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Project Progress Summary

Our team has completed all of the core functions and 80% of the sencondary functions. We have successfully launched our app on the apple store and is ready for download. We have done 2 User Testing(UT) and a survey, we will enhance our app with user suggestions for a better quality. We are confident that we can achieve the end goal on time with the revised schedule.

ID: admin Password: password

Project Highlights

Positive Highlights:

  • Successfully accepted by apple store
  • Sponsor highly satisfied with our App Design
  • About 50 downloads currently and still on-going.

What unexpected events occurred?

  • During iteration 13, our source code and some project file were lost due to an accident. We have learnt our lesson and to have better version and change control.

List of requirement changes:

  • Removed smart recommendation version 2 of having a algorithm, stay with version 1 of map view recommendation.
  • Dropped notification in-app function due to lost of private key hence can not generate certificate.
  • Dropped Rating and Conflict Mediation under good to have function.

Project Management

Project Status

Platform Module Status Confident Level(0-1) Comment
IOS User Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Back End:Hai Long, Gary Front End:Xiao Yu,Jia Meng
Account Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Back End:Hai Long, Gary Front End:Xiao Yu,Jia Meng
Task Management Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Back End:Hai Long, Gary Front End:Xiao Yu,Jia Meng
Quotation generation Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Back End:Hai Long, Gary Front End:Xiao Yu,Jia Meng
Notification Fully deployed and tested 100% 0.8 Back End:Hai Long, Gary Front End:Xiao Yu,Jia Men
In app notification done, however due to lost of private key and can not generate certificate, we are dropping in-app notification and stay with text - notification.
Smart Recommendation Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Back End:Hai Long, Gary Front End:Xiao Yu,Jia Meng.
Removed difficulty of analyse past data with algorithm due to lost of Source code and stay with map view recommendation.
Credit purchase module Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Back End:Hai Long, Gary Front End:Xiao Yu,Jia Meng
Good to have Functions Completed Help & FAQ module, Feedback module 0.5 Dropped Rating module and conflict mediation module.

Project Schedule (Planned Vs. Actual)

Scope Change
Schedule Change

Project Metrics

Project Risks

Technical Complexity

S/N Complexity Rationale
1 Google Map API Complex implantation of google map API
2 Map Viewer Front end for map display

Project Quality

Intermediate Deliverables

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Metrics
Risk & Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Documentation Diagrams
Testing Testing Document


User Testing

User Testing Date Venue Number of Testers
User Testing 1 29 Oct 2017 SMU Labs Level 1 5
User Testing 2 07 Jan 2018 SMU Labs Level 1 5
User Testing 3 14 Feb 2018 SMU Labs Level 3 and Remote online Testing via TestFlight 21
User Testing 4 02 April 2018 - 10 April 2018 SMU Labs Level 3 and Download from Apple Store 33



Team Reflection

1.Risk management such as version and change control is very import in this projects, and is a skill learnt benefit us in our future career.
2.Everyone has a skill that each of us can learn from, by learning from one another and working together as a team, only then a task can be done at its best.

Indivisal Reflection

1.Gao Hai Long: Through developing the application, I have learnt the full development cycle for a real life app and also the use of external APIs to support various functional requirements of an App. This will be of great usefulness for my future carrer and it is a solid prove for what I have learnt for the past three years in SMU.
2.Garry Quek Jian Zhang :Regular testing is important so as to reduce additional time spend on debugging components from previous iterations. Reducing task spillover is essential to manage our implementation.
3.Zhang Yu Zhe : Keep constant update with our sponsor and align his requirement with our progress to avoid sudden changes. Project management is not easy especially when there is many changes, this is a good learning experience for me.
4.Zhang Xiao Yu : Using a new programming language has been quite a challenge. However, Through this project, I have learnt how to create an iOS application. It also helps when I have my teammates helping and guiding me along the way. Besides, as interactive designer, I learnt that communicating well with back-end coder is important as well as the standardisation of how data is manipulated.
5.Liu Jia Meng: From acceptance to midterm, I was able to complete a variety of tasks of iOS app development. Through the process, learning a new coding language is daunting but fun. And I am happy that finally I made some achievement. I am very thankful for the teammates that I am working with, on how I can reply on their individual competencies to achieve a good application.