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Task Metric

Task Metric Score = Actual Task/Planned Task
TeamCP Task Metric Guideline.png
TeamCP Task Metric.png

Bug Metric

Bug Metric Score = 1 x num (low) + 5 x num (high) + 10 x num (critical)
TeamCP Bug Metric Guideline.png

Bug Metric Score

This graph represents the bug metric score for bugs that are unresolved by the end of each iteration.

TeamCP Bug Metric Score8.png

Bug Count

This graph represents the total bug count for unresolved bugs for each iteration and the no. of new bug from each iteration. For example, Iteration 4 have 13 Low impact bug and 1 High impact bug. However, the total no. of unresolved bug for iteration 4 is 16. This means that 2 bugs are carried forwards from Iteration 3.

TeamCP Bug Count8.png

Regression Testing

  • Iteration 5, Testing task was not completed.

Green = PASS
Red = FAIL

TeamCP Regression Testing8.png

Effort Metric

This graph represents the no. of manhours planned for this project vs the actual manhours used for this project.

TeamCP Effort Metric8.png