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<b>This is the key highlights of UT results:</b>
<b>This is the key highlights of UT results:</b>
<b>For more information regarding User Testings, please refer to [[IS480 Team wiki: 2017T1 PlusMinus TestResults| UT1/UT2]]</b>
<b>For more information regarding User Testings, please refer to [[IS480 Team wiki: 2017T1 PlusMinus TestResults| UT1/UT2/UAT]]</b>

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Project Progress Summary

Project Progress Summary

Portal Access Link (Live Server): https://learnhub.amkh.org.sg/learnhub/login.aspx

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Project Highlights

Project Highlights

Plusminus ProjectHighlights Finals.png

Project Management

Project Status

Plusminus ProjectScope Finals.png

Plusminus Function List Finals.png

Removed Functions

Plusminus Removed Function List Finals.png

Project Schedule (Planned vs Actual)

The project plan was adjusted based on the change in client's needs as well as what the team feels comfortable delivering with. We placed modules that we are unfamiliar with at the start of the timeline, followed by the modules' level of importance. Each sprint is carefully planned by ensuring that workload are within the team's capability.

When 'Training Nomination Approval Workflow' Module was being re-scoped to 'AI Chatbot' Module, other related modules such as 'Certification', 'Attendance', and 'Calendar View' are removed to accommodate the new module. After proper re-planning of modules, we are able to fit in the new modules into the existing timeline.

Planned Schedule

Plusminus Timeline s3.png

Actual Schedule

Plusminus Timeline Finals.png

Project Metrics

The team is using Sprint Burndown and Bug Metrics to ensure effective planning. Sprint review is conducted at the end of every sprint the team will work together to estimate the workload and effort required. The burndown chart stops at Sprint 12, which is the last coding sprint for Project LearnHub. (Note: Could still be coding to fix bugs)

Overall Burndown Chart

Plusminus SummarisedBurnDown s12.PNG

Burndown Chart

Plusminus Burndown s12.PNG
Sprint 2
Sprint 3
Sprint 4
Sprint 5
Sprint 6
Sprint 7
Sprint 8
Sprint 9
Sprint 10
Sprint 11

The Burndown Chart shows the actual and estimated amount of work to be done in a sprint. The horizontal x-axis in a Burndown Chart indicates Sprint, and the vertical y-axis indicates the estimated hours required based on the estimated complexity of the module. An Overall Burndown Chart to display overall progress.

Team PlusMinus has observed that apart from Sprint 1 with an underestimated effort and Sprint 3 and 4 with overestimated hours, remaining sprints are estimated more closely to the actual progress. There is also a small deviation from Sprint 6 and 7 that we underestimated the effort required but we managed to rectify our estimating skills and bring the project back on track. An improvement the team adopted would be to always organize an end-of-sprint meeting to wrap up the current sprint and also discuss on the modules for the next sprint and also the estimated effort required. One improvement the team would like to adopt would be to be able to improve our estimating skills to estimate each sprint's effort to bring estimated burndown and actual burndown even closer.

Bug Metrics

Plusminus bugmetrics s10.png

The Bug Metrics shows how many bugs there are in each sprint and also the number of bugs that are carried forward from previous sprints. The team aims to resolve the bugs before the sprint ends and to carry forward as minimal number of bugs as possible. Should there be too many bugs to be resolved, the team will assess the bug's critical level and resolve the bugs that are more critical. If the bug metrics gets too high, we will halt development and focus entirely on fixing bugs. The team did halt the development process in Sprint 10 and cleared most bugs, bringing the bug score from 172 to 30.

Project Risks

Some of these risks did happened and they are logged under our Issues Log Table (as shown below Risk Table).

Risk Matrix
Plusminus Risk Metrics Image.PNG
S/N Date Risk Type Risk Title Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan Escalate into Issue?
1 21/May/2017 Technical Risk The team is unfamiliar with project technologies such as ASP.NET and LUIS, and have limited experience in implementing certain functionalities/logic such as approval workflow routing logic. High High Red We will consult professors with expertise and look for alternative options to go about resolving the issues Yes
2 21/May/2017 Project Management Project will be delayed due to underestimated/unclear functionalities High Medium Dark Orange We will work with sponsor closely to refine the functionality specs prior to the start of coding phase and to clarify immediately once any forms of misconception arises

In addition, the team will work together to clarify any doubts that one another should have and assist in completing the functionality assigned.

