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Project Progress Summary

Finals Presentation Slides:
Deployment Link:

1. Login Details for Admin View

2. Login Details for Employee View

Project Highlights:

Change Request:

  • Add Feedback Notification to Dashboard
  • New Admin rights for SWRC
  • Added Template for CSV to download
  • Renamed Navigation Bar SPOT to Awards


  • Delayed Deployment onto CPAS Server as their server is not ready

Project Management

Project Status:

Module/Features Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment
Account Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Admin Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 Search function implemented for User List.
Monthly Dashboard Deployed and Tested 90% 1 Feedback Notification added
Feedback/Suggestion Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Onboarding Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Document Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
Email Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -
SWRC Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 Search Function implemented for Tree of Love and SPOT Recognition & Appreciation
ED-Staff Engagement Session Module Deployed and Tested 100% 1 -

Project Schedule (Plan vs Actual):

Project Scope


Project Timeline

TeamCP Project Timeline Legend.PNG

Project Metrics:

Project Risks:

Technical Complexity:

Technologies Used:

TeamCP Technologies.png

Deployment Architecture Diagram:

TeamCP Deployment Architecture Diagram.png

Software Architecture Diagram:
We are using the Model-View-Controller Framework for our project.

TeamCP Architecture Diagram.png

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables:

Stage Specifications Modules
Project Management Minutes Meeting Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Risk Management Risk Management
Change Management Change Management
Analysis Use Case Use Case Diagram
Design ER Diagram ER Diagram
Navigation Diagram Navigation Diagram
Class Diagram Class Diagram
Handover Developer Manual Developer Manual
Portal User Guide for Admin To be uploaded
Portal User Guide for Employees To be uploaded
User Guide for Application Management To be uploaded


For the full details and results of User Testing: TeamCP User Testing

User Test Date Venue No. of Testers
User Testing 1 30 August 2018 CPAS Office 2
User Testing 2 19 September 2018 - 26 September 2018 CPAS Office 19
User Testing 3 19 November 2018 CPAS Office 5


Team Reflection:

The Team have grown through overcoming challenges faced through the FYP journey, learning various skills such as communication, technical and time management skills. All these served as an important challenges and stepping stones to prepare us to work in the real-world. We are glad that this project had provided us this opportunity to gained valuable experiences.

Individual Reflection:

TeamCP TeamReflection1.png

TeamCP TeamReflection2.png

TeamCP TeamReflection3.png

During the project, they show great enthusiasm and has consistently produce high standard of work. Their willingness and dedication to strive for better improvements for our portal have made the process working with them pleasant and effective. The students were able to quickly grasp CPAS’s Employee Engagement Portal needs and provide suitable solutions, especially when it is not a standard requirements. The team has contributed positively to CPAS Employee Engagement Portal with their commitment and great effort.

Foo Mui Leng
Human Resource Manager