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Project Progress Summary

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1. Our project, UroHealth, has a total of 15 iterations. We are currently in the 14th iteration.
2. Project is nearing completion and we have completed 100% of our development progress.

Final Presentation Slides: Final slides
Pitch Video: To view our pitch video,click here
Deployed Site Link: To access our deployed site link,click here

Project Highlights

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Project Management

Functionalities completed: 100%

Confidence level: 100%

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Scope Changes since midterm:
Alpha Midterm scope.png
Alpha final Scope.png

Change Management since midterms
# Initiated by Change description Estimation of impact Priority Accepted or Rejected Reasons Status
1 Team Remove Ultrasound Module Low 2 Accepted Checked against the ultrasound models given, but none had wireless capability Removed
2 Team Add Word Lookup Module nil nil Rejected Since the questionnaires (IPSS, VAUS and IIEF) are internationally validated, the doctors (client) said that it is not appropriate to provide any meanings/descriptions to the questions nil
3 Team Drop the physical security module (tertiary function) nil nil Accepted Due to a delay in some tasks, there is in sufficient time for us to complete this tertiary function. Dropped

Project Metrics

To view the project metrics, click here.

Project Risks

To view the project risks, click here.

Technical Complexity

1) Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


2) Security

Technical complexity-security.png

3) Analytics

Analytics figure 1.png
Analytics figure 2.png
Analytics figure 3.png

Quality of Product

Project Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Internal, Client, Sponsor and/or Supervisor Meetings
Metrics Task and Bug Metrics
Analysis Use Case Use Case
Architecture Diagram Architecture Diagram
Entity-Relationship Diagram Entity-Relationship Diagram
As-Is Diagram As-Is Diagram
To-Be Diagram To-Be Diagram
Design Persona & Scenarios Persona & Scenarios
Brainstorming Ideas Brainstorming Ideas
Testing Summary of UAT UAT


1) Usability

As our mobile application focuses on elderly patients (above the age of 50), the project focuses on providing an effective and intuitive platform for the users to use. Therefore, the project aims at achieving usability which encompasses the operability and user interface aesthetics aspect of the mobile application. By going through a few rounds of feedback sessions with our client, and after approaching the target users (elderly) for user testing, the team has made the following changes to the user interface of our mobile application:

Quality 1.png
Quality 2.png
Quality 3.png
Quality 4.png

2) Confidentiality and Integrity

As our project will involve the storage of patients’ identity and their medical records, the security of patients’ data is the most important aspect of our project. Hence, the project aims to address the confidentiality and integrity of the system. To do so, we have applied 3 sections of the PDPA act in order to deliver a secure system.
To view the detailed view on what has been implemented, click here


Deployed Site Link: To access the deployed site link,click here
Username: TestDoc01
Password: @TestDoc123!

Username: Admin01
Password: @Admin123!


To view the UAT results, click here.

Internal Testing
To access the test cases,click here


Team Reflection

Our FYP journey as a team has been challenging yet enriching & fulfilling. It all begin when our team took up the challenge to enhance patients’ urological healthcare experience, targeted at the elderly (males >= 50 years old). We overcame the uncertainties and unfamiliarity when it comes to empathizing with the elderly in order to enhance the usability of the mobile application to meet their needs. In addition, we experienced and learnt how to manage scope creeps and stakeholders’ expectations while abiding to the hospital’s stringent regulations. As individuals, we acknowledged our personal growth in the technical and project management aspects. Collectively, the experience of delivering a product that fulfills the business requirements is indeed rewarding.

Individual Reflection

Hui Yee's Reflection

Throughout the phases of the project, I have learnt that interacting with the team and the stakeholders is important in allowing a collaborative environment. As the time goes by, I feel that the role as a project manager has trained me to horn my critical-thinking and decision making skills. Moreover, my involvement in user testing has allowed me to understand that there are different needs and requirements that different age groups look out for. For the project, the application that we are building serves to address the needs of the elderly. Thus, it was an eye-opener for me to be able to witness the elderly' usage of the application, and also think of ways to improve the application UI/UX in order to address their needs.

Aloysius's Reflection

As the Lead Developer, I was in charge in designing and structuring the project architecture. The experience of working with an actual client made the project challenging but introduced a sense of realism to the things you do. Technologies that were implemented needed to be scrutinized carefully, every functionality needs to be specific and useful towards the client's need. Furthermore, I was heavily involved in the development of the React-Native application, being able to develop an elderly-centric medical application was a unique experience, to be exposed to vastly different requirements and situations, really allowed me to challenge myself to develop intuitive functionalities that can be easily understood. One key takeaway would be to really understand your client's persona, with an application for a medical organization, the requirements, the security is immensely different from normal Business-To-Consumer apps. Moving forward, I would place more emphasize and appreciation for the requirements process that will define the rest of the development lifecycle.

Jun Ming's Reflection

The IS480 journey has been a fulfilling one for me that is filled with many learning experiences. When I first started this journey, I was still uncertain of my own skills as a UI/UX designer, as well as a front end developer. Having this opportunity to work on this project enabled me to make use of the skills I've learnt throughout the three years in SMU and my polytechnic years. After working with actual users and clients, I am able to better manage the expectations of the clients and provide a better user experience. As our team is on the final lap, I now come out from this journey as a more confident front end developer that is ready to embark on many more projects in the working world.

Carine's Reflection

Embarking on this IS480 project has been a very humbling, challenging & enriching experience and journey. As a web frontend developer, who loves design but with minimal UI experience, it was all about learning on-the-go and constant effort & time in experimenting. Cliche as it sounds, change is constant. Many a times my opinion, assumptions and viewpoints of the web design might not cater or fulfil what is needed or expected, and I have to take a step back with an open mind, to change the designs for the better. To deliver the client's requirement, it is a race against time and work load. I have learnt to adapt to the fast-pace momentum and build my resilience to pressure. Indeed, this project provided me with the platform to do and grow in what I love and at the same time, taught me more such as life and soft skills which would allow me to better thrive in the working-world.

Jeremy's Reflection

The key takeaway from IS480 is the insights given by our client and by our supervisor. Throughout this journey, our client and supervisor has provided us with different perceptions and ideas that could not been taught in a classroom. For example, doctors value the ease of accessing a patient’s information as a higher importance as compared to the design of the application. Moreover, these insights also helped to improve my critical thinking while I worked on the analytics portion of the application. It allowed me to develop a better understanding of how analytics can be applied and the importance of displaying charts with actionable insights. In addition, I picked up DevExtreme to portray our insights in the form of charts.

Hong Ye's Reflection

When I first came into the role as a backend developer, I had a clear vision of how the application was going to turn out after speaking to the clients. I felt confident that the project would be smooth-sailing but after several iterations, certain functionality were not as easy as it seem to be. This is mainly attributed by the fact that this system is located within an intranet which had no internet access thus disallowing us from utilizing many API for our functionalities forcing us to search for alternatives. This has taught me that even though most functionalities may have online help to be easily achieved, business constraints could severely affect this and force us to look for alternatives. Having this opportunity to do this project has allowed me to not only demonstrate the skills I’ve been taught in SMU but also learn new things to achieve the client’s requirements, this has also allowed me to experience real-world scenario of changing requirements.

The Alpha project team has performed very well in a challenging topic of system integration for healthcare, especially for the aging population.They have immersed themselves into the clinics and outpatient environment to understand the problem faced by men with urinary problem which is a very common issue and will continue to rise with the aging population.
They have also created an app on a iPad called the uropad for patient to perform their initial evaluation before seeing the doctor. This expedites the patient's care and provides higher level of precision of care. The clinical team is ready to work further with this team to implement the project.