yen Cheng
Scanteak (Jamie - Regional Marketing Director and Eric Data Analyst)
Benjamin GAN OUH Eng Lieh & TAN Hwee Pink


iPhone 5, Black 16GB S/N: C37K8C7HDTWD IMEI: 013556006185066 [Loan: Foo Chi Jao]

JungleElement-CardPerks JungleElements CardPerks aims to be the centralised curator for benefits from the various cards that one owns, be it a UOB card or SMU Alumni card - Users can see the benefits that they are entitled to because they have the card in their wallet. Upon turning the app on, CardPerks will display the most relevant benefits based on the users's location or query.

  1. FOO Chi Jao
  2. GOH Ming Xuan
  3. Amanda YEONG See Mun
  4. TOH Zi Jie
  5. LI Kangrui
Nigel Giam, Founder, jungleelement.com
Thivya KANDAPPU TAN Hwee Pink & OUH Eng Lieh


BMW Group – CIO cockpit Financial Simulations The existing BMW CIO Cockpit web app consolidates all planning and budgeting topics across BMW APAC IT projects. Currently, the app only represent and visualize data from database for user review. Focusing on risky and financial simulation, we aim to enable dynamic simulation for data visualization. The enhancements would allow users to simulate overview by changing influential factors including FX rates, plan/target transfer on project/department level, and budget cut/upsurge. We need to add specific columns to the existing data model to support further function such as risk priority calculation. To blueprint monthly risk monitoring, risk traffic light map would be implemented with a timing input sliding bar.

  1. HOU Dianbang
  2. TANG Yuanbo
  3. WANG Sheng
  4. ZHANG Zehao
  5. ZHAO Guangyu
  6. ZHENG Yulong
Kai Cardinal von Widder, BMW Asia via Jonathan.Ng and Markus.Greunz, BMW
Alan MEGARGEL TAN Hwee Pink & KOH Lian Chee


Fund Express Pawnshop Pte Ltd – Digitizing the pawnbroking trade The pawnbroking industry has been and still is traditionally run with clients having to personally take a trip down to a pawnshop to get their items (pledges) pawned, do a face-to-face KYC onboarding, and finally having to return to the same pawnshop to redeem their pledges. Loan-to-value is based on an intangible and emotional aspect: the more frequent, dependable, and familiar the client, the higher the value given for the pledge, instead of a quantitative credit scoring process.

We seek to digitize the whole process on a blockchain and look to serve the younger clientele base. Being on the blockchain will give clients added transparency and trust. Blockchain is a decentralised ledger that is immutable, distributed and provides provenance for assets. The future of pawnbroking will see clients pawn their items anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices, convert their physical jewellery or Gold bars into digital gold which then can be use to pay for their daily expenses, collateralise the digital Gold, sell their digital Gold, convert into different currencies, all these via an electronic wallet app. Imagine converting your 916 jewellery into digital gold in the comfort of your own home and paying for your utility bills at the snap of a finger.

  1. Shreyas PARBAT
  2. Shiv UPPAL
  3. Avery CHONG Yow Kit
  4. Amanda OH Ri Ying
  5. LIM Wan Ting
Kenneth CHONG Wei Zeng (SMU Econs Alumni), Fund Express Pawnshop Pte Ltd/GoldSilver Central Pte. Ltd. Tan Shuo Yan IIE {Mentor},
Yingjiu LI KOH Lian Chee & TAN Hwee Pink

Five Stones

S-Cube Pte Ltd – Business Analytics System This project aims to create a business analytics system that will provide S-Cube’s clients with meaningful reports based on their business data. These clients are predominantly SMEs with backgrounds from manufacturing, accounting, warehousing and product management . Specifically, the system will provide descriptive analytics to allow clients to understand what has happened in their business better. The reports would also be highly customisable according to the client’s own preferences, such as report layout through drag-and-drop functionalities. This project would also work hand in hand with S-Cube’s ERP systems which stores the business data of the clients through integrated business modules. Thus, the business analytics system needs to be able to retrieve and integrate the business data from the S-Cube’s ERP systems. Examples of what ERP systems include integration of Accounting, Inventory, CRM, HRM or customized modules.

  1. LEE Zhi Tao
  2. Dion ANG Wei Xuan
  3. XUE Xinyi
  4. LIN Zhen Dan
  5. YEO Hong Yuan
Leo Tan, Business development director, S cube Ptd Ltd, via Marcus TAN Sin Yik, SIS
OUH Eng Lieh KOH Lian Chee & TAN Hwee Pink


PSA – Chatbot POC Our team aims to provide immediate the hassle-free customer service by developing an Enterprise Chatbot that can be used on PSA’s B2B portal, Portnet. This is to provide a variety of self-service features to reduce the manpower workload on PSA’s helpdesk team who is currently handling their customers’ queries via communication channels over the phone and email.

  1. LIU Jie
  2. LU Jia Nan
  3. LI Xiaohang
  4. ZHANG Zhihao
  5. Jonathan TAN Wei Quan
Lim Boon Chong – Project Supervisor and Jay Lim Liaison Officer, SIS Alumi, PSA
Thivya KANDAPPU KOH Lian Chee & TAN Hwee Pink (Alan MEGARGEL)


We aim to build a Case Management System which records the processes and documents, required of a case, for the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME). We also aim to create an analytical dashboard that utilises D3.js to provide data driven visualisation and useful insights on the cases created, according to the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Human Trafficking and Forced Labour framework. Users of this system will enjoy features that will aid their job scopes and increase their work efficiency. This project will encompass: 1. Case management that will allow attachments and easy search functions through tags and text. 2. Push notifications in the form of reminders, action-based and for-your-information. 3. An interactive dashboard which will engage users in data driven visualization to generate insightful reports 4. Proper role based access to facilitate security of information.

