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As employed above, the change management strategies largely revolve around the effect towards the following factors:

1) Stakeholder that initiated the change
2) Reason behind requesting for the change
3) Consequences of implementing vs ignoring the changes to

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Risk

4) Steps taken and documentation affected if the change was to be implemented
5) How to minimise the effects of the change to other unrelated project areas.

By following this structured approach to change management, we can work hand in hand with the relevant project stakeholders to manage their expectations with regards to change, gain their feedback and input during implementation and contribute to the eventual success of the project.

Iteration Date Type Change Reason Description Issued By Decision Action Taken Request Status
3 20/6/2018 Backend structure Machine learning cannot be done on a standard engine system due to c language requirement Client requested everything to be done on Google standard engine. However, machine learning cannot be done on standard. It would require a flexible or VM instance. Team To maintain client's request of having a standard engine as the front end. While the standard engine wll make calls to the backend (VM) to process data. Proceed with change Closed
4 8/7/2018 Schedule Sponsor is unavailable for meeting. Sponsor is occupied. As such ,we will push back the meeting and UT schedule. Team To go ahead with the reducing of UT from 4 to 3 and increase meeting via other channels (e.g video calls) Proceed with change Closed
6 27/7/2018 Naming UAT To UT. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) isn't valid for dashboard. It's more of User Testing (UT) as there's nothing to accept. Supervisor To go ahead with the changing of name to UT. Proceed with change Closed
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