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Welcome to IS480: IS Application Project

These are current projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the course manager. Past Teams


More information on user testing are available on this link.

Getting Started

More information on IS480 are available at IS480 website, and Facebook. You need to decide a team name and send that name to the course coordinator. We will update the IS480 main page with your team name. This team name is used as the root of your wiki page. To contribute to this wiki, please login (click upper right corner) using your SMU or given username and password. Select the appropriate domain SMUSTU/SMUSTF/local. You can refer to other team's wiki (dashboard, team roles, project overview, project management with minutes, documents) or the following: Sample midterm finals. For help, click here, please refer to the wiki POLICY. IS480 is now an SMU-X course! Check out the SMU-X webpage.

2017/2018 Term 1

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 15 May (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 15 June.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin GAN TAN Hwee Pink & JIANG Lingxiao


Trip Bunny - Itinerary Planner TripBunny simplifies travel planning with automation. Highly personalised itinerary recommendations are generated using TripBunny’s proprietary algorithm based on the user’s interest. Currently, TripBunny is only available on the web, and BunnyHop will be working on an Android Native mobile application with a collaborative feature that allows users to plan for a trip together. In addition, BunnyHop will build an Admin Web Portal for TripBunny’s admins to make better business decisions.

  1. TAN Song Kai
  2. ANG Kah Eng
  3. Cynthia GOH Pei Xuan
  4. Jater LOH Wee Kian
  5. TAN Chee Wei
  6. TAN Xuan Hao
Sebastien Sim Try Hard Chief Technologist, Trip Bunny, Joshua Chan, CEO NaN
Benjamin GAN JIANG Lingxiao & Rafael J. BARROS

CIO Series

BMW Group – CIO cockpit We will build and deliver a Chief Information Office (CIO) Cockpit enabled for PC and mobile running live. Used for extracting, integrating, representing and analyzing strategic and operational information throughout the organization. Our X-factor includes: i) Transform the organization from silo to a more collaborative and integrated environment across departments. ii) usage of more than 50% by APAC’s upper managers, iii) eliminate an estimated 20 hours of manual reporting process and iv) Optimize senior management decision making.

  1. Justin CHOY Jie Ting
  2. Kelvin POH Kian Lim
  3. Gavin GOH Teo Wee
  4. SAM Shi Feng
  5. ONG Wanting
Jane Foo - Head of Regional IT Service and Performance Management APAC, Jonathan Ng, BMW Asia, IS480 Eureka
Benjamin GAN Jie Xiong & Steven HOI

Parapara SakeLa

Flex-Solver – Manager's Portal + Sales Kit(WebApp) This project aims to help optimize processes and help provide analysis for the client of our sponsor (Flex-Solver), Interrice Asia. We will be building a Sales Kit and a Manager’s Portal for their employees to help them monitor the progress of sales.

  1. HO Chong Chieh
  2. YU Xiao Xiang
  3. ONG Kian Yong
  4. Mark NG Wei Jie
  5. Terence LEUNG Shi Kien
  6. LU Hsin Ning
Ariel Lin & Roger Lin, Flex-Solver Pte Ltd www.flex-solver.com.sg
Benjamin GAN JIANG Lingxiao & Steven HOI


Luppi - Digital marketing system The proposed project involves the building of an internal web application using AngularJS (front-end) and Node.js (back-end) to allow for insights gathering and various capabilities/functions such as database processing, analytics for recommendations and predictions, and a communication system for emailing and messaging. Technologies such as a chatbot hosted on the Telegram platform are also being explored, to help aggregate and collate outstanding issues/alerts to automatically notify the system admin daily.

  1. BONG Jun Hao
  2. Prakoso Budi SANTOSO
  3. Yenna TANG
  4. WU Yunheng
  5. CHEN Xiaobin
  6. Vanessa GOH Ze Hui
Mark, Nicholas & Matthew Lock, Luppi
JIANG Lingxiao Paul GRIFFIN & TAN Hwee Pink


KDD Labs Steven Hoi - Visual Analytics Engine for Interactive Data Analytics Tasks Building a web based data mining analytics software to allow future SMU students and other organisations to upload large data sets and perform basic visualisations and data exploration online. It will enable the knowledge discovery from data process and data mining techniques such as data classification, clustering and association through the usage of open source scikit-learn library. X- Factor: Actual implementation and usage for IS424 students and business value for future commercialisation. Exploration and usage of in depth technical data mining algorithms and visualisations.

  1. Jeremy LEE Ting Kok
  2. TAN Yong Siang
  3. LYU Bowen
  4. WANG Shuwei
  5. TEO Jinyuan
KDD Labs, SIS Prof Steven Hoi, Doyen Sahoo Project Coordinator
JIANG Lingxiao Paul GRIFFIN & Steven HOI


Wilson HE Yongsheng left

CLO LABS Palette-Style Customizable Mobile Learning Platform: We will be building a visual content management system (CMS), together with an android application for CLO Lab’s. The visual CMS web application allows senior management of an organization to easily design learning modules comprised of educational articles, videos and quizzes tailored to their organizations’ learning and development requirements. Subsequently, they can publish it to an android platform for its executives to read and study on the go. The X-Factor that our team is aiming for is to produce a first of its kind, visual CMS that will be used by CLO Labs, its partner companies and the public. Our team will be supporting and improving the product the semester. Additionally, we aim to provide measurable business results by increasing the revenue of CLO Labs through getting an organization with 25 of its executives to sign up for this service, and 25 public users to use our platform for learning.