  1. Brittany GOH Mi Shan
  2. CHAN Huang Suan
  3. YONG Yong Qing
  4. LIM Jia Sheng
  5. HOW Zhiteng
  6. TAN Keng Yew
Sheena Kanwar- Executive Director, Stephanie Chok - Manager (Casework / Research), Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics HOME
TAN Hwee Pink KOH Lian Chee & Benjamin GAN

Internet Explorers

By 2030, the number of Singaporeans aged 65 and above is projected to double to 900,000. Currently, 8800 elderly residents live in institutions such as nursing homes and this number is expected to increase. MOH is also promoting initiatives that employ technology to improve the quality healthcare and reduce workload - in alignment with the vision of Saint. Bernadette Lifestyle Village (St B). St B is the first and only assisted living facility (ALF) in Singapore. Most of the seniors living there are semi-independent - requiring assistance in different areas. Currently, only one nurse looks after 8 seniors per shift in the facility, indicating an evident lack of manpower to constantly monitor them. Therefore, our team aims to utilize Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to create a full-fledged live cloud system to improve the efficiency of operations and increase the quality of care provided. The included data analytics engine will analyse collected data from pyroelectric motion sensors and magnetic door contact sensors deployed by our team which monitors restroom usage, sleeping and movement patterns of the elderlies. Motion detected is sent through a Z-wave protocol to the cloud system. Our team will be looking into deploying and integrating new optic fibre bed pressure sensors with the other sensors to gather more accurate results and insightful conclusions. Additionally, with machine learning, we will be able to provide meaningful insights into the elderlies’ health and well-being over the long term by detecting anomalies in their daily routines. Our all-in-one web application will be able to: provide stakeholders with live updates and intuitive information on the elderly’s activities and wellbeing through a dashboard; send push alerts whenever assistance is required; and integrate into the mobile platform for more convenient access. This will also minimise the response time of medical doctors and nurses - providing early notice of any deteriorating conditions so that the appropriate treatment can be quickly administered.

  1. Shaun TEO Ray Sen
  2. Jed TAN
  3. Amanda TEO Sing Lee
  4. Aldric BEK Zhen Feng
  5. Patrick LIM Yan Hong
  6. David LIU Wenrong
Dr Belinda Wee And Dr Joseph Wee, Founders, St Bernedette Lifestyle Village via iCity TAN Hwee Pink
Thivya KANDAPPU Benjamin GAN & KOH Lian Chee

Job Plus Plus

JobPlus - CRM or Marketing system We endeavour to design a new CRM system customised to the needs of JobPlus. The goal is to develop a CRM system that meets industry standard core features like: Contact management, Calendar/reminders Task management and Basic reporting. Presenting the data in an organized manner to increase the efficiency of the whole process saving time and money for JobPlus. We also want to include standard features of CRM systems such as Interaction tracking, Email integration, Document storage, Mobile access Pipeline view, Social media integration, Custom reporting, and Marketing automation integration.

  1. KOH Zhi Rong
  2. WOO Wai Leng
  3. NG Jia Jia
  4. LI Yiyao
  5. Jerry TOHVAN
  6. Gabriel ONG Xie En
Alex Chong - General Manager, JobPlus Pte Ltd Website: http://jobplus.sg
KOH Lian Chee Benjamin GAN & Thivya KANDAPPU


Training a chatbot is a tedious and time consuming process as administrators have to manually input new intents and responses for the chatbot to handle.

KeyReply has entrusted the team to improve this training process for clients, by developing an Automatic Intent Recognition system which will provide faster and more accurate intent generation, cutting down the time and effort required to train a chatbot

  1. Gabriel Manuel SIDIK
  2. Jerome LEK Guan Hong
  3. Eugene YUEN Mun Keong
  4. NG Zheng Hao
  5. Aaron TEO Wee Kiat
  6. LIM Li Xuan
KeyReply, Teo Peiru - CEO, Max Xu - Co-Founder & CTO & Jeremy Ong - Forward Deployed Software Engineer
Alan MEGARGEL KOH Lian Chee & Benjamin GAN


The Black Sun - Annual Report System Team Kodigo will be building a platform that will allow investors to better understand annual reports via keyword search, and compare the search results across years and different companies. It will provide users information about the searches coupled with relevant news articles depending on the company and keyword made by the other investors to help increase financial literacy. For example, they will be able to compare the number of occurrences of the keyword “risk” across different years and companies and see in what context it appeared to see whether the company is getting serious about risk management. When a user logs in, they will be able to see trending keywords, companies and as they perform more searches, they will receive news articles relevant to their current and previous searches. This personalized feature coupled with the comparison of keywords across companies and years which is unavailable to users on any portal right now would make the insight discovering process not only easier but also ameliorate the quality of insights when used with news module.

Our X-Factor is that our product will be tested by 50 investors from the Securities Investors Association Singapore which is an association representing 70,000 retail investors. Our product is also endorsed by the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

  1. Randall HENG Cho Yew
  2. Gabriel CHUAN Zhan Hong
  3. TAN Peng Chong
  4. Bernice NG Kai Ling
  5. Shubham PERIWAL
  6. Vikram SANGHI
Uantchern Loh, CEO, Black Sun
Patrick THNG Benjamin GAN & Tan Hwee Xian


Profs Fujii and Ho: Mobile-Assisted Survey System Our goal is to build a CAPI survey solution that consists of a web application and a mobile end application which share the same cloud database. The web application allows administrator create question pool, create survey from question pool. As all data is stored on cloud database, on the field, with the android app, interviewers will be able to download surveys to their tablet and conduct survey even without internet connection. The android app will allow interviewers to upload responses to cloud database when there is network. Then administrator will be able to view the result and export reports or raw data from the web application.

  1. ZOU Kelin
  2. KANG Yansun
  3. ZHANG Jiaxiang
  4. JI Xinyi
  5. Yang Fengfeng
  6. Chen Kaili
Prof Fujii and Prof Ho, SMU, SoE


SnapCoin – Point-of-Sales (POS) system We will be building a Point-of-Sales(POS) system for SnapCoin. SnapCoin aims to replace merchant’s existing system by releasing this new customised system, in which would allow cost savings for their merchants who currently outsource their POS system to a 3rd party vendor.Snapcoin's e-currency, which is currently used by its customers through their mobile platform, would be integrated with our POS system. In addition, we will be building an exclusive web portal for the merchants to manage, customise and generate business reports. This web portal would allow each merchant to customise the different elements of the POS system to better suit their needs.

