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Our Project Process Summary

Presentation Slides

Project summary

Development Process

Our Project Management

Project Scope

Functions v1.png

Changes in Project Scope

Unition scope3.jpg

Highlights of Changes in Project Scope

  • Post acceptance, multiple discussions were done between the team and our Sponsors to realign the project scope with their business requirements
  • The aspect of "Booking an Appointment" with Clinical services and Therapists was change to email engagement to provide the communication between the user and the service providers
  • The email function will be enforced to the Volunteer sign up option as well
  • Logs of email engagements and as well as shopping cart logs are to be reflected in user account.

Project Timeline

Unition Schedule.jpg

Change in Project Schedule

Unition Schedule (4).png

Project Metrics

Schedule Metric

Unition Breakdown of SM Score.png Unition SM Chart.png

Highlights of Schedule Metric Scores

Iteration 6

  • Due to the team unfamiliarity with Wordpress, the initial special account access given to the team was not enough to allow the link between our App and Wordpress's database.
  • Upon discussion with Sponsors, the team was granted higher access to tackle the Wordpress database challenge, however, the Wordpress site was down and testing could not be performed.
  • Troubleshooting of the Wordpress site took up a lot of time and implementing the techniques from our research on Wordpress database was not smooth sailing.
  • The massive delay resulted in the team's decision to re-scope and re-schedule after discussion with both Sponsors and Supervisor.

Bug Metric


Highlights of Bug Metric Scores

Iteration 7

  • Integration of the Events with calendar view UI had contributed to most of the bugs in the iteration.
  • Due to the adaptation of external resources on calendar view, developers in the team took some time to understand the codes before implementation, still major bugs occurred which the team took immediate action to rectify them.

Project Risks


Risk Type Risk Description Consequence Likelihood Impact Risk level Mitigation plan
Technical Risk Project team has no prior knowledge of Android mobile app and need to learn to use Android Studio Schedule may potentially be delayed due to time spent on learning and our initial deliverables might be buggy High High A We will have researching and learning sessions before we begin our actual coding tasks and adopts code we learn strategy.
Project Management Risk Requirements may change in the mid or after few iterations Delay the current process of development and project schedule will be affected Medium High A Prior agreement with sponsor that major changes will not be addressed after confirmation on the agreement • Team to evaluate changes and to discuss with bother sponsor and supervisor to obtain the best case scenario
Project Management Risk Failed to connect sponsors' WordPress database through Android application Sponsors need to manage two separate databases with same content which cause extra work High Medium A Find out a stable way to get data from WordPress database. Get sponsors agreement to build a separate database if failed to use their data eventually
Project Management Risk Difficulties to map all functions on ShenCARE website to mobile app to fulfil the requirement The team may not deliver a product meet sponsors satisfaction Medium Medium B We will clearly state the scope of our project that we agreed with our sponsors. The project manager will also monitor the progress of the project closely to ensure that we stick to the agreed scope.
Project Management Risk Unable to find enough users to test the application Can not get sufficient feedback from users to improve current application Medium Medium B Contact sponsors and seek for their help to attract more target users to test our project
Project Management Risk Team members unavailable during some development periods due to illness or unforeseen urgent issue Can not get sufficient feedback from users to improve current application Low Medium C Deputy person in the specific role take the task first, if not able to complete the task split to other members

Technical Complexity


Unition arch.jpg

Highlights of Technical Complexity

  • Due to the nature of Android development, database connection with Wordpress would require HTTP REST requests to query data from its database
  • In order for such HTTP requests to be established, plugins are to be in place in the Wordpress site to allow calling of such APIs
  • However, off shelf plugins provide limited functions which may not fully suffice the needs of our App development, therefore, customization of the API was required
  • With the instability of the Wordpress site and plugins versions, the team experienced a tough testing phase when establishing the database linkage
  • Multiple attempts of editing the customization of the APIs was experienced to cater to the right data query and executions

Our Quality Assurance

Intermediate Deliverables

Type Description Links
Project Management Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes
Project Management Metrics Meeting Minutes
Project Management Risk Management Meeting Minutes
Design Use Case Diagram Meeting Minutes
Design Architectural Diagram Meeting Minutes
Design Technology and Tools Meeting Minutes
Market Research Market Research Meeting Minutes
Testing Testing Plan Meeting Minutes
Testing Test Cases Meeting Minutes


Our Learning Outcomes

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