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Meeting Minutes User Testing Diagrams

UT 1

Test Plan


  • Gather feedback on the user experience of the mobile app
  • Understand the needs of users to help improve the existing functionalities

Users: 7
Venue: AXA the Metropoli
Date: 2016/10/23
Duration: Lunch Break
Function Tested

  • Login
  • Logout
  • Create Account
  • GPS search user within vicinity by gender
  • User and location
  • GPS Location setting

We have conducted the test to gain the response and appeal of the app. Participants will be asked to use the app to see if they can identify users within their vicinity who are either interested drivers or passengers in the app. While this is happening, information about their experience and comments will be jotted down for user experience improvement. Upon completion, they will be asked to fill in a survey on their desirability of the app and what they think of it. They will also advise on the functions and how it can be improved.

User Cases

Test Results Survey

  • What do you think about the app?
  • It is fantastic!
  • It is lousy
  • No comment.


  • What areas can be improved?
  • User Experience
  • UI
  • Ability to search for others.
  • No comment


Some inputs: By having a table to list the distance, gender and user A person: By at least having a database and not a map. A map will make it easier for people to stalk. B person: Remove the google map. It only shows longitude and latitude.

User Search Module

Changes made Before After
1) Redesign the entire GPS Lookup page to demonstrate the right location
2) Unable to find users, end result is that you stalk the user on the map.