3 21/May/2017 Client Management Sponsors might add/change their requirements High High Red For any sudden changes in requirements, we will log it under change request which the team will only get back to it after we finished all pre-stated functionalities.

To prevent this, we will work closely with sponsors to keep them updated frequently such that we can react to changes should the functionality has yet been executed.

4 04/July/2017 Technical Risk Team might not be able to configure the AI Bot to host it in AMKTHK's server. High High Red To prevent this, we will work closely with our point of contact from AMKTHK's IT Department, Mr Edy Chandra, to successfully host the AI Bot to AMKTHK's server through configurations. Yes
5 04/July/2017 Client Management Client might request to do a major change(add/drop functionalities) in project scope again Medium High Dark Orange Should client raise request to conduct any major changes to project scope, team will have to scrutinized the requested changes carefully and assess how this change will affect the project's critical path elements.

It is important to note that changes must be made sparingly and if something new goes into the scope, something else must be sacrificed. In the event when client's request would cause any delay in timeline, we will assess the situation. In the worst case scenario, the team is prepared to drop this project collaboration with AMKTHK.

6 04/July/2017 Client Management Client might request to do a minor change in tweaking pre-stated functionalities High Medium Dark Orange Should client make any minor changes in functionalities, if it can be attained easily, the team can tweak the portal accordingly after logging it under change management. If it is a complicated tweak, we will log it under change request which the team will only get back to it after we finished all pre-stated functionalities.

To prevent this, we will work closely with sponsors to keep them updated frequently such that we can react to changes should the functionality has yet been executed.

  • Complexity of the change is up to team PlusMinus discretion.
7 13/July/2017 Client Management Client might not reply to the team questions on the project requirements promptly Medium High Dark Orange If our main client(Cheryl) does not reply promptly to the team's question with regards to the project scope, we will delegate the authority to make decisions to our second client(Edy). However, Edy's decision is subjected to HR's approval.

There is no way to prevent this Risk. However, the team can contact client more often to remind them for their replies and also schedule for more face to face meetings to answer the team's queries.


Issues Log

Issues Log on Matrix

Plusminus Issue Metrics.PNG
S/N Raised Date Issue Name Raised By Description Target Resolution Date Status Final Solution
1 27/Jun/2017 Client requesting for a change in Project Scope

- Risk #5

AMKTHK HR Department AMKTHK's HR Director, Frank came to a recent understanding that there is a training module in HRIS System which the hospital had budgeted for before he came in. Therefore, AMKTHK had decided to replace the online TNF Application Functionality to an AI Chat bot, hoping that they can provide their colleagues with the relevant HR information they need at their fingertips 24/7.

This AI chatbot is integrated with the HR information system to provide immediate and personalized responses. The issue arises to whether we (PlusMinus) have ample time to test and complete the AI Chatbot as it is already the end of Sprint 3. In addition, Chatbot is a brand new functionality that no one has experience in. The team is concern that it might be a steep learning curve for the coders to take on.

2/Jul/2017 Closed We accepted the change in project scope and altered our schedule to replace TNF Application Functionality to AI Chatbot. The chatbot is scheduled for completion before Sprint 7 - 13 Aug 2017.

To help the team ease the learning curve, we will consult professors and people with expertise on AI Chatbot, to gain more knowledge about building AI.

