Insurgeons Meeting Minutes 1

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Meeting Number: 1

Date: 12th January 2009

Time: 12-3.30 pm

Venue: SIS GSR 2.7

Members Present: Navin, Guan Long, Yash, Ayush

Agenda: Use Cases, Database Schema, Software Setup, Preparation for meeting with Top management of Duke NUS

Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
• Use cases for various departments

- Education

- Clinical and Faculty Affairs

- Human Resources

All Ayush Tuesday, 13th Jan
• Database Schema

- Course (ID, Name)

- Staff (Staff ID, Name, Nationality, Age, Race, Sex, Home Address, Email, FIN, NRIC, FIN Expiry Date, Marital Status)

- Office(Department) (ID, Name)

- Institution (ID, Name)

All Navin,Yash Tuesday, 13th Jan
• Standard Software Setup

- Installation of Eclipse PDT on our laptops

- SVN Setup

- Automated Testing Software Installation

Guan Long All Tuesday, 13th Jan
• Preparation for meeting with DUKE NUS

- Prepare a Presentation

- Finalize a list of questions

All Ayush and Paresh Before Next Meeting (15th Jan 2009) @ SIS 2.7
• Questions to ask for next Duke NUS meeting

- CV, Descript Teaching, Salary Document, Academic Rank: How do these documents look when they are sent to the committees?

- What is the course director doing?

- What is the payment mechanism?

All All Next Duke-NUS meeting, Friday 16th Jan