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Proof of Deployment 2 Overview

Date: 29 March 2018
Duration: 1900 – 2030
Venue: SIS SR 2-2
Participants: 12 Users (MITB Students)
Scope: Application consisting of 8 core features

  1. Login and OTP Verification
  2. Complete Pre-Quiz
  3. Check Account Balance
  4. Add Beneficiary
  5. Transfer Funds
  6. View Aggregated Expenses
  7. Viewing of Scoreboard
  8. Complete Post-Quiz

Objective: Lab Session held at SMU with a class of Master of IT in Business (MITB) Students

Overview of Tasks' Results:

POD2 Results.PNG

  1. Pre-Quiz results are significantly better than Post-Quiz results (+38.5%)
  2. Using a paired sample hypothesis testing at 99.5% confidence level, there is sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis that Students did better in the Post Quiz after going through the learning cubes.

User Ratings:

POD 2 Ratings.PNG

Feedback From Users

  1. Most of the users listed "Chatbot" as their top favourite feature, with reasons such as "convenient" and "interactive"