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Project Description

The primary objective of this project is to create a platform that grooms young talents to be ready for the dynamic workforce. We grow our talents’ skill and knowledge through mentoring platform and course recommendation. Once they have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill, the platform will then recommend jobs that match with their skills and interest. There are 3 core segments of this project:

a. Career mentorship:

- To increase the employability rate, young talents should have a proper guidance from the expert mentors in the same industry. The website allows the young talents to look for these mentors to guide them through their career journey.

b. Skills training:

- Talents will be able to undergo courses to learn relevant skills to increase participant’s suitability to jobs.

c. Job matching:

- Website will allow young talents to take an assessment and match talents to relevant opportunities based on career goals and their assessment results.

Project Motivation

The current career platform that exist in the market such as LinkedIn, JobDB, and JobStreet primarily provide the opportunity to potential talents in finding the jobs that interest them and broaden their career connection. These job platforms have been successful in attracting more talents to land jobs. However, many do not actually consider the turnover rate of the employability. These platforms are merely a way for talent to find a job without actually helping in the career growth of the talents.

Our project aims to build a platform where we can nurture the talents in skill development and explore jobs that best suited to their desired career prospect. This will help them to prepare in a fast- changing career demands. Talents would be able to meet well-known mentors that will assist in their career development. Then, they are able to take up courses that will further develop their skills suited to the desired jobs. Finally, they can apply jobs that is best suited to them based on interest and career goals.

We are motivated to build a unique platform where we can view the growth development of young talents and be successful in their respective desired career goals. Helps mentors to actively contributes in talent’s development and at the same time expand networks. Helps employers to find the best individuals for the job and lowering the turn over rate of the company