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[[File: Metanoia_About_Us.png|1200px|center]]
Surya Gunawan Ali – Project Manager + Deputy Front-End Developer
- Project scheduling & allocate tasks
- Liaise with sponsor & supervisor to manage business requirements changes (manage change log)
- Assist in front-end development of website
- Assist integration between front-end and back-end
Tanrio Satria Junuan – Back-End Developer + System Architect
- Develop back-end logic and application
- Optimisation of application for speed & scalability
- Ensure smooth deployment of project
- Design framework, technology and database architecture
Christine – Back-End Developer + Integration Developer
- Translate user requirements to technical deliverables
- Develop database logic
- Ensure functionality requirements are met
- Manage integration with front-end
Fresi – Lead Front-End Developer + UI/UX Designer
- Oversee front-end development and conceptualise all visual content
- Create wireframe prototype
- Ensure an interactive design with optimised pages for best performance
- Align business requirements with user interface
Tommy Johnson – Quality Assurance + Deputy Project Manager
- Responsible for developing and scheduling test plan & test cases
- Keep track of bug log & metrics
- Update project documentation (minutes, tasks, diagrams)
- Manage wiki page

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