  1. QUEK Yew Kit
  2. TEO Wei Shen
  3. Sidra HAIDER
  4. Jonathan TAN Chun Hao
  5. Rayney KHOO Jun Hao
Yoshi Mitsui, Founder of CLO LABS
JIANG Lingxiao Steven HOI & Jie Xiong


Aenon Pharmaceuticals SEA Pte Ltd - pharmaceutical website We aim to create a SEO-friendly website that will enable Aenon Pharma (AP) to reach out to a greater audience, as well as a Customer Relations Management System to manage customer information. In addition, we will be designing a Voucher Management System to facilitate AP’s promotional campaigns and generate monthly reports on voucher redemption. Lastly, we will be analyzing data and presenting them in a graphical form to help AP make better management decisions

  1. Kovan CHAN Jie Hong
  2. Sunita VERMA
  3. Siti Hazirah Binte HASNAN
  4. Marcus KOH Meng Hao
Alex Tay, Chris Chua, Aenon Pharmaceuticals SEA Pte Ltd
JIANG Lingxiao Steven HOI & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


MOE - Singapore Public Service : Workplace@FB TWith 140,000 public servants projected to be using the platform by the first quarter of 2017, our team has been tasked to develop additional functionalities on Workplace@FB. We will be creating an analytics dashboard and Workplace@FB chatbots for managers as “proof-of-concept”(POC) solutions; to improve agencies’ productivity by streamlining selected processes via bots and giving agency administrators flexibility in analyzing relevant data.

  1. AU Ling Wei
  2. Ryan HUANG Liang Wei
  3. TAN Beng Guan
  4. TAY Wen Li
  5. Alicia Nanelia TAN Li Shi
  6. LIM Xin Yi
Raizan Abdul Razak & Shaun Khiu/Sheryl Huang, Public Service Division, Ministry of Education and 2 more agencies
Jie Xiong TAN Hwee Pink & Steven HOI


Chantal NEO (removed)

SMU SIS IS102 CAT course – Telegram bot Team ISE will build a telegram bot and a web portal for the course “Computer as an Analysis Tool (CAT)” in SMU. The telegram bot will enable students to mark attendance, participate in-class discussion and book consultation. The web portal will provide professors with the functions of class participation management and consultation management. Another function of the web portal will include a discussion forum with visual analytics dashboard which can be accessed by both students and professors for post-class discussion. Users can ask, answer and search questions to improve overall learning experience.

  1. SHI Xiaoyu
  2. Alvin TOH Yong Zhang
  3. WANG Miaoqiong
  4. YUAN Jiaqi
  5. ZHENG Jianjian
Prof DAI Bing Tian, Prof Michelle Cheong and Prof Lee Wee Leong, CAT course
Jie Xiong Rafael J. BARROS & Patrick THNG


Grand Canyon Pte Ltd is a premium linen manufacturer and retailer who intends to open their first two outlets in Singapore in Q3 2017. Currently, our sponsor takes order through phone calls or messaging channels and uses Microsoft Excel to manage and track his inventory and orders. Through this project, our sponsor hopes to have his entire order process fulfilled online, with the brick-and-mortar stalls only enabling customers to view and feel the products. The orders will be processed and sent to their main manufacturing factory which is situated in China. The entire order fulfilment and business process will be through the IT solution we will be developing and manages all processes till the product is shipped to the door steps of the customer.

  1. TEE Yu Xuan
  2. CHEN Huiyan
  3. Clarissa POEDJIONO
  4. Jeremy BACHTIAR
  5. Sheryl CHONG Man Er
  6. ONG Yi Xuan
Xia Ming – General Manager, Grand Canyon Pte Ltd
Jie Xiong Steven HOI & Rafael J. BARROS

Team Florify

As the population of elderly in Singapore is expected to double by 2030, it is essential to have an efficient system that can reach out and aid the elderly community. NTUC Health provides quality and affordable health and care services to elderly. However, due to manual entries and shortage of labor in NTUC Health, it has resulted in low productivity and an inefficient process. Thus, we are building a case management system that will help to optimize the current process at NTUC Health. By enforcing digitalization into the system and using data analytics, it will help influence potential policy decisions. This system will also be extensible such that other systems will be able to interact with it, thus increasing the convenience for the staff at NTUC Health and aid NTUC Health in making better decisions to meet the needs of the society.

  1. Mohammed Zulfiquer PATHAN
  2. Amanda TAN Li Jing
  3. Nicholas Putra FRANSLAY
  4. BOH Yong Ren
  5. Leonard CHUA Jun Jie
  6. Wilson LIM Wang Chun
Prof TAN Hwee Pink, SMU-TCS iCity Lab. Jeannie Ho, Jess Ho Sio Yen, Wong Teck Tian, NTUC Health
Patrick THNG Steven HOI & Paul GRIFFIN


FundPlaces App is a mobile platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to create an immutable ledger of the ownership of real estate assets as tokens. The features of the blockchain automatically enable the trading of real estate assets. The app will also allow users to manage their portfolios and visualize their portfolio performance. Investors can place orders to buy or sell Tiles (tokens on blockchain, which represent a portion of a specific real estate property) on our platform and, additionally, we will create an order matching API based micro-service to automatically match the buy and sell orders. The order matching micro-service will be separate from the FundPlaces platform and have its own database storage, HTTP server, security etc.

