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Stress Testing

Test Plan

Venue: Singapore Weiqi Association (City), 116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House #03-04, 188972
Date: 8 Nov 2017, Wednesday
Time: 7.30pm
Duration: ~ 30 minutes


  • To determine the max capacity of concurrent users our system can support

Scope of Stress Testing

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  • View result page


We ran our stress test on a website called flood.io to simulate the load capacity our web application can support on production server. There are a few incremental runs from 10 – 50 – 100 – 400 – 500 users.

S/N Goals Reached?
1 System can support 10 concurrent users Goal reached. Response time of 2517 ms
2 System can support 50 concurrent users Goal reached. Response time of 2386 ms
3 System can support 100 concurrent users Goal reached. Response time of 3079 ms
4 System can support 400 concurrent users Goal almost reached. Response time of 3303 ms.
5 System can support 500 concurrent users Goal not reached. Response time of 29s of 452 concurrent users.



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