  1. Anmol Dhanesh CHUGANI
  2. Moses YONG
  3. TAY Yu Xuan
  4. Agnes LIM Jia Hui
  5. Sharon PURBOWO
Joshua Tan Jun Liang, CEO, Leo Tan Poh Kiong, CTO, SnapCoin Pte Ltd via Marcus TAN Sin Yik, SIS alumni


Hook Coffee - Mobile Application/ Inventory management system Hook Coffee specializes in delivering freshly roasted specialty coffee conveniently. It mainly sells two types of products – coffee beans and machinery. Our project aims to develop a customized inventory management system (IMS) for Hook Coffee which would help Hook Coffee in 3 ways: automate the tracking of its products, minimize wastage of roasted coffee, and allow for more better business decision making. Our project provides a convenient platform for automatic updates of the different stocks. We will also be making use of predictive analysis tools which will help Hook Coffee have sales projections based on historical demand and past sales. Our team’s X-factors are as follows: 100% adoption rate by employees in Hook Coffee, reduction of human errors in inventory quantity up to 90%, improve accuracy of roasting coffee quantity by 90%, reduction of wastage of unsold roasted coffee by 50%

  1. Devin TAN Wei Jie
  2. Kenneth TAN Puay Yong
  3. Ayesha Aziz ALKAFF
  4. TAN Choon Seng
  5. CHEN Bihuang
Ernest Ting and Faye Victoria Sit, Hook Coffee


BNP Paribas – Tribal Knowledge Our team aims to build a cross-function portal (SpringBoard) to optimise and integrate BNP Paribas’ onboarding process which involves the Client Management, Compliance, and Front Office. The web application will improve communication and efficiency of the onboarding process by providing a platform where stakeholders can dynamically edit the ever-changing business requirements, manage clients’ documents and oversee the onboarding process for each of their clients (high net-worth). We intend to incorporate notifications and real-time updates to shorten communication lags as well. Our team will also be leveraging on Text Mining / NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to identify and verify digital documents instead of manual verification.

  1. Melvin NG Jia Le
  2. NG Jun Xiang
  3. Randy LAI Yonghao
  4. LIM Pei Xuan
  5. GOH Jia Xian
  6. SIN Jean Min
Chantelle Chiew, Director/Christian Guese, VP Digital Transformation/Vivien Jong/Neha Ahuja, BNP Paribas
Benjamin GAN KOH Lian Chee & Thivya KANDAPPU

Onken Egg

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi Cellular 16GB Black S/N: DMPK4kPQf18P IMEI: 990002891314674 [Loan: Cheryl CHIAM]

We are building a web application, "KEN'S ADVENTURE", which will allow preorders using our "Kredits" system and also promote customer loyalty through gamification. Users choose their own paths and unlock in-store and digital rewards. Our web app also allows enables customization and control over rewards and tasks for Kenboru's owners without any coding required. Uniquely, this app boasts a nostalgic pixel graphics design to bring in the retro Japanese gameplay, paying homage to Kenboru's origins.

  1. Cheryl CHIAM
  2. Daryln TOO Wei Jian
  3. Debbie LEE Shan Ying
  4. TAN Kim Chye
  5. TAN Wei Sheng
Ong Jun Hao, Co-Founder, KENBORU
Benjamin GAN KOH Lian Chee & Thivya KANDAPPU


SIS Prof Qiuhong WANG - Cyber Attack and Internet Topology Visualization System We will be building a web application with a Visualization System for the research project, “Deterring Cybersecurity Threats through Internet Topology, Law Enforcement and Technical Mitigation”. By building a Visualisation System that graphically depicts DDoS and IP-address probing trajectories, we aim to show the association between cyber security and internet topology structure. A topological view can help in mapping out the Internet network that is built by existing internet interconnection agreements between countries and telecommunication agencies. In addition, a topological display of the commonly used routing path can also highlight the vulnerable autonomous systems that leads to its users being compromised DDoS victims.

An Analytics Dashboard will also be created to complement the Visualization System. With our analytical results, we aim to provide managerial insights that will be helpful for public users and cyber security researchers.

  1. CHUA Kai Yun
  2. Nur Amalina LIANG Hui Fang
  3. Cerulean KOH Shiliang
  4. Jorden SEET Shi Yuan
  5. Meredith TJANDRA
  6. YIN Yukun
Prof Qiuhong WANG and Qian ZHANG, SIS


Our project is designed to replace Myanmar Club’s paper-based processes and to perform as a communication platform between the organization and Myanmar community based in Singapore. The lack of transparency and delay in the business processes cause misunderstandings and miscommunication between executive and non-executive members and as a result, the organization has been experiencing a decline in the annual number of memberships. Hence, we have proposed to develop web and mobile applications to resolve above problems of Myanmar Club.

The internal web application is designed solely for the executive members to accomplish day-to-day tasks such as organizing the events, managing members and club’s finances, recording incidents information, etc. Through this web application, club members can update their personal information, and make payments for the events or membership fees. The website will be accessible to public where the organization can share the club information such as club’s activities and event information. The mobile application will include functionalities such as recording the incident information from domestic worker Helpdesk as well as submitting claims. Team will be using ReactJS to build public facing website and the internal web application. ReactNative will be used for our mobile application. Both our web and mobile applications will be empowered by Java backend web services for data synchronization and logic control.

  1. YA Min Nyi Nyi
  2. KYAW Htet Soe
  3. KHIN Khin Min Thu
  4. WAI Yan Min
  5. HSU Linn
Dr. Myat Maw Tun – Club President, Ye Myint (Mr) – Executive Committee Member, Myanmar Club
Thivya KANDAPPU Alan MEGARGEL & Benjamin GAN


Lim Kee Food Manufacturing – Dim Sum ordering system Our team aims to build an Android mobile application and a web application for Lim Kee Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd (Lim Kee) with the objective of streamlining two processes, namely order taking & processing and payment collection, which have both been identified to be operationally inefficient processes being time and cost intensive.