  1. SHANGGUAN Yajie
  2. LIU Jinlong
  3. QI Zhenyi
  4. BIAN Yongyi
  5. XU Jiawen
  6. Vivian QUARK Zhi Xian
Steven Chan, Head of Product and Risk, FundPlaces | fundplaces.com
Patrick THNG Steven HOI & JIANG Lingxiao

Incognito Muffins

SMU IIE - Incubator Portal The main objectives of this project are: • To provide mentors and mentees with functions to schedule and manage meetings so as to eliminate manual work • To establish a centralized database for mentors and mentees to store their program progress, meeting details and company profiles to facilitate monitoring and tracking for the administrator. • To allow mentors to update their Google calendars for easier scheduling of meetings

  1. LIM Jia Tung
  2. Jennefer NGADIMAN
  3. SIM Hui Min
  4. TAY Yan Min
  5. NIE Xinyao
Cassie Dong, IIE
Patrick THNG Jie Xiong & Steven HOI

Team Kinetic

Team 404

SMU tBank – Marketplace Lending Platform that will allow users to benefit from short term loans with reasonable rates of interest. The application will connect people with monetary needs with lenders having the appropriate risk appetite and lending capacity. We will run simulations on our platform by leveraging on the existing t-bank applications. Our x-factor is that our application will act as a virtual lending platform which will be used as a teaching aid for SMU Masters courses. Upon its success, we plan to have a pilot run within the SMU community, and eventually move on to a Singapore wide launch.

  1. Aditya SINGH
  2. Isha SAGAR
  3. Meher GULATI
  4. Sound VANI
  5. Sandeep INBAVANAN
  6. Shalabh VERMA
Alan Megargel, SIS Prof, tBank
Paul GRIFFIN Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & Steven HOI

Ducky King

Flow Labs - Middleware Our project aims to optimize and streamline the trading process in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry with a platform customized to the traders' needs. We are pioneering and developing the middleware built on the Ethereum blockchain to power a decentralized trading platform to enable LNG traders to conduct both short and long-term capacity trading efficiently while protecting trader anonymity. It is the first of its kind in the industry. Our team’s X-Factor is to have a production-ready FlowLabs LNG Trading Platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, focusing on anonymity and security, with transaction values expected to be minimally exceeding $10,000 and 99% successful execution of smart contracts.

  1. Martius LIM Jia Hao
  2. TAN Kee Hock
  3. KONG Yu Jian
  4. Sally CHIN Si Ying
  5. MAH Chia Hui
  6. GAN Tang Chow
Gerry Eng, CTO & Yusho Liu CEO, Ted Huang, Flow Labs
Paul GRIFFIN JIANG Lingxiao & Steven HOI


ANG MO KIO-THYE HUA KWAN HOSPITAL – Learning and Development Portal This project focuses on developing an online portal which combines approval workflow routing and various e-Learn components for Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital (AMKTHKH). This portal is developed specially to suit the needs of our client, selecting only certain functionalities that they require. Firstly, the portal aims to convert the existing manual paper-based training application and approval process to an interactive and customizable electronic-based process, allowing staffs to apply and approve training courses. Secondly, this portal will allow AMKTHKH’s staff to view available courses, download course materials, take quizzes to enable staff to take charge of their own learning progress. The project aims to reduce the processing time of the entire approval workflow process by minimally 50% and to ease routing confusion, making it a fuss-free approval process.

  1. LOW Wen Jun
  2. GWEE Wei Ling
  3. TAN Ming Kwang
  4. Al Rafid Bin ABDUL AZIZ
  5. Mario Yeremiah NGAWING
  6. Eugene TAN Wei Hong
Frank (Director) and Edy Chandra, ANG MO KIO-THYE HUA KWAN HOSPITAL Grizzly Badgers
Rafael J. BARROS JIANG Lingxiao & Paul GRIFFIN


1. Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 black (blue cover) S/N: R31D20XEFCK IMEI: 353845/05/655907/4 2. Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (black cover) S/N: RF1D82AXEBZ IMEI: 357800/05/988598/0 3. XiaoMi 3 16GB (Black) S/N: 501120002533 IMEI: 865002022903728 4. XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320430108 IMEI: 864895025210095 5. XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320428986 IMEI: 864895025194380 [Jackson KWA Jian Hui - All devices returned]

We are building a full-fledged mobile application for B3’s unique membership business model. The web application, which includes customer relationship and loyalty management, and inventory management (POS), allows B3 to optimise their business process by providing targeted analytics for customized order and events best suited for their customers through demand projections. The X-Factor that our team is aiming for is to produce a full-fledge live working system that will be used by B3 and increase sales by 15% through customer management system and reduce wastage by 10% through our inventory management system.

  1. Jackson KWA Jian Hui
  2. LEE Teck Hui
  3. LEE Yu Jer
  4. Alivia HENG Xi Wen
  5. Celine LIM Xin Yi
  6. Cecilia YEO Hui Zhong
Edwin & Delvina, SMUAA
Steven HOI Patrick THNG & JIANG Lingxiao


Allied World Healthcare - OpenMind Given the rising number of social impact projects and a drastic increase in both individuals and organizations willing to support great, charitable causes, our teams aims to build ImpactLaunch.Space, a web application that seeks to streamline and transform coordination between these stakeholders. We will allow social innovators to create social impact projects that need in-kind support from collaborators, listing the skills they need and how long for. Separately, users will be able to share causes that matter to them and their skills - identifying projects that they want to support. Once the team has been created, a project management space where users can virtually manage project delivery, communicate and collaborate is provided - as well as appear in a directory of live projects getting media and potential investor coverage. The X-Factor that our team is aiming for is to have 10 organizations, 200 live users and 5 active projects on the platform by the end of this project.

  1. YANG Guo Qiang
  2. Amanda LIM Xin Yi
  3. Edward FOO Jong Chuen
  4. Jolene TEO Jie Lin
  5. Nigel GOH Jun Wen
  6. KOH Xiao Wei
Edward Booty CEO, Jim Poole CTO, Allied World Healthcare, Past project LoLo
Steven HOI Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & TAN Hwee Pink

Dev Ninjas

Project ‘Rebels Cosmetics’ will be a full-fledged web application system for Rebels Cosmetics innovative and daring business model. The project encompasses the essential e-commerce functions, such as customer and inventory management system, as well as tailor made influencer management system for influencers that would be working with the company to advertise the website and products. Analytics would be used to provide features such as an overview dashboard and trends of the company performance, demand projection, stock level prediction, effectiveness of each influencer’s marketing efforts, and also consumer demographics for targeted mailing audiences. The X-Factor that our team is aiming for is to produce a full-fledged web application that will be used by 10 influencers and 200 customers from 10 different countries.

