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<div style="background: #d41c23; padding: 15px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 0.3em; text-indent: 15px; font-size:18px; font-family:helvetica" align="center"><font color= #FFFFFF>Wei Qi Tournaments</font></div>
<b><font color="#de8678">TOURNAMENTS</font></b>
<p>As a team, Team BFFs supported in 4 weiqi tournaments throughout our FYP journeys. The tournaments are all organised by our sponsor, Singapore Weiqi Association.</p>

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Wei Qi Tournaments

As a team, Team BFFs supported in 4 weiqi tournaments throughout our FYP journeys. The tournaments are all organised by our sponsor, Singapore Weiqi Association.

19th Yan Huang Cup World Chinese Weiqi Invitational Tournament

Brief Description

Annual prestigious Weiqi tournament held in Singapore international players to play against the best in Singapore. The competition involved more than 100 delegates from all over China and Southeast Asia networking and sparring with each other.

Tournament Details

Venue: Day 1 - Singapore Weiqi Association (City), 116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House #03-04, 188972, Day 2 – One Farrer Hotel and Spa, Level 6, Ballroom One
Date:2, 3 September 2017, Saturday and Sunday
Duration:9 Hours each day
Number of Participants: ~100
Participants roles: Judge and Game Organizer


To function as a back up to OpenGotha. While Singapore Weiqi Association was running the tournament, our team was working behind the scenes with the new Tournament website, running the tournament on the website concurrently, making sure that the pairing logic is similar to OpenGotha.

Scope of UAT 1

  • Generate Pairings
  • Judge Functions


Each users are given test instruction to follow through the user testing and encouraged to think aloud. Team BFFs will guide users when they are unclear of the steps. Team BFFs member will be assigned to each user to record down the users’ behaviours. At the end of the user testing, team member will ask users about what they like and dislike about the user interface and a follow up feedback of the functions and execution of the function processes.

Summary of day 1

The team arrived at the Bugis Clubhouse at 8:00am to set up the system. We were shown to a corner of the room where there was a table for us to operate our website. After the start of round 1, we requested to be shifted into a classroom as we did not require being in the tournament room. After shifting into the classroom, we operated on our website after receiving the hardcopy results from the game organisers. Several pairing logic bugs were found and work on immediately on the spot, additionally, some bugs ceased operation of the website. The team fixed the major bugs on the spot and left some low priority bugs to be completed before the next day. The team left after the generation of pairing of the last round at 5:00pm.

Summary of day 2

The team arrived at One Farrer Hotel at 8:00am to set up the system. The team was given a table at the side of the function room. From the table, we operated the Tournament website. Coming back from the bugs experienced the previous day, the team was determined to keep up with OpenGotha’s pairing and run the tournament concurrently. More low to mid priority bugs were found and were fixed on the spot. The team got to understand first hand on how a tournament was run and certain norms that game organisers were used to was good to know when designing the remaining of the tournament website in terms of UI/UX (eg. Standings View). The tournament website was able to keep up was OpenGotha in the end by adjusting values in the database however, there was much to improve on. The team left when the tournament concluded at 5:00pm.


Being our first ever Weiqi tournament, Team BFFs learnt a lot from Yan Huang Cup in terms of pairing logic and the way that our sponsors conduct tournaments. It was crucial for Team BFFs to attend the tournament and run the tournament website concurrently with their old system to effectively identify the bugs that would have been missed out during normal testing. Overall, while the tournament website experience some major bugs along the way that stopped the team from continuing, quick debugging from the team enabled the website to follow the tournament’s pace and the tournament ensured a huge and much needed improvement website.