[Order-Taking & Processing] Presently, 6 administrative staff at Lim Kee serves approximately 500-600 orders from their business partners on a daily basis. Order-taking and processing operations are highly time-intensive, taking up to 4hours each day as the staff contact customer one-by-one, then manually recording each order on paper before keying into AutoCount, which is an off-the-shelf system that Lim Kee utilises for invoicing. This process is largely manual and subject to human error. Delays in delivery are also often caused due to inability to collate orders in time, arising from customer-related reasons.

[Payment Collection] Payment collection is usually done by the delivery man upon unloading of goods. As the customer often must stop his/her operations to look for cash (usually coins), deliveries which are targeted within 3 minutes are often delayed, resulting in customer complaints when deliveries are late. Some of the customers may request to pay the following day, but with no tracking, these payments may be forgotten and eventually not collected. Moreover, having the deliverymen to handle large amounts of coins is a cumbersome task and may result in errors. Our X-Factor is building a trial of system involving real users which we have targeted to reach as follows.

  1. LOW Zi Xuan
  2. ANG Xin Yi
  3. LEE Pei Zhen
  4. YANG Miaozi
  5. Rizza Liau Weisheng
Ang Khim Wee, Head of Business Development, Lim Kee Food Manufacturing


This project aims to deliver a web-based project management system for Flex-Solver’s employees to log in and access the projects. It will assist the employees in project tracking, collaboration and documentation for each of the firm’s projects. The goal of the Flex Solver Project Management System project is to bring convenience to the employees at Flex-Solver during the various project phases (Requirement, Design, Coding, Integration, Testing). The system will focus on: a. Organising clients’ requirements. b. Managing projects across a wide spectrum of businesses. c. Enhancing communication between employees. d. Enabling creation, tracking, management sharing of documentations, Postman collections, and APIs across all projects. e. Enabling access controls to each project.

The main motivation of this web portal is to provide a systematic logging, tracking and communication system. It allows Flex-Solver to prioritize and better allocate its business’ resources. Flex-Solver’s staffs would use a one-stop application to access a log of their clients’ requirements. The application would also allow Flex-Solver to monitor and allocate resources for each project. This would allow Flex-Solver to gain more business insights for each project and allow to company to make well-informed decisions.

  1. ONG Li Ting
  2. Brandon LIM Qi Hui
  3. CHOY Kar Sen
  4. Jaclyn LAM Hui Yun
  5. YIP Jian Ming
Ariel Lin, MD, Roger Lin, Head of IT Department ,Flex Solver Parapara SakeLa
KOH Lian Chee Thivya KANDAPPU & Yingjiu LI

Respekt Thyme

Hatch – Waste management service We are building a mobile and web application to automate and streamline the waste management process. This would be the first application in Singapore which allows users to dispose recyclable waste and earn monetary benefits upon request and at their own convenience. These applications will be used to aid them in their daily collection process. On the seller side, they can request for a one-time or a subscription-based collection through the mobile application. The web application is used to collate all the collection requests from sellers and generates routes for the collectors to take. The web application also comes with visualization of data to aid in future decision-making. The X-factor would be attaining 500 registered users and 250 successful transactions by mid-terms.

  1. Amanda WONG Sze Yun
  2. Gerald QUEK Hui Siang
  3. Jason TEO Jie Qi
  4. Jane SEAH Hing Kid
Zack Yeo, Founder, Hatch
Yingjiu LI Thivya KANDAPPU & KOH Lian Chee


Our team will be building a taxi fleet visualisation system that users can interact with through their browser. We aim to build a system that will retrieve taxi data from Land Transport Authority (LTA) DataMall, and process them into aggregated data for efficient storage and retrieval. Our team aims to summarise billions of real-time observations into bite sized information for academia and regulators to understand the situation of the taxi fleet from the ground level for their research and to make strategic decisions. Ultimately, we hope it will benefit all taxi drivers, reducing dead mileage and increasing the efficiency of the taxi fleet.

  1. Clarence PANG Zhi Wey
  2. NG Rui Qin
  3. TAN Ying Hing
  4. Swetha KUMARAVEL
  5. Vincent TOK Qingpeng
Prof Shih Fen, SIS, Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering (UNiCEN) Corp. Lab

Team CP

Remove CHNG Zheng Ren

CPAS – Employee Engagement Portal Our project aims to develop an Employee Engagement Portal that allows CPAS employees to develop inter-department collaboration and improve the efficiency and experience of new employees’ onboarding programme by facilitating data sharing. The Staff Welfare Recreation Club will use the portal as a platform for events registration , promoting bonding between different interest groups . Monthly updates will be delivered through the portal and employees’ feedback given will be collected to improve overall working environment. The automation of current manual processes will not only improve employees’ engagement, but also reduce manpower needed.

  1. Charmian TEO
  2. Jasmine KOH Yu Juan
  3. MAI Thanh Van
  4. Clement ONG Kang Rong
  5. CHAW Khin Nyein
  6. GUI Yuqi
Miss Foo Mui Leng, Head Human Resource, Ong Yin Hui Jessica, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
KOH Lian Chee Thivya KANDAPPU & Yingjiu LI

Team éXi

This project aims to deliver two end products - a Web Application and Mobile Application. The Web Application would allow the centre to manage their curriculum calender, generate Financial Report according to desired templates, document important financial transactions, track overdue payments and trigger reminders to be sent to parents and selectively retrieve or update student details. The Mobile Application provides Attendance Taking functionalities and reminders which serves a significant role in the calculation of tutor’s salaries and helps tutors to track the progress of individual students so that they could adjust the lesson plans to better benefit the students.