  1. Manfred LOH Pei En
  2. TAN Si Ying
  3. Jeremy TAY Si Jie
  4. Rachel WONG
  5. LIM Li Ting
  6. LIAW Wee Kiat
Karine Cheong, Famous (FMES) founder of Klarity Skin
Steven HOI Jie Xiong & TAN Hwee Pink


Project Athena is a social media monitoring tool which will automate the current manual process of media monitoring for TSL and its subsidiaries. The platforms involved are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and miscellaneous websites required by TSL. The data we are interested from each platform are related to performance, such as the number of Likes, Shares and Subscribers of each media post. From the data collected across various platforms, we use analytics to derive if a media post or its topic has the potential to be viral, or is already viral. The analysis of the gathered data will then be displayed in a single dashboard, for employees of TSL to follow up.

  1. Vanessa QUEK Yan Rong
  2. TOH Hong Ren
  3. Victor TANG Wing Ho
  4. LIM Jia Kai
  5. LAU Zhao Yong
Bryan Choo/Founder, Mushi Luke/Technologist, The Smart Local
Steven HOI TAN Hwee Pink & Patrick THNG

Noir Knights

Bobby Harjani - Targeted learning platform Overwrite is a web application which automates the grading process of student assessments and utilises learning algorithms to continuously update and analyse students’ academic profile and provides the optimal training path for effective learning. This algorithm will learn about students’ performance based on several factors such as, number of correct and wrong answers answered; time taken to complete each questions or exams. The system will then recommend areas of topics students should focus on to improve their understanding in the topics or even subject.

  1. LIM Jit Yang
  2. CHEN Yuebao
  3. Darren TAN Yan Theen
  4. Leslie CHENG Hui Jun
  5. Lynnete WONG Ee Lin
  6. TEH Ming Yi
Mr Bobby Harjani SIS alumni, Mr Desmond Hoo and Amar Vaswani
Steven HOI Patrick THNG & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


FJ Benjamin - Fashion Your Future (HR) A new way for FJ Benjamin to engage both potential and present employees will be created. The main goals are firstly, for potential employees to learn more about the company, secondly to provide orientation for new employees and lastly, to engage current employees. The website will become a one stop portal for HR to engage FJ Benjamin’s employees (both potential and current) as they currently do not have anything similar in place. HR will also use the project to learn more about both potential and current employees as well as provide aid as and when required. Our X-Factor is the amount of savings HR will achieve via the implementation of our project. This comes about the by consolidation various process HR has into a one stop portal for HR to accomplish their tasks

  1. David TEH Ren Yan
  2. TAN Keyi
  3. Tessa TAN Yu Huan
  4. LIM Jing Wen
  5. CHIA Ji Kin
  6. Gary SOONG Jia Rui
Joseph Sung SIS graduate 2008, Divisional Manager, Regina Wee – Digital Marketing & CRM, Darren Lau – Business Analyst, I, FJ Benjamin
Steven HOI Patrick THNG & Jie Xiong

Team BFFs

Singapore Weiqi Association - tournament website This project is to enhance the operation efficiency and accuracy of national and international Weiqi tournaments held in Singapore. The online tournament software that will come in the form of a website, will increase the efficiency of organising and participating in a Weiqi Tournament. Our X Factor is getting 500 user sign ups before Finals.

  1. Eugene TAN Keng Guan
  2. Mallika Nitin GOKARN
  3. Malcolm Nathaniel NG Bao Kun
  4. FAN Kaiyang
  5. Adeline CHIN Wen Jie
  6. Vin LOW Choon Teck
Jacinta Yang SIS OMG, Genial Tan (secretary@weiqi.org.sg)
Steven HOI TAN Hwee Pink & Patrick THNG

Team NP

Aldora Training - Mobile Game + Human Interaction App The team will be developing two customized native apps for both iOS and Android platforms and two websites for Aldora Training. These will provide mobile virtual dimensionality to Aldora’s training sessions to make it more fun and interactive for their participants. The app incorporates mini virtual game challenges that will be played throughout the sessions. This will enable greater interaction amongst participants and engage them in a new way of building bonds within and across teams. Our X Factor is for the app to eventually garner 100 users and to successfully host 2 teambuilding events with the app.

  1. ONG Hong Hng
  2. Benedict SOH Yuan Jie
  3. Leon TAY Ee Liang
  4. ONG Rong Sheng
  5. ANG Jiaying
  6. Theresa LEE Si Rui
Sara Kim, aldoratraining.com
Steven HOI Patrick THNG & TAN Hwee Pink


Portfolio Website The Student Portfolio Website is a platform that simplifies the creation of professional and credible online portfolios for students. It consists of 2 main sites - an internal site for the students and faculty and a public facing website for potential employers and students to view and search for current students, projects and specific skill sets. Through the internal site, students will be able to build their own unique portfolios without writing a single line of code. They would also be able to submit their school project write-ups for approval, which will be endorsed by the faculty and be displayed on their portfolio. The application would also equip administrators with Customer Relation Management and Content Management System capabilities such as the management of user accounts, permissions and site content management.

