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Learning Outcomes

Lee Zhi Hui: "This app gives me an opportunity to explore the social interactions between people and understand the human psychology between them. It also gives me a good perspective into the dating industry. "

Zhang Qian Ruixue: “As a business analyst, I am able to practice my analytical skills learned in class and gain more insights and exposures in this online dating industry. Through the experience of implementing the front end, and work closely with the back end developer, I am hoping to improve my front-end coding proficiency and become a better team player.”

Li Yifei:"I have learnt a lot in both programming and in task management, and I am sure I will learn more!"

Gan Ke ting: "Quality mangment skills are very important for me as I have realised that sponsors only care about quality end product and thus our test cases must be well thought and we must gather frequent feedback from users to improve on our applicaation."