  1. TANG Hui Xin
  2. MOH Moh San
  3. ZANG Yu
  4. THET Thet Yee
  5. RIANA
  6. Shawn LOO Wei Hua
Adam - Stepping Stones Learning Centre
Benjamin GAN Thivya KANDAPPU & Yingjiu LI

Team Meraki

iPhone X Space Gray 64GB S/N: G6TVXDN1JCLH IMEI: 353048093320382, Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (brown cover) S/N: RF1D82AXZEP IMEI: 357800/05/989195/4 [Loan: Eugene Choy]

Corsiva Lab – Gathering Planning App For Businesses, the conversion rates (of views to action) for articles and videos is tough to keep track of. You can tell the virility of an article/video but the important pieces of information that businesses thrives on in today's data centric society is missing. This is where Meraki comes in to give an extra push to provide objectives-centred advertising which provides businesses and advertisers with an Action-Oriented Metric such as completing an action or being at the location to complete the objective.

  1. YONG Fu Xiang
  2. Amos LEE Chun Ing
  3. SIM Li Jin
  4. Eugene CHOY Wen Jia
  5. Winston HO Min Kit
  6. HO Wei Hong
Lim Guo Hong, Director, Corsiva Lab
Thivya KANDAPPU Benjamin GAN & Yingjiu LI


Although Monsoon Hair group has been around for over 20 years, their business has yet to employ successful digital solutions to improve the efficiency and the business of their day-to-day operations. A mobile application was created in the past, however is unusable now due to bugs.

Our web app will include features such as an appointment booking system, client information dashboard and e-store functionalities. Wih our web solution, we aim to help Monsoon streamline their business operations and to help them create an online presence that will not only promote brand visibility but also increase engagement between the brand and its clients

  1. Kimberly GWEE Qiao Lin
  2. TAY Wei Xuan
  3. Josh Gautam DORAI
  4. Jacky YONG Wei Jie
  5. WONG Jiaan
  6. Chantalle NG
Monsoon Hair Group, Addy Lee - Founder and CEO, Jason - Marketing Director
Yingjiu LI Alan MEGARGEL & Benjamin GAN

The Bros Code

Runkicker Runkicker is a personalized fitness mobile app that utilizes analytics and behavioural science to improve users' fitness motivational levels.

Our app povides unique features such as injury idication, event creation, and personalized contents which are adjusted according to the user's personality. There features wil help to motivate and guide our users with their workouts and meal plans.

  1. GOH Chun Ming
  2. LOH Yu Bin
  3. Sean HOON Cai Yu
  4. TAN Guan Ze
Shaun, Glenn & Marek, Runkicker
Thivya KANDAPPU Yingjiu LI & KOH Lian Chee

The Exception

Hepmil is a media company producing contents on various social media platforms. They are often engaged by major companies (e.g McDonalds) to run advertising campaigns for them. Each advertising campaign includes multiple postings in various social media platforms, released in phases.

Hepmil would like to track the performance of their campaigns, as well as tracking the topics that people are interested in, in order to produce more relatable content. Hence, the team is tasked to produce an analysis tool for Hepmil to better track their content’s performance.

The tool would help Hepmil in tracking their campaigns’ performance. It would also allow Hepmil to understand their viewers’ sentiments better, allowing them to create better content. Finally, the analysis conducted using the tool would be used by Hepmil to show their clients how each type of campaign performs, allowing their clients to make better decisions.

  1. LE Thanh An
  2. YEO Qi Xun
  3. Nicholas TAN Jun Hao
  4. Desiree CHONG Jia Hui
  5. Nicole TAN Xinyi
Stanley Shalom Chim - Product Owner, Hepmil
KOH Lian Chee Yingjiu LI & Thivya KANDAPPU

The White Collar

Past Remove Alan GOH Zhi Qiang

EPIC is a local SME providing their trainees with global exposure and entrepreneurship training. This is done through a partnership with relevant stakeholders (especially in the emerging markets. E.g: China, Myanmar). Currently, their programs can be categorized into two broad groups: (1) Overseas Study Trips and (2) Overseas Internships. Their target group are polytechnic students, undergraduates, graduates, and working adults who wish to gain global exposure, and personal connections within the emerging markets.

A web application will be built to help enhance current operations within EPIC: 1. Web application’s functionalities will increase business efficiency, by gathering data in an easy-to-digest manner, aiding business decisions – (data visualization on existing data, self-customization of itinerary regarding trips, filtering and sorting of applicants into appropriate programmes and programme recommendations etc.) 2. Eliminate the current usage of emails as the primary form of communication, to a more centralized portal for disseminating important information (whereby email serves more as a reminder) 3. Provision of e-learning tools will be made accessible to trainees with accordance to the appropriate program 4. Enable programme collaboration with Service partners to offer company talks and internship positions to the trainees

  1. Rachael LOW Hwee Min
  3. Nurul Suhailah Binte SAPNAN
  4. OON Yi Jing
  5. YEO Xiu Wen
Ms Isabelle Lee Lin Lin, Founder/Managing Director of EPIC Pte Ltd
Yingjiu LI Alan MEGARGEL & Thivya KANDAPPU

Thunderhead Monkeys

SMU SIS Rafael-Cloud Learning Environment The Cloud Learning Environment (CLE) will be a learning platform that integrates digital learning tools (i.e. Tableau, Trailhead) into a single overview (dashboard). It facilitates student learning on the cloud by providing capabilities for students and faculty to monitor and track course progression and results across multiple learning tools.

IT Operations Lab: In AY1819 Term 2, SMU School of Information System (SIS) will be launching a new module - Enterprise Management Solutions (EMS). After building the infrastructure - the CLE, we will be building the IT Operations Lab - a digital learning tool to facilitate students' learning on the Operations component of DevOps. With the IT Operations Lab, students will be able to use appropriate tools to deploy, operate and maintain a software system, as well as to practice version tracking. The CLE and IT Operations Lab will be used by over 300 SMU SIS students, and SIS faculty members. Professors and Instructors will be able to monitor all teams (60 teams per cohort, 5 members per team) and their deployments on the cloud remotely. The CLE will provide instructors an informative overview on all deployed projects. Each team will deploy the project on the CLE using AWS, and the instructors will configure and send disruptions to the teams' projects. The students are expected to mitigate the disruptions. Types of disruptions could be but not limited to load balancing and high availability.

