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S/N Risk Type Risk Event Likelihood Impact Risk Category Mitigation Plan
1 Technical Risk – Software Lack of knowledge of using swift for various data management functionalities (access location via map) Medium Medium B Developers:To spend about 2 weeks to pick up with Swift and X-code courses online and approach mentors to help us learn it.

Project Manager - To take into consideration the amount of time required for technical exploration in project timeline.

2 Technical Risk – Software XCode crashes during coding for XiaoYu's MacBook Medium Medium B Developers: To remember save work as progress.
3 Project Management Risk Various team members have different priorities and schedules in work which leads to inefficient allocation and completion of tasks. Low Low B Team: conduct frequent updates on individual progress. Establish weekly fixed meetings to coordinate work and establish consensus.
4 Business Risk – Unfamiliarity with Singapore delivery rules and policy which may lead to IT-business misalignment and misunderstanding of the requirements Medium Medium A Team:Consult our sponsor and mentors at various stages to ensure that we are following the policies

Project Manager: Liaise with the sponsors and key stakeholders and ensure all the team members clearly understand the scope Developers:Alarm the Project Manage for any foreseen delay

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