  1. Carissa LIM Xin Ying
  2. TAN Chang Sheng
  3. LAU Zi Quan
  4. LEE Boon Sing
  5. Crystal CHIOK Hwee Fong
  6. QUEK Mang Ling
Andrew Tan | Senior Lecturer | Ng Weng Choh, Dy-Director | School of InfoComm Technology, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
TAN Hwee Pink Steven HOI & Patrick THNG

Ctrl Alt Del

Allied World Healthcare - Open Hand Pamilya Support will allow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to purchase and send products or services directly to their family or friends back home. This ensures that the remitted money is spent on what it is intended for and help OFWs maximize the impact of their remittance. The Philippines has the third highest number of foreign workers in the world and according to the Philippine Statistic Authority, total remittance sent by OFWs from April to September 2015 was at 180.3 billion pesos (about 5 billion Singapore dollars)1. However, due to the misuse of their remittance by OFWs’ family members back home, OFWs are often not able to guarantee efficient utilization of their hard-earned income. Our project seeks to mitigate this issue via our website, to ensure their remittance is spent as intended.

  1. Nurul Syafiqah Bte MOHD SAID
  2. YANG Jiwen
  3. Nur Syakirah Binte MOHD SAID
  4. Edbert PANG Jun Hao
  5. Dean KO Pok Chiat
  6. Jerome DYEO
Edward Booty. Jim Poole - CTO and Technical Owner, Ginny Harvey - Development Manager. Allied World Healthcare, Past project LoLo
TAN Hwee Pink Steven HOI & Jie Xiong


Amelia LEE Jing Hua left

Ngee Ann Poly SICT - Career Guidance and Advisory website The Career Guidance and Advisory website will store students’ profiles and allow them to take personality tests such as DISC and Myer-Briggs. Based on their results and personal interests, students will be recommended possible career paths, job opportunities and relevant elective modules to each career path. Additionally, the website will be accessible through Smartphones, giving the students’ vital information at their fingertips.

  1. TAN Han Zhong
  2. Adeline JONG Wen Ting
  3. Gina LEE Hui Yu
  4. Raynie MOO Wee Lim
  5. WANG Yuchun
Andrew Tan | Senior Lecturer | School of InfoComm Technology. Ngee Ann Polytechnic
TAN Hwee Pink Rafael J. BARROS & Steven HOI


Team Scooters will be building an iOS mobile application for Scoot’s crew assignment, flight and sales reports. The CRS will be utilised by Cabin Crews across all Scoot flights. The CRS mobile application will consist of 4 modules: Work allocation module, Sales report module, Sales (Duty Free) report module, Inflight activity modules. The CRS mobile application must be able to work inflight, of which data will only be pushed to the cloud upon connection to the internet on the ground. Personal information and flight details are to be pulled from existing Scoot HRIS and Crew Rostering System. In addition, the mobile application will also consist of a notification system to alert crew on uncompleted forms and provide crew access to functions such as using the native camera for reporting incidences. The CRS will also come with a web application that provides analytics on reports from the mobile application. Analytics visualised will be based on client’s business needs such as best-selling product, least-selling product, most problematic flying route etc. The web application will also include analytical modules that provides computations such as a Flight Route Biasness Check. The example analytical module would identify crews that fails to have a wide distribution of flights assigned. This would in return allow ground operations to make business decisions such as ensuring fair play in flight route assigned to crews. There is yet to be a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product dedicated for this purpose in the local aviation industry.

  1. Daniel LIM Yu Xuan
  2. FAN Wei Lun
  3. TAN Jin An
  4. Royston LIANG Huijie
  5. Ega TANDIAN
  6. CHONG Jia Qian
Amir Bin Sulaiman - Manager, Kristine Capili – System Analyst, Corporate Applications Delivery, Scoot, Budget Aviation Holdings
TAN Hwee Pink Steven HOI & JIANG Lingxiao


JLABS Alton Adventure Time

St Joseph’s Institution Junior – A Learning Platform for Learning Mandarin To build a platform for learning Mandarin for St Joseph Institute (Junior). This platform will help to increase the enthusiasm of the students in learning Chinese. This platform focuses mainly on using two methods of learning: 1) Mandarin learning tool 2) Gamification Module

  1. Alton FOO Siang Hong
  2. HUANG Xiping
  3. Lucas LEONG Li Heng
  4. Jasmine TAN Xin Yi
  5. Yvonne LIEW Qiao Yin
Seng Chin Christopher Cheong, Subject Head for Pastoral Care and also a Chinese Language teacher, St Joseph’s Institution Junior via Andrew TAN, Ngee Ann Poly

2017/2018 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 9 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 23 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance , midterm & final . Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor for finals

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Rafael J. BARROS Benjamin GAN


Abundant Accounting Firm - Abundant Management System (AMS) will help automate and increase the efficiency of the current business process which involve manual documentation and the usage of excel as a database. The team will develop a system which uses MySQL as database and combine all the processes for automation. The website will also be remodelled to provide a better UI experience. With AMS, the team aims to provide efficiency, security, and ease of access to all users.

  1. YE Min Oo
  2. Bernita TOH Wen Ying
  3. LIN Yu Mai
  4. Jagdish Parmar SINGH
  5. AN Jae Hyeong
Mrs Ong Bee Lian (Director of Abundant Accounting) http://www.abaccounting.com.sg/#about
??? ??? & ???

All Stack

We are building a contract management system to upload contracts so it can identify the types of contracts and key clauses. It will tag the contracts accordingly and store their data for visualization. With the data, we are going to build dashboard to visualize the contracts in an overview which allow the users to manage the contracts easily. It also helps to identify the insights these contracts can give as well as calculating the values of contracts based on business logic.

  1. Cory TAM Fang Yan
  2. PEH Jing Yuan
  3. Joleen MOK Qiu Ting
  4. CHEW Bang Geng
  5. Iris THIA Wei Lin
Vincent Ha - Co-Founder and CEO of Gushcloud
??? ??? & ???