  1. Rizudin Bin JALAR
  2. Bernadine LYE Su Hui
  3. Martin TEO Xiangquan
  4. Joel TAY Da Yuan
  5. Al Faried Yusri Bin YUSOFF
Rafael J. Barros, SIS
TAN Hwee Pink Yingjiu LI & Thivya KANDAPPU


We are building an Application which helps event organisers manage the event using BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) technique. With our App, event organisers are able to achieve auto check-in, participant's accurate position tracking, and post-event data analysis dashboard. Our solution will be demonstrated in (but not limited to) World Cities Summit (WCS) this July happening in Marina Bay Sands

  1. XIA Xiaoyi
  2. LI Weiqiao
  3. CHEN Yuge
  4. PENG Zifu
Edmund Gair, Co-Founder and Head of Operation & Strategy, via Yaqing Bie SIS Alumni, Viatick Co.,Ltd.
Thivya KANDAPPU Yingjiu LI & KOH Lian Chee

Zero Day

This project is to digitalize TRYBE's current Paper-Based Case Management System (CMS). With this new implementation, it will allow caseworkers to maintain, track and monitor every at-risk youth's progress online. Currently, every single youth's case is recorded down on paper manually and this takes up a lot of time, resulting in a backlog of records waiting to be transferred to each of the case files. Our project aims to resolve this issue by creating an online CMS available on both the Web and Mobile interface, allowing accessibility and convenience. In addition, we will be introducing Predictive Analytics to aid caseworkers in their decision making and have insights to the youths who are likely to relapse.

  1. Sheryl YEO Qin Ying
  2. Vincent KOH How Han
  3. NG Wei En
  4. SEAH Shao Zheng
  5. TAN Chuan Yong
Narash, Head of special projects, www.trybe.org

2018/2019 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 8 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 23 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
TAN Hwee Pink Benjamin GAN & Alan MEGARGEL


NTUC Health currently employs sensor technologies to assist in their caregiving services for stay alone elderly living in rental flats. The deployed sensors consist of Passive-Infrared motion sensors, magnetic contact sensors, a button as well as a Bluetooth (BLE) beacon. Data collected from the sensors form the backbone of a reactive care system used to alert the caregivers when help is required by the clients. Currently, there are 5 homes deployed with the sensors across various estates, and caregivers utilize an alert based workflow to monitor them and assist them.

NTUC Health is looking at piloting dashboard monitoring as well as analytics in place to determine if clients are at home or require any assistance. This dashboard will also provide a functionality to contact the client and alert them of any emergency within the building, advising them to evacuate

  1. GAN Shen Ying
  2. Ragini VERMA
  3. SHI Jianrong
  4. KER Wei Xiang
  5. Stephanie TOH
  6. TEO Wei Song
Jeannie Ho - Assistant Director, NTUC Health, Sponsor via iCity TAN Hwee Pink, Crys Tan
??? ??? & ???

Beyond Ideas

External data correlation system We will be building a web application that will correlate data using a supply chain data visualization platform. The web application will be deployed to DHL and used by their data scientists in their supply chain department. The web application will also include web-scraping service that will extract relevant information that might affect DHL’s supply chain, information such as latest news on weather, country index, companies, financial market, etc. Other features include data visualization, configurable web-scraping and correlation setting for administrators, importing and exporting of data. Our X-factor is to apply data correlation for data scientist to search for patterns

  1. Andy ANG Yong Kiat
  2. Joel ANG Wee Keat
  3. TAN Li Kai
  4. TAN Soon Wei
  5. XU Ying
Benjamin Gan, DHL SMU analytics lab
??? ??? & ???

The Sailors

Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services – Central reporting system Lighthouse Marine is an independent inspection/surveying company that operates globally. The company specializes in services such as Marine Inspection, Bunker and Cargo Surveying. Currently, Lighthouse Marine has an inefficient reporting process. The surveyor manually compiles and delivers the report after each job and only then will the administrative staff audit it for the client’s perusal. Often the surveyors will be out at sea for their job and it will at least take a few hours before the report reaches the office. There is little transparency of job updates as the client will receive the report hours after it’s completion. Therefore, Lighthouse Marine is interested in an application that allows seamless flow of information between the company’s stakeholders.

  1. Aloysius TEO Yong Sheng
  2. TOH Eng Teck
  3. Samantha Ann NONIS
  4. OW Zhen Yao
  5. Anthony TAN Yap Teck
  6. CHUA Yi Fang
See Jun Ji, Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services
??? ??? & ???


Our project aims to optimize and streamline the shift booking process in CREA by building an Employee Management System (EMS), which is a web application to replace its existing manual shift booking system using google sheets.

The EMS will consist of 6 main functions: 1. Automated Confirmation of Shift Booking Module 2. Auto Computation of Hours Module 3. Timesheet Management Module 4. Bluetooth Attendance Logger 5. Analytics Module 6. Administrative Access Rights/Functions Module The EMS will be able to provide analytical reports on employee performance through data extracted from an external Contact Management System (CMS). This interactive dashboard provides a quick visual representation of employee performance, providing the manager with the option to drill down into the details to gain insights for better planning and optimizing the respondent engagement.

  1. Cassandra LIM Yi Ling
  2. Brandon KANG Jun Han
  3. Nathan NEO Xu Cheng
  4. Moses FAM Qi Xian
  5. PEI Jun Ming
  6. Hidayatullah Bin SEMAON
Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA)

Catherine Loh, Research Panel Manager

??? ??? & ???


