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<h3>'''User Acceptance Testing'''</h3> <br>
<h3>'''User Acceptance Testing'''</h3> <br>

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Risk Type Risk Description Consequence Likelihood Impact Risk level Mitigation plan
Technical Risk Project team has no prior knowledge of Android mobile app and need to learn to use Android Studio Schedule may potentially be delayed due to time spent on learning and our initial deliverables might be buggy High High A We will have researching and learning sessions before we begin our actual coding tasks and adopts code we learn strategy.
Project Management Risk Requirements may change in the mid or after few iterations Delay the current process of development and project schedule will be affected Medium High A Prior agreement with sponsor that major changes will not be addressed after confirmation on the agreement • Team to evaluate changes and to discuss with both sponsor and supervisor to obtain the best case scenario
Technical Risk Failed to connect sponsor's WordPress database with our Android application To further research on other possible solutions or to get advice from supervisor • Discuss with the sponsor on the possibility of the our application using independent database. High Medium A Find out a stable way to get data from WordPress database. Get sponsors agreement to build a separate database if failed to use their data eventually
Technical Risk Sponsor's Wordpress site being down Team will not be able to utilise required plugins from the wordpress site to perform application functions Medium High A Contact sponsors to inform them on the possible reasons why the site was down and to see their developer's assistance to bring up the site ASAP
Technical Risk Difficulties to map all functions on ShenCARE website to mobile app to fulfil the requirement The team may not deliver a product meet sponsors satisfaction Medium Medium B We will clearly state the scope of our project that we agreed with our sponsors. The project manager will also monitor the progress of the project closely to ensure that we stick to the agreed scope.
Project Management Risk Unable to find enough users to test the application Can not get sufficient feedback from users to improve current application Medium Medium B Contact sponsors and seek for their help to attract more target users to test our project
Project Management Risk Team members unavailable during some development periods due to illness or unforeseen urgent issue Can not get sufficient feedback from users to improve current application Low Medium C Deputy person in the specific role take the task first, if not able to complete the task split to other members

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User Acceptance Testing


Number of Users