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Main Midterms Finals

Project Progress Summary

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Finals Slides: Finals Presentation Slides
Deployment Link Web Admin:
Deployment Link to download android mobile apk: Download the application here

1. Login Details for Web Admin
Userid: admin
Password: squadxole18

2. Login Details for Mobile
Download the application and sign-up! It's free (:

Project Highlights


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Project Management

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Planned Schedule

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Actual/Current Schedule

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Project Metrics

Bug Metrics

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Task Metrics

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Technical Complexity

1. Directly calling API timely

Upon calling the API for the first time, early in the project, the team save the output from the API as a JSON object and used the data pulled, locally. However, as the project progressed, we understand that matches are updated regularly and in order to ensure that the application is scalable and flexible, we managed call the API used timely hence, all information regarding the matches are real-time.


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2. Switched from RDS to AWS instance cloud hosting

Firstly, the Web Admin deployed in the AWS EC2 instance is not able to connect to the RDS DB due to a configuration error. Initially the team used the free tier from RDS. We tried to solve this however due to time constraints we had to choose the alternative way. Also, as the project progress, and more functions and resources are added, the load time for the application became longer and slowed down the performance of the application. Therefore, we decide to host the DB in the EC2 instance and it made performance for our Web Admin and Web Service much faster.


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3. Switched from Volley to OKHttp

Both Volley and OKHttp are libraries for HTTP requests in Android Java development. The team encountered a Volley timeout error during the development and decided to switch to OKHttp. Volley is an asynchronous operation while OKHttp is a synchronous operation.


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Quality of product

Project Deliverables

Stage Specifications Modules
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Risk Management Risk Management
Analysis Use Case Use Case Diagram
Business Process Diagram Business Process Diagram
Design ER Diagram ER Diagram
Class Diagram Class Diagram


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Click here to access detailed UAT results.


Team Reflection

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Individual Reflection

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