2 01/Jul/2017 Requiring payment for license to use the AI ChatBot

- Risk #4

Tan Ming Kwang

(Backend Developer)

In order to be able to fully optimize the ChatBot, AMKTHK is required to pay for license fee. We are in the midst of calculating the expected licensing fee required to use this chatbot. We have already raised this issue up to AMKTHK but has yet quoted a sum. 16/Jul/2017 Closed We have sourced for a free Chatbot - Microsoft LUIS, who offers 1000 free query hits per month. The team will work within the free 1000 free hits. Therefore, no payment is required from AMKTHK.
3 13/Jul/2017 Client did not reply to the team's queries for more than 1 sprint

- Risk #7

Belynda Low (Project Manager) Team is unable to get a response from client with regards to the project scope. This could lead to a delay to project timeline and affect project submission. 13/Jul/2017 Closed We will change project decision-maker, Cheryl, to Edy, whom is also our secondary project client. However, Edy will still require to obtain approval from HR department(Frank) before finalizing on the project scope.
4 28/Jul/2017 Official Change in POC

- Risk #7

Belynda Low (Project Manager) There is a change in Official Point Of Contact from Client. From the original client, Cheryl and Edy, to Frank (Director) and Edy. 28/Jul/2017 Closed The new clients, Frank and Edy, will be answering to the team's queries. Issue raised and approved by Prof Benjamin and Prof Paul.
5 04/Sept/2017 Client is unable to produce SSL certificate for the team to host the AI Chatbot.

- Risk #4

Eugene Tan Wei Hong

(Backend Developer)

Team is unable to host the Chatbot on their server because we need a require a SSL certificate. This is an issue as client does not have a spare certificate for the Chatbot. They have requested for a 0 cost solution for this problem. 11/Sept/2017 Closed We will be self-sourcing for free SSL Certs online to host the Chatbot. Client has created a test server and handled full access/configuration rights for the team to configure the free SSL.
6 30/Oct/2017 AI Chatbot's monthly query hits has been maxed out

- Risk #4

Eugene Tan Wei Hong

(Backend Developer)

Team is unable to access to the Chatbot because we have maxed out the allowed query hits for the month. We need to wait for the next month to reset the query hit counter to 0. As the team do not know the exact date for the query counter to reset, the team will re-create the chatbot on a separate account and manually train the chatbot again if the current chatbot does not reset it's counter by UAT - 8 Nov 2017. 06/Nov/2017 Closed Learny the Chatbot has reset it's query hits on the 4th November. There is no need to re-create the chatbot.

Technical Complexity

Technical Complexity

AI Chatbot

Plusminus final AI Technical Complexity1.png
Plusminus final AI Technical Complexity2.png
Plusminus final AI Technical Complexity3.png


Plusminus Highcharts Technical Complexity.png

Plusminus Highcharts Technical Complexity2.png

Plusminus Highcharts Technical Complexity3.png

Intermediate Deliverables

Intermediate Deliverables

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Project Schedule
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Scope
Market Research
Project Documentation Diagrams
Meeting Minutes



You may access our portal through this link:

Test Deployment - AMK Server: https://learnhub.amkh.org.sg/learnhubUAT.login.aspx
Live Deployment - AMK Server: https://learnhub.amkh.org.sg/learnhub.login.aspx


Internal Testing

Plusminus Internal Testing.png

You can read more about our test plan here: Download Test Plan

This is a sample of our bug log:

Plusminus Sample bug.PNG

You can view our bug logs here: Bug Log Google Sheet

User Testing

Plusminus UAT.png

This is the key highlights of UT results:

Plusminus UAT Results overview.png

For more information regarding User Testings, please refer to UT1/UT2/UAT

Non-Functional Testing

Plusminus Non Functional Testing.png

This is a sample of our Non-Functional Testing Log:

Plusminus Sample non-Functional log.PNG

This is the screenshot of automated non-functional test results:

Plusminus Non-functional test results.png


Team Reflection

1. Set up agreed name conventions for variables
2. Communication is key

Individual Reflection

Low Wen Jun:
I have learnt that as a PM, it is difficult to manage expectations between client and the team. I have also learnt on the importance of gathering clear project requirements before actual development of functions.

Al Rafid Bin Abdul Aziz:
Hosting without testing is the same as not hosting.

Tan Ming Kwang:
Scope creep happens all the time. There is a need to manage user's needs as well as to ensure project is delivered on time.

Eugene Tan Wei Hong:
Tech is a learning adventure that never ends.

Gwee Wei Ling:
Communication is vital when working together in a team

Mario Ngawing:
There's never "too much time" for coding.