Our project aims to automate and streamline the dynamic process of cleaning raw server data relating to Wireless@SG network. The process will be executed by either manual uploading or automatic retrieval from IMDA servers daily based on set time. Within the system frontend interface, the users (IMDA network engineers) will be able to manually upload raw server logs, access past cleaning reports, generate datetime specific Access Point (AP) analysis and Historical analysis reports, custom user-specific alerts thresholds, and historical analysis alerts (potential faulty AP, router reaching limitations). We aim to develop a fully working Network Analytics System prototype ready for IMDA internal use, that can be fine-tuned for full scale implementation (e.g. after professional code audit, adaptation for enterprise deployment). This project’s XFactor is the ability to pre-empt IMDA for potential AP and router faults while also automating the whole data cleaning process and drastically reduce man hours required for the respective users to perform the same task daily by up to 50%.

  1. Lim Chuan Siang
  2. LIM Geok Shan
  3. ONG Yu Xiang
  4. CHUA Wei Hao
  5. Jeremy LIM Yong Sheng
  6. Joshua LIM Yong Wah
Koh Wee Loong, Assistant Director (Tech), Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore
??? ??? & ???

Panda Conda

Platform for Supply Chain Data Visualisation The project aims to create a data visualisation dashboard for supply chain company – web-based application. The process involves extraction, transformation and loading of data. In addition, descriptive and predictive analytics will also be implemented to suit the needs of the different business units. The X factor could be used of data by 2 different business units/clients, specifically the actionable insights the dashboard helps to generate and time saved in producing these insights – Past vs Present.

  1. Patrick TAN Kun Wei
  2. Bryan GWAN Wei Hao
  3. LE VAN Tuan Long
  4. KIM Huiyeon
  5. Rainean Young CALUBAD
Benjamin Gan, DHL-SMU Analytics Lab
TAN Hwee Xian ??? & ???


Project R&I is an IS480 Project aimed at replacing the SMU tBank legacy Retail Internet Banking with an all new Retail Internet Banking application and introducing new functions under Wealth Management – Dual Currency, Wealth Portfolio and Stock management. These functions will be built on Vue.js framework and will make REST API calls using JSON/AJAX to the backend which is built on TIBCO software. For teaching purposes, a gamification module will also be integrated into the Retail Internet Banking application to facilitate in-class lab exercises for financial technology-related courses. It will be used to gauge the students understanding of real-world banking operations and its applications in finance.

The project’s X-factor is a proof deployment where the application will be used in the classroom to provide students with an experience of a real-world banking operations as well as exposing them to modern digital banking architecture which is typically used in banks today.

  1. CHOW Li Ting
  2. Rachel TENG Shu Yan
  3. Thevakumaren S/o N MORGAYA
  4. Raghavendar GOWRI SANKAR
  5. Benjamin MOK Hao Ze
Alan Megarel, tBank
??? ??? & ???


Samaritern – Career and skills platform The primary objective of this project is to create a platform that grooms young talents to be ready for the dynamic workforce. We grow our talents’ skill and knowledge through mentoring platform and course recommendation. Once they have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill, the platform will then recommend jobs that match with their skills and interest. There are 3 core segments of this project: a. Career mentorship:To increase the employability rate, young talents should have a proper guidance from the expert mentors in the same industry. The website allows the young talents to look for these mentors to guide them through their career journey. b. Skills training:Talents will be able to undergo courses to learn relevant skills to increase participant’s suitability to jobs. c. Job matching:Website will allow young talents to take an assessment and match talents to relevant opportunities based on career goals and their assessment results. Our X-factor is to create a working platform to achieve at least 50 talent signups + 15 mentor signups + 15 successful mentoring sessions by the time our project is finished.

  1. Tommy JOHNSON
  2. FRESI
  4. Tanrio Satria Junuan TAN
  5. ALI Surya Gunawan
Samaritern, Hansen Lee {SIS alumni}
??? ??? & ???


Vishal/Bobby – Ole Football. Friends. Fun. Ole Football. Friends. Fun. is an Android mobile application that allows users to predict football scores for different football leagues that is currently ongoing. There will be two main features of the application, which are 1) Private and 2) Public. Private allows users to create a group among their friends and predict the match scores and other additional predictions (i.e: specials) within the group. Public on the other hand allows users to predict the match score and other additional prediction on a public level. The team will be building a web application on top of the mobile application to enable to Admin of the application (i.e: sponsors) to manage the application. Given how niche the concept of the application, the X-factor of the project is to gather 500 testers for our UAT.

  1. Haniaiman Binte Mohamed ISHAK
  2. Nur Hazirah Binte HARIS
  3. LI Wei En
  4. LIAO Yi-ting
  5. Nurfarihin Binte KAMARUZZAMAN
  6. Sai Sravani LANKA
Vishal Kanwar, Caleb Raj, Nizam and Bobby Harjani SIS alum
??? ??? & ???

Team Hamm

Samsung Galaxy S9 Midnight Black 64GB S/N: R58K235H3LN IMEI: 352711/09/565410/5 [Loan: Anicia GAN]

SMU HR – Engaging U Our project aims to automate and streamline SMU's Engaging U onboarding program. We're developing a mobile application to provide an interactive Amazing Race trail, and a more efficient trail-management process, thereby eliminating the traditional use of pen-and-paper. Our application would allow new hires to navigate to different hotspots in SMU via digital map to take on various AR games, reveal interesting narratives about SMU which would allow them to complete missions to gain points and compete against other teams. This would help them familiarise themselves with different parts of SMU and understand the historical stories behind them.

  1. Anicia GAN Jin Yung
  2. Ryan YANG Fengrui
  3. Nicholas THIAN Chuan Hui
  4. Raylene NG Min Yun
  5. Celine CHUA Zhi Li
  6. KIN Chia Heng
SMU HR Learning and Organization Development: Chua Su San: Andrew Selvam: Valerie Neo: Yvonne Mok:
??? ??? & ???


Preferred.AI – Personalized Recommendations Powered by AI In this project, Team Aidea would be building a personalized recommendation system on an ecommerce platform called ThriftCity. It gathers offers from several major retailers worldwide and presents offers from these sites at “all-in” prices that include tax and shipping for each product.

The scope of our project includes a collaborative recommendation system encompassing of several functions: a personalized product recommendation engine, personalized user query search engine and personalized ‘related item’ recommendations for ThriftCity users through the utilization of machine learning algorithms using Cornac, a machine learning library provided by Preferred.AI team to develop this system, revamping the front-end of ThriftCity and incorporating an end-to-end framework.

