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[[Image:R&I Finals 12.JPG|center|1300px|link=https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki%3A_2018T2_R%26I_Change_Management]]
[[Image:R&I Finals 12.JPG|center|1300px|link=https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki%3A_2018T2_R%26I_Change_Management]]
[[Image:R&I Finals 13.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I Finals 13.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I MidTerm 12.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I Finals 14.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I MidTerm 13.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I Finals 15.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I MidTerm 14.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I Finals X-Factor 2.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I MidTerm 15.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I Finals X-Factor 1.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I MidTerm 16.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I Finals 17.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I MidTerm 18.jpg|center|1300px|link=]]
[[Image:R&I Finals 18.JPG|center|1300px|link=]]
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<!-- Required Table -->

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