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|style="text-align: center;"| Geospatial Maps
|style="text-align: center;"| Geospatial Maps
|style="text-align: center;"| Deployed
|style="text-align: center;"| Deployed
|style="text-align: center;"| 0.9
|style="text-align: center;"| 1
|style="text-align: center;"| Done
|style="text-align: center;"| Done

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Function Status Confidence Comments
Data Upload Deployed 1 Done
Customer profile Deployed 1 Done
Store profile Deployed 1 Done
Marketing planning Deployed 1 Done
Customization module Deployed 1 Done
Geospatial Maps Deployed 1 Done
Staff Profile module Dropped - Can be integrated into store profile page. Therefore, there’s no need for a separate module.
Analytics & Reporting module Dropped - Can be integrated into store and customer profile. Therefore, there’s no need for a separate module.
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Analyteaka Project Metrics1.png
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Analyteaka Project Risk1.png
Analyteaka Project Risk2.png
Analyteaka Midterms 6.png
Iteration Date Type Change Reason Description Issued By Decision Action Taken Request Status
3 22/6/2018 Schedule Changing of UT schedule due to stackholder's schedule and re-estimate of task Shifting the schedule of UT and shifting certain tasks around Team To go ahead Proceed with change Closed
7 14/8/2018 Schedule Updating of schedule for changing of modules Sponsor realize it would be useful to have marketing planning feature as well as bein able to name their categories as the cateorgies naming is ever changing. Having the system to do so would be great. Sponsor To go ahead with the change. Proceed with change Closed

Analyteaka issues.png

Issues metrics show the issues that surfaced during the course of our project. As well as steps being taken to resolve it.

# Iteration Issues Module Priority Initiator Status Open on Closed on Action taken
1 3 Client requested everything to be done on Google standard engine. However, machine learning cannot be done on standard. It would require a flexible or VM instance. Backend High Chester Ong Closed 20/6/18 22/6/18 Adding compute engine as the backend.
2 5 During integration, we discovered issues with running flask and dash concurrently. Therefore we decide to use iframe or run dash on flask or flask on dash. Visualization High Larry Closed 9/7/18 9/7/18 Use iframe to integrate dash and flask.
3 5 Server log shows unauthorized user from China trying to ssh into our compute engine. However, we are not at the stage of whitelisting IP currently. Therefore, we need an alternative solution for security hardening. Backend Medium Solomon Closed 13/7/18 13/7/18 "Proceed with hardening

Non-default SSH port Uncomplicated Firewall Disabled root access Disabled password RSA key only LogWatch enabled Fail2ban enabled "

4 6 We realize gender has no bearing on the customer clustering result as purchasing decision tends to be made as a family. Therefore, we would need a different formula to cluster customer. Machine learning low Hong yang Closed 24/7/18 25/7/18 Dropping gender and use house size, household income, age, race and district for clustering purpose
5 7 Notice high swap on the compute engine system. This affects the performance of the system, increasing load time by 230% (based on browser inspector) Backend Medium Solomon Closed 8/8/18 8/8/18 Increase compute engine instance size from f1-micro to g1-small and activate auto scaling for app engine. Will monitor for the next few iter before deciding on CPU and ram size for custom machine size.

Adding of gunicorn with 2 workers threads

6 9 Datastore is too slow, we would require a faster system for pulling of data. Hence, the need to dd Mysql to contain the aggregated data. Backend High Solomon Closed 3/9/18 13/9/18 Datastore is meant for long-term storage. Hence even retrieval of a single record will take at least 2 seconds. Hence, there's a need to speed up the process by using aggregating of data. Data will still be uploaded to datastore and during certain period, a cron job will trigger and aggregate the data to MySQL, allowing the front end to reduce the size of the data being retrieve while increasing the processing speed by reducing the computational power needed.

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Stage Specification Links
Project Management Minutes Link Here
Metrics Link Here
Analysis Research Link Here
Architecture Diagram Link Here
Use Case Link Here
Business Process Diagram Link Here
Design ER Diagram Link Here
Class Diagram Link Here
Persona And Scenarios Link Here
Prototype Link Here
Testing User Testing 1 Link Here
User Testing 2 Link Here

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Analyteaka Midterms 10.png
Attributes Consideration Action taken
Usability Support for different screen size and duration for average task Test on multiple screens
Scalability Ability to handle load increase without decreasing performance Google Cloud’s auto scaling
Performance Time spend loading, method execution time Google Cloud’s auto scaling
Security Ability of the system to reduce the likelihood of malicious or accidental actions as well as the possibility of theft or loss of information Hardening of server and implementation of security policies
Maintainability Ability of the system to support change Splitting into modules that’s independently
Availability Uptime of the system above 99.95% Google Cloud’s guarantee
Reliability Continue to operate due to inaccessible of external elements such as database, system and network connections Google Cloud’s guarantee

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