Our project aims to develop an interactive web application that would help digitize the on-boarding process at COTY by leveraging on gamification instilled in the application so that the newcomer can not only gain a better understanding of the organization and team structure, but have fun and enjoy the process. The application should also be well-designed platform that allows the newcomer to complete the on-boarding process effectively and would be used by more than 30 new interns, employees in Singapore as well as across South East Asian regions.

  1. POH Wei Kiat
  2. LI Yingqi
  3. TONG Jinrou
  4. YIN Yue
  5. TAN Wei Ling
  6. LEE Kyusang
Desiree Tan, HR Business Partner, Dubois Jerome, GM of South East Asia COTY, Jolene Khoo, HR Associate.

Coty Consumer Beauty Southeast Asia & Distributor markets

??? ??? & ???


2017 Term 1

Liberté - Shopify website + mobile appWe are building an e-commerce website for Liberté clothing that incorporates the following: (1) various user experience and product recommendation features novel and useful to customers, and (2) business analytics to assist Liberté’s decision-making and customer relationship management,

  1. NGUYEN Dang Thanh Ha
  2. WONG Jiaan
  3. Shilpa SURESH
  4. Wildy CHENG
  5. Chantal NEO
Hui Ting Chiam. SIS Alumni, Liberté Founder
??? ??? & ???


Hayer Engineering - Planning and Quality Assurance Web Portal. The team aims to build a user-friendly cloud based web application with the implementation of OCR engine for Hayer’s Planning and Quality Assurance teams to easily and accurately generate Dimension Reports and Bubble Drawings. Creating the Dimension Report and the Bubble Drawing are currently both manual and time consuming (11.5 hours of manpower spent each day) processes which lead to frequent human error. The solution will optimistically reduce time spent creating both documents by 60% and achieve minimum 75% of OCR accuracy.

  1. JIA Yuhan
  2. WANG Li
  3. FU Yu
  4. ZHENG Bing Bing
Jeffery Lee – Sales & Marketing Manager & Brandon Loo – General Manager, Hayer Engineering Pte Ltd. Website : www.hayer.com. Via TAI Khang Wei Maxco
??? ??? & ???


SMU CEC – PoWeR Grammar Develop a mobile application to improve students’ knowledge of English grammar. The application should combine mobile learning and game-based learning to generate interest for students who are digital natives. The application should be available across various mobile platforms.

  1. FOO Ru Jia
  2. Jolene FOO Zu Er
  3. Nur Amalina Binti Ahmad SUHAIRI
  4. Felicia Anto CHRISTY
  5. M Has NILOFAR
  6. KOH Wei Jing
Sumathi Krishna, Lara Pugh, Centre for English Communication (CEC)
Benjamin GAN ??? & ???

Royal Flush

Crew Assessment and Resource System (CARS) in forms of iOS and Web Applications, to streamline the training and assessment process conducted by the Flight Operations department, specifically pilots . With the large number of pilot assessments and pilot candidates set to increase with the recent merger of Scoot and TigerAir, this project aims to improve the current slow and manual process of practical based tests (PBT) for flight crew and provide data-driven analytics to better allocate and plan flight crew resources for flights scheduling. The iOS Application will host all PBT and assessment related tasks, such as testing, scheduling and digital signature, with offline and online support. The Web Application will have analytics and assessment modules that provide services such as human resource analytics, ranking pilots based on proficiency and scheduling pilots for flight operations. Due to the ever changing nature of the flight industry, pilots have to be trained and assessed constantly, making managing Scoot’s pilot resources challenging. Since there has yet to be a commercial-off-the-shelf solution that is able to fulfil such a purpose in the local aviation industry

  1. Jonathan CHEW Yee Long
  2. Yvette KOU Lixia
  3. Terence TAN Kai Xiang
  4. POON Swee Heng
  5. HE Huili
  6. Victoria KOH Wei Ting
Amir Bin Sulaiman - Manager, Kristine Capili – System Analyst, Corporate Applications Delivery, Scoot Tiger Pte Ltd.
??? ??? & ???


Term 1

The purpose of the project is to develop a web application for Davy Hoong Organisation to manage employee performance and forecast future sales figures. Staff can plan their goals for viewing and approval by their team leader, view their forecasted sales for the year, and manage their customer interactions. Managers will have a better view of their employee’s performance and be able to differentiate the weaker-performing ones from the stronger ones. Based on past performances of an employee, the system can forecast an employee’s future performance, allowing managers to predict overall team performance and take appropriate mitigation actions.

  1. Clifton NGEOW Shu-jin
  2. Cristabel LAU Yuit Theng
  3. Timothy YEO Guan Keng
  4. Timothy TAN Joon Howe
  5. CHOW Chun Kit
  6. Mohamed Zulhilmi Bin SABARIMAN
Seah Joel, finance services manager, Davy Hoong Organisation represented by AXA
??? ??? & ???


The team will develop a gamified learning platform, Medsense, for NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. The learning platform will be a web application that simulates interaction with “patients”, facilitate peer learning via a discussion board, and track the performance of students anonymously.

  1. Amelia LEE Jing Hua
  2. CHEW Chin Rui
  3. Ervin CHONG Sheng Loong
  4. HUANG Mingrui
  5. Ricky Putra FRANSLAY
  6. WANG Qimin
SMU-TCS iCity Lab, Tan Hwee Pink & Ng Boon Thai; NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Tay Sook Muay Associate Dean & Kee Xiang Lee Jamie Senior-Teach-Junior initiative committee member
??? ??? & ???

