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Project Progress Summary

Midterm Slides:
Deployment Link:

1. Login Details for Admin View

2. Login Details for Employee View

Project Highlights:

What unexpected events occurred?

  • Revamped our Employee Engagement Portal because previous team member could no longer carry out his role as a Front-end Developer.
  • Withdrawal of a Team Member due to personal health issue and had addition of 3 new members to proceed with IS480.

List of Requirement Changes:

  • Dropped Notification and Work Chat Module.
  • Added Import and Export feature for User Lists, Onboarding Evaluation Responses.
  • Added Search Functions for User lists, Tree of Love and SPOT Recognition & Appreciation.
  • Added Onboarding Programme Evaluation Analysis.
  • Updated Database structure for User List to include Contact No.

From our User Testing, we have received positive feedback from the sponsors that the Portal looks professional and well-designed. Furthermore, they are happy and impressed with what we have done. Although there is still room for improvement, we are confident that this Employee Engagement Portal will benefit and help CPAS improve their business process and Employee Engagement.

Project Management

Project Status:

Module/Features Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment
Account Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Admin Module Deployed and Tested 90% 0.9 Import & Export, CRUD for Survey still working in progress. Search function implemented for User List.
Monthly Dashboard Deployed and Tested 95% 1 Survey still work in progress
Feedback/Suggestion Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Onboarding Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Document Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Email Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
SWRC Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 Search Function implemented for Tree of Love and SPOT Recognition & Appreciation
ED-Staff Engagement Session Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -

Project Schedule (Plan vs Actual):

Project Scope


Project Timeline

TeamCP Project Timeline Legend.PNG

Project Metrics:

Project Risks:

Technical Complexity:

Technologies Used:

TeamCP Technologies.png

Architecture Diagram:
We are using the Model-View-Controller Framework for our project.

TeamCP Architecture Diagram.png

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables:

Stage Specifications Modules
Project Management Minutes Meeting Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Risk Management Risk Management
Change Management Change Management
Analysis Use Case Use Case Diagram
Design ER Diagram ER Diagram
Navigation Diagram Navigation Diagram


For the full details and results of User Testing: TeamCP User Testing

User Test Date Venue No. of Testers
User Testing 1 30 August 2018 CPAS Office 2
User Testing 2 19 September 2018 - 26 September 2018 CPAS Office 20
User Testing 3 - - -


Team Reflection:

TeamCP TeamReflection1.png

TeamCP TeamReflection2.png

TeamCP TeamReflection3.png