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Project Progress Summary

Midterm Slides: Midterm slides
Deployed Site Link: To access,click here

  • Our project, AlphaHealth, has a total of 15 iterations.
  • As of midterms, we are currently in our 11th iteration and have completed 60% of our development progress.
  • Project has continued as planned and the team is 100% confidence that we will be able to complete the project.

Project Highlights

As the team progresses from iteration 1 up till now, there are several unexpected events that occurred. However, the team managed to adapt and change our project schedule, hence, the team is making good progress.

  • Frequent feedback sessions of the mobile application with the doctors and nurses
  • Delay in Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval by the hospital ethics committee, hence unable to complete user testing in iteration 5.
  • Variations in data fields that were given in excel sheet, hence we changed the code to accept the new fields
  • Changes in project requirements:
    • Added in a 3rd questionnaire - International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5)
    • Wanted to prevent the iPads from leaving the boundaries of the urology centre at SGH

Project Management

Project Status

Module Scope(Primary/Secondary/Tertiary) Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment
Account Primary Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Reviewed and client approved
Clinical Parameters (Mobile App) Primary 90% completed 1 1/10 task not completed. 90% have been reviewed and client approved
Medical Record Primary Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Reviewed and client approved
Advanced Search Primary Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Reviewed and client approved
Security Primary Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Reviewed and client approved
Data Migration/Contingency Primary Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Reviewed and client approved
Admin Primary 50% completed 1 1/2 task incompleted
Analytics Primary 60% completed 1 2/5 tasks scheduled in iteration 11 (after midterms presentation)
Uroflow Integration Secondary 0% 1 Scheduled in iteration 12
Ultrasound Secondary 0% 1 Scheduled in iteration 13
Physical Security Tertiary 0% 1 Scheduled in iteration 13
Data Extraction Tertiary 0% 1 Scheduled in iteration 14

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

The new features are being circled in red as shown below:


To view the change management details, click here.

Iteration Planned Actual Comment
2 Screening Module: Patients' registration Completed in iteration 8 Required information regarding the fields that client wants to capture
2 Screening Module: VAUS Completed in iteration 3 Client's request of including VAUS first, so we scheduled it on the next iteration
4 Advanced Search Module: Advanced search and filter functions about patients' information Completed in iteration 9 Focused on improving the mobile app according to client's feedback, hence unable to complete the task
6 Security Module: SSL Completed in iteration 9 More complicated than expected. Needed more time.
7 Not planned New feature added: IIEF Client request. Completed in the this iteration
8 Clinical Parameters Module (Mobile App): Upload photo of uroflow result for documentation - Incomplete. Pushed to iteration 11 (after midterms)
9 - Change the format of displaying the questionnaires into a sequential way of answering all 3 questions - client request Client request came in when our iteration 8 is ending, so we have to push this task to the start of iteration 9
9 Not planned Analytics Module: Record the time used to complete each question and for each questionnaire Completed this new feature
10 Analytics Module: Dashboard to display correlation results - Incomplete. Pushed to iteration 11 (after midterms)

Project Metrics

To view the project metrics, click here.

Project Risks

To view the project risks, click here.

Technical Complexity

Security - Confidentiality and Integrity

Technical complexity-security.png

Quality of Product

Immediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Internal, Client, Sponsor and/or Supervisor Meetings
Metrics Task and Bug Metrics
Analysis Use Case Use Case
Architecture Diagram Architecture Diagram
Entity-Relationship Diagram Entity-Relationship Diagram
As-Is Diagram As-Is Diagram
To-Be Diagram To-Be Diagram
Design Persona & Scenarios Persona & Scenarios
Brainstorming Ideas Persona & Scenarios
Testing Summary of UAT Summary
UAT for males >= 50 years old Elders UAT results
UAT for nurses Nurses UAT results
UAT for doctors Doctors UAT results


To view the user testing we conducted, click here.


Team Reflection

As a team, we have learnt that teamwork is very important. As per what Mother Teresa says: "None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." Building a strong team, together with our various stakeholders, plays a vital role in the development of Team Alpha. Each of us have different strengths and weaknesses, but we complement each other in various ways. With a positive energy and strong team morale, the team has improved throughout the phases of FYP. Having meals together after every meeting ensures that there is a work-life balance within the team. Our current progress thus far definitely plays a part in pushing us to achieve the best.

Individual Reflection

Hui Yee's Reflection

Managing the different stakeholders and team management not an easy task. Setting the goals and expectations is important as it helps to bring everyone together to achieve what we have set out to accomplish. Thus, I have always checked on my team and also the stakeholders to seek for their concerns and feedback, hoping to drive the team towards our final goal.

Aloysius's Reflection

Learning a new coding language is both daunting and fun, it is important to rely on each individual skills in order to achieve an efficient and effective project progress. I am very thankful for the teammates that I am working with, on how I can reply on their individual competencies to achieve a top-notch application and solution. It is very important to create a solutions that is not for the sake of creation but rather serves to impact the stakeholders at their core of their problems.

Jun Ming's Reflection

Working on a full project and seeing it progressively improve in terms of functionality and design is a humbling experience for me. User experience is vastly different for each user group, and each group further improves my knowledge and understanding of user experience. The opportunity to work with a user group that app developers do not usually take into consideration puts me out of my comfort zone, and requires me to design in a slightly unorthodox manner to suit the need of the specific users.

Carine's Reflection

Every joint supplies. Although everyone is tasked with different things/functions, it all contributes to what we are aiming to achieve. It has been a learning journey and I'm thankful for the understanding of my peers when it comes to making mistake and learning on-the-job. Through the open discussions and technical integrations thus far, I've gained greater understanding of the back end developments beyond my role as a front-end developer. In addition, I have experienced the importance of adaptability and flexibility towards requirement changes / feedback, personal time management and commitment.

Jeremy's Reflection

During the last few months, I realized that teamwork and communication is vital for this project. Compared to other school projects, this project is an on-going process and requires us to work with external stakeholders. This means that we had to consistently improve our application and update our stakeholders periodically.

Trust is another important factor. Besides believing in your teammates ability to complete their task, there is also a need to consistently remind and motivate each other to strive for the best. By doing so, we have a better understanding of each others' workload. At the same time, whenever there are any issues, we were willing to ask and seek help from each other. This resulted in a good working environment for our team.

Hong Ye's Reflection

Over the past few months, we have seen major changes in our application in both its front and back ends especially after each client meetings. I've also learnt to manage our workload of existing features along with new features to balance with school work and other commitments. After working hours on coding, I've been able to improve my technical skills after being exposed to not only back ends features mainly on security but also front-end design elements during integration.