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==Overview of Tasks' Results:==  
==Overview of Tasks' Results:==  
[[File:UT4 Overview of Tasks' Results.png|center|700px]]<br><br>
[[File:UT4 Overview of Tasks' Results.PNG|center|700px]]<br><br>
==User Ratings:==  
==User Ratings:==  

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User Testing 4's Test Overview

Date: 21 March 2018
Duration: 1830 – 2000
Venue: SOE CR B1-4
Participants: 35 students from SMU
Scope: Application consisting of 8 core features

  1. Login and OTP Verification
  2. Complete Pre-Quiz
  3. Check Account Balance
  4. Add Beneficiary
  5. Transfer Funds
  6. View Aggregated Expenses
  7. Viewing of Scoreboard
  8. Complete Post-Quiz

Objective: To gain feedback/user perspectives on usability of completed functionalities - especially on the educational module and speech-to-text feature, which are some of our core functions.

Overview of Tasks' Results:

UT4 Overview of Tasks' Results.PNG

User Ratings:


Average Ease of Use Rating: 3.5/5
Average Overall UI Design Rating: 3.8/5
Average Effectiveness as a Learning Tool Rating: 3.7/5

Feedback From Users

  1. 40% of users listed "Chatbot" as their top favourite feature, with reasons such as "convenient" and "interactive"
  2. 30% of users listed "Admin Live Support" as their top favourite feature, with the main reason being it offers additional help which the chatbot cannot offer
  3. "Lack of instructions/unclear guide on how to use the application" was a common feedback among participants. Users were unable to understand what the features it offers

Comments on areas for improvement

  1. Live support can be a button instead
  2. More colours to the UI
  3. Help/FAQ function to assist participants
  4. Clearer guide/instructions on how to use the application
  5. Clearer guide/instructions to show users the features offered on the platform