Inspired by the growing trends and rise of digital consumers , the ecommerce market is flourishing (e.g. US ecommerce now represents a $155 billion market with an estimated total of 6% of retail sales). It would be advantageous to tap on this growing network of consumers. Hence, we are creating ThriftCity to help these users enhance their shopping experience online.

  1. YANG Ziheng
  2. WANG Yiding
  3. WEI Ming
  4. LYU Cheng
  5. Cherie YONG Jiayi
Hady Lauw, LE Duc Trong, LE Duy Dung, LEE Ween Jiann, Preferred.AI
??? ??? & ???

Bits & Bytes

Jobstoday – Part time jobs platform Jobstoday is a staffing company that specializes in providing part-timers to meet out-sourced staff requirements in the F&B industry. The aim of our project is to streamline the process by automating manual tasks such as timesheet generations and parttimer payment. The web-application will also manage the onboarding process of scheduling interviews and provide a progressive reward system to retain users. In addition, Bits&Bytes aim to leverage on data analytics to identify user/job trends and allow Jobstoday to optimize their marketing campaigns. The project’s X-factors are as follows: Reduction in payment time from 3 days to under 24 hours, backend document processing from one week to one day, and increasing active userbase by 25%.

  1. Shaun John CHEETHAM
  2. CHANG Jia Li
  3. LIM Yi Bin
  4. ONG Lin Sheng
  5. ONG Yan Kai
  6. TAN Kok Heng
Lin Rongjie jobstoday.com.sg, SMU alumni
??? ??? & ???

The First Order


This project aims to deliver a restaurant order mobile application, MakaNow, and a restaurant management web application for partnering restaurants that allows its seating customers to view food menu, submit orders and pay bills right from their personal mobile devices. MakaNow also provides users an overview (restaurant description, rating, reviews, food menu, promotions) of partnering restaurants which will assist in their decision-making before choosing a restaurant to dine-in. The restaurant management web application will consist of a Content Management System (CMS), Restaurant Floor Terminal (RFT) and Kitchen Terminal (KT). The restaurant manager will utilize the CMS to view reports (transaction and item order histories) and to CRUD food menu items. Along with the integration of RFT and KT with MakaNow, these terminals provide real-time view of table and order statuses respectively.

  1. TAN Xinyi
  2. YUEN Chui Shan
  3. Gordon WONG Kuan Wai
  4. Amanda LEE Si Hui
  5. Keith SIEW Guo Dong
  6. Cleave CHING Wen Qi
MakaNow, Joshua Chan, Derrick Goh and Fu Jiacheng
??? ??? & ???


IMAPAC – Platform for B2B communities Project Partnerry provides B2B community owners, namely B2B conference and exhibition organisers, trade and business associations a year-round community based platform for partner matching. Parterry facilitate meetings during their events, and most importantly, provides various ways for B2B community owners to engage their audience, hence allowing community owners to build stronger connection with users to ensure they stay in the community. The project will tackle the issues faced by B2B community owners and users including: building sustainable, exclusive and engaging communities; creating efficient networking methods; introducing private, equal and pre-qualified business exchange partnership opportunities. X Factor: 1. Partnerry will have a Pilot with actual users in BMA conference on 26 Feb with more than 200 attendees. 2. Project Partnerry aims to serve at least 2 communities and over 400 actual users by April 2019. 3. Different templates will be created for community owners from different sectors, to cater to at least 6 different industry categories. 4. The project will provide a stable foundation for the future implementation of payment and other functions.

  1. WANG Youjin
  2. TOH Hon Hui
  3. Nydia SUBUR
  4. CHOI Hee Won
  5. WANG Zhuowei
Wang Tingting, General Manager IMAPAC PTE LTD
??? ??? & ???


Runkicker – Data framework integration platform This project aims to build a health and fitness Android hybrid application that will provide personalized recommendations for each user based on the following data: • Wearables Data (if users have Fitbit, our Android application will redirect them to Fitbit page for authorization) • Nutrition Data (manual log + from Food AI API & FatSecret API) • Sleep Data (manual log + from Fitbit API + Google Fit API) • Activity Data (manual log + from Fitbit API + Google Fit API)

Our project will integrate all the data from the different APIs (Fitbit, Google Fit, Food AI, FatSecret), and provide recommendations for users based on these data to give them insights on their health using analytics. Such insights are for each category like nutrition (e.g. important nutrients that is missing from diet according to week analysis). It also provides recommendations for factors that are correlated: activity, sleep, nutrition, mood and health (e.g. if a user has been having trouble sleeping or feeling depressed; possible link between diet and exercise on mood and diet on sleep) - our application will analyze all his relevant health data and come up with possible health risks (e.g. obesity, insomnia) and provide recommendations.

  1. LUA Luo Shan
  2. Lydia HENG Jing Yi
  4. LOW Wei Yang
  5. LUO Hao Nan
Shaun or Marek runkicker.com
??? ??? & ???

Chicken Dinner

SIS Celina - Track2Career A Track & Career Discovery Platform The team seeks to develop a web-based and mobile friendly application that empowers students in the school of Information Systems to pursue their dream job. This application will enable students to search keywords on track specialization and explore the relevant skills, courses and tracks which will put them onto the right path towards their dream job. Beyond the search tools, the system will also provide valuable insights such as dashboard summary, skills analytics and wage analytics.

  1. LIM Jin
  2. Regan SEAH Chen Xun
  3. XU Haonan
  4. TAN Zer Dong
  5. TAN Wei Zheng
Wendy Tan & Celina Koh, SIS

2019/2020 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 20 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 20 June.


  • Please schedule acceptance , midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
??? ??? & ???



  1. Piyarat SURATPIPIT
  2. Shahnaz RUHI
  3. ZHANG Haoyu
  4. CHAN Yiwen
  5. TAN Lye Jun
??? ??? & ???