Chop Chop

Trustsphere - Sales Portal & Mobile Application Recognizing the importance of managing and maintaining healthy relationships with clients, TrustSphere aims to improve the effectiveness of their sales force, through the implementation of an advanced sales analytics model. Our team will build the named model that will seek to provide accurate and insightful preliminary information to the sales managers, flagging out potential issues and risks, for actions to be taken at the early onset. TrustSphere’s sales managers will also be able to learn other actionable insights from statistical analysis for relationships between his team and the clients.

  1. POH Boon Keat
  2. TAN Xin Ying
  3. YEO Si Yun
  4. ENG Xian Ying
  5. LING Yi Da
  6. Jazreel SIEW Xue Qian
Gauri Bhatnagar Trustsphere, SIS Alumni EcoCo
??? ??? & ???

The White Collar

MOM – ChatBot / AI Assistant This project will create a chatbot (integrated into their existing website ) that is able to give employees the relevant answers based on the questions they ask. The aim is to make the information more accessible, and at the same time create a pleasant user experience

  1. Rachael LOW Hwee Min
  2. YEO Xiu Wen
  3. OON Yi Jing
  4. Nurul Suhailah Binte SAPNAN
  6. Alan GOH Zhi Qiang
Camelia Brigid SOH (MOM), Lionel LIM (MOM), and Faizah MOHD YASIN (MOM), Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management, TADM is established by MOM, NTUC and SNEF
??? ??? & ???

Bare Code

Ngee Ann Poly - Mobile Service Learning (mSL) The mSL project is designed for use by students and staff of NP. This project is conceived as a community building and learning tool for us. It will be deployed on the mobile platform (both Android and iOS) with a backend web CMS.

  1. CHEAU Nor Ailin
  2. YA Min Nyi Nyi
  3. Cheryl LEE Sze Min
  4. KYAW Htet Soe
  5. LEE Pei Jia
  6. Grace FOO Huan Ting
Andrew Tan | Senior Lecturer | School of InfoComm Technology& Joyce TANG-WONG, Head of the Office of Service-Learning in NP.
??? ??? & ???


Profs Fujii and Ho: Mobile-Assisted Survey System The standard paper-based survey instruments are slow and subject to various errors. The objective of this project is to make the collection of data as accurate, fast, and reliable as possible in an environment where the network connection is not reliable. In cases where the transfer of money is involved between the interviewers and interviewees, protocols to prevent cheating must be implemented.

  1. ZOU Kelin
  2. KANG Yansun
  3. ZHANG Jiaxiang
  4. JI Xinyi
Prof Fujii and Prof Ho, SMU, SoE
??? ??? & ???

Two Cube

RoboStudio - Robot App development for restaurant robot We will focus on the Frontend App layer, to interface with Backend layer. Similar to the relationship between Mobile App and Mobile hardware. I created the term Robot App (Mimic the term Mobile App), while the trend is that robot hardware will be standardized. Robot App is the soul of the robot and becomes more and more critical.

  1. Jack NEW Wei Lin
  2. Ahmad Saifullah Bin MUSTAFFA
  3. Vera LOW Yun
  4. Abdul Haqqim Bin ABDUL HASIM
  5. Deborah SIM Hsien Minn
  6. CHOO Kok Wee
Ben Li, Master of Innovation, SMU (Ben Li, Founder)
??? ??? & ???


Our team will be developing a website for Groomerslab, a car detailing company with a plethora of automotive services. Examples of these services are car washes, car coatings and vinyl wraps. The website will include all of its products and services. Our website will include a calendar booking system which strives for seamless appointment bookings of Groomerslab’s services. Additionally we aim to implement an online payment service where customers of Groomerslab are given the option to prepay for services during appointment booking or choose to pay later, after delivery of service. Also, we will be having an e-commerce section where clients can purchase Groomerlab’s products. Lastly, forecast analysis of Groomerslab’s products will also be incorporated into our site to assist the company in understanding which are the most profitable or popular products

  1. Vivien TAN Jing Wen
  2. Gabriel TAN Lee Yuan
  3. Marc XU Xinhan
  4. Mohammad Hazmie Bin JAAFAR
  5. HENG Wei Liang
  6. Wilson HE Yongsheng
Rendall Chee - Managing Director, GroomersLab Pte Ltd
??? ??? & ???


Just Analytics - Analytics Virtual Assistant Our project aims to be an interactive data visualisation bot that allows business users to query and get several types of results from their existing database across multiple platforms, specifically Skype, Telegram, and Slack. We aim to present data analytics and visualisation within seconds via a chat bot. This will allow the bot to link business users to a whole database of valuable information or insights. User sentiment and intent will be detected by the chat bot using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to generate specific reports and visualise real-time data based on the query.

  1. LI Weiqiao
  2. XIA Xiaoyi
  3. CHEN Yuge
  4. PENG Zifu
  5. Stephen Joshua Sy NGO
Shwetank Sheel, SIS Pioneer Batch Alumni & Co-Founder or Hemanta Banerjee, Founder & Chief Architect, Just Analytics
??? ??? & ???


Funding platform to Angel investors for social enterprise.

  1. Bryan LAU Peng Liang
  2. NG Shirong
  3. Jaren LIM Jian Quan
  4. TAM Kei Wen
  5. Louis LIM Ying Wei
  6. YEO Wei Siong
Andrey, Angels of Impact
??? ??? & ???



  1. Joshua LAU Geng Zhan
  2. Clare YIP Kit Yan
  3. CHONG Shihui
  4. Jonathan TEH
  5. Cheryl LIM Wei Lin
  6. Jeffrey PAN Zhenhe
Hady Wirawan LAUW
??? ??? & ???


The number of elderly male patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is growing. Vast majority of these patients can be managed in the primary care. However, the primary care setting does not have the tools to measure severity of disease. As such, these patients are managed in tertiary care acute hospitals where uroflowmetry (a device to measure urinary flow rate) is used to assess disease severity. In addition, elderly male patients are required to complete a pen-and-paper international prostate symptom score (IPSS) survey, which is not easy to comprehand, even for the educated elderly. Furthermore, uroflowmetry cannot be practically used in primary care due to cost and difficulty in interpreting its results. 

