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Venue: SUNGEI KADUT HQ, 60 Sungei Kadut Drive Singapore 729569

Date: 13 Aug 2018

Time: 1pm – 2pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of Participants: 3


- Deduct usability issues based on users’ behaviour.

- To gather feedback regarding user interface and the developed functions from existing user

- To improve web application based on the feedback


Participants are to think aloud as they follow through the instructions given for the user testing. The team will be there to record down the participants. Participants are to leave their feedback at the end of their user testing. The team will conclude the user testing by asking the participants question with regards to their behaviours and thought process.

S/N Goal Reached?
1 Participants should be able to tell what’s the sales amount the top 3 outlets Reached
2 Participants should be able to tell what’s the best selling item category in Suntec outlet Reached
3 Participants should be able to see what category of customer visit which outlets Reached
4 Participants should agree with the result of the customer segment that visits a specific store outlet (Suntec) Reached
5 Participants should agree that the result that the store’s best-selling item/date is as shown. Reached
6 Participants should be able to find and view the revenue for week 52 for 2017 Reached
7 Rate the overall UI design? Scale of 1-5, 1 being bad, 5 being perfect .Goal is 3 Reached (3,3,4)
8 Rate the overall ease of use? Scale of 1-5, 1 being very difficult, 5 being very easy. Goal is 3. Reached (3,4,4)
9 How useful is the dashboard ? On a scale of 1-5, 1 being bad, 5 being perfect. Goal is 3. Reached (4,4,5)

Key Finding

Functions Users' Comments Changes to be made
User Interface – store User was able to identify top store quickly just by glancing at the data. NA
User Interface - bootstrap User was able to upload the files successfully without being provided any instruction NA
User Interface - bootstrap User wasn’t sure how many records were upload as only error was shown To add in a summary page containing the number of records being upload successfully.
User interface - store User mention they may have additional item category in the future, wondering how would they be able to add new category or category? Add a setting page to manage the category and sub category
User interface - store User was wondering how to reset the view Add a reset button to reset the view
User interface - store User was wondering what’s the start date of week 50 Change week number to start date of the week


Subject Users' Comments Changes to be made
Function Refinement Sales data - Would like to know the time the item is being sold to adjust manpower Will change charts to stack barchart to sort by day and hours
Function Refinement Not sure what profile A,B,C,D for customer means To specify what specific profile means / add settings page for user to define profile name
Additional Request Marketing campaign project recommendation tools with Inputs (store, item category, target segmentation, payment methods and specific days) Adding of marketing campaign project recommendation page to the system
Feedback User feel that 1) the tools can help to reduce planning time, marketing time and cost. 2) Improve the way/accuracy they plan their marketing campaigns with limited marketing budget. 3) Provide better training for new sales staff based on the data NA

Overall Results/comments

To conclude, the users like what was being shown and feel the things we have shown would have a major impact on the company’s operation and improve business process effectiveness. However, such an application would require a continuous iterative cycle for feedback and improvement. As such, we will be providing them access to the live server by iteration 8 (early September) for constant feedback prior to midterms.

To meet the above user’s request and function refinement. We would require an update to our schedule planning.

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