The Department of Urology at the Singapore General Hospital has proposed a novel visual analogue uroflowmetry score (VAUS) as a surrogate to uroflowmetry. The VAUS score is a simple pictorial score depicting the flow rate of a patient that is selected from 1 (worst flow) to 5 (best flow). Patient selects the number that best represents his flow. This inexpensive easily administered score has shown good correlation with uroflowmetry in our preliminary study and will allow patients to be managed in primary care.

With our interest in the use of technology to benefit elderly in the community, the iCity lab is interested to develop a digital platform to capture, integrate and cross-validate the results of the VAUS, uroflowmetry and international prostate symptom score (IPSS) survey scores for each patient. This digital platform should be easy to record, senior-friendly, individualized to each patient and easy to retrieve for analysis and visualization. In so doing, we can equip our end clients with a platform with patient information across health clusters from primary to tertiary care allowing for seamless transition of care of these patients in a setting that best suits them. Eventually, the Department of Urology at SGH envisions this platform to be used nationwide as more BPH patients get managed in the primary care setting.

  1. CHAI Hui Yee
  2. Aloysius LIM Wai Liang
  3. KOH Hong Ye
  4. TAN Jun Ming
  5. Jeremy TAY Wee Han
  6. Carine NG Hui Li
TAN Hwee Pink, iCity lab
??? ??? & ???


The aim of this project is to build an Inventory Management System IMS that will help the owner to automate the process of tracking his inventory more efficiently. Besides that, the benefit of having IMS in place, is to minimise the owner’s need of manual processing which helps to reduce human errors and ensuring the accuracy of the data. The inventory management system will also generate financial information and using data analytics to produce accurate forecast demands for different months.

  1. Jacquelyn SEE Lay Ling
  2. XIAO Weikun
  3. Clarey LIOW Ji Xian
  4. Brendo AUSTIN
Tan Qing Yang – Owner, The92shop
??? ??? & ???

Toffee Mint

SMU - SMU tBank : The tBank Trade Finance application is meant to simulate an actual international banking environment for interactive learning purpose. This project aims to replace the existing tBank Trade Finance application to work on a blockchain architecture. We will be implementing a host of trade financial instruments relating to international trade such as; Letter of Credit, Bill of Exchange, Bill of Lading, Bank Guarantee, Documentary Collection, Open Account, Export Factoring, through a improve tractability of agreements, network resilience, and corporate accountability.

  1. Sean Koh
  2. Timothy GOH Jia Yi
  3. MA Xing
  4. HOW Sye Wai
  5. TAN Jian Hua
  6. TAN Ming Sheng
Alan MEGARGEL, SMU, tbank
??? ??? & ???


SMU tBank – Conversational Banking Application. The objective of this project is to build and introduce a Conversational Banking application that encompasses a messenger service to allow users to access banking services and manage their accounts. This application can be served to demonstrate IT architecture and conversational banking concepts in a fun and interactive way.

  1. Jamie CHEW Jia Ying
  2. YEO Yi Xiang
  3. Gerald TAN Rui Rong
  4. TOH Yi An
  5. Bertran QUECK Kiian Leong
SMU Teaching Bank, Alan MEGARGEL
??? ??? & ???


Logistic cost is getting increasing higher in Singapore and many businesses and individuals experience difficulties in managing their logistic needs efficiently. Our aim is to make full use of the resources in our society to leverage the whole logistic industry by providing a platform to match the delivery service provider and user. In our platform, users will be able to post informations about the delivery tasks they required with certain monetary rewards. At the same time, service providers(Through public transport, bicycle, scooter, motorbike, lorry, van and cars. We will provide identification checks for both service user and service provider to ensure safety problems are prevented.

  1. LIU Jiameng
  2. ZHANG Xiaoyu
  3. GAO Hailong
  4. Zhang Yu Zhe
Self-Proposed project
??? ??? & ???


Currently, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd provides a range of food products ranging from various meats, seafood, dairy products. Its services include supplying chilled and frozen food to the B2B market covering hotels, clubs, restaurants, cafeterias, learning institutions and food courts. However, no order taking occurs on the company’s website. It’s current practice of taking order is limited as the company must manually take down each order instead of it being processed by an order form. Also, it is hard to keep track of each customer’s orders. Therefore, our team plans to build an e-commerce website allowing customers to choose the exact product(s) they wish to order through the online portal. To obtain a wider customer reach, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd is venturing into the B2C market. Therefore, this e-commerce website aims to provide a platform for the public to easily make an order through the portal as well. This would allow people to order their groceries and submit payment through the website as well. The success of this new portal will be measured by having at least 20 potential customers to sign up at the site. Having a portal to take note of each order would be good for the company as based on the items that the different customers order, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd can estimate the relevant stock that they should order to cater to the market with the analytics dashboard available to them. With this sales management system in place, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd would reap more profits in the end.

  1. Paesson SOH
  2. Nurulhuda Binti Mohd NASSIR
  3. Paul SEOW Xiang Loong
  4. Haseena Banu Binte GHULAM Mohamed
Self proposed, Mentor Edward Lay Yong Shun, Lazada, SIS Alumni IS480 Heinrich Food Pte Ltd, Cindy Hein/Paesson Soh – Owner and Founder
??? ??? & ???



  1. Darren LEE Zhi Jian
  2. Avery CHONG Yow Kit
  3. Jasmine KOH Yu Juan
  4. Jacky YONG Wei Jie
  5. Charmian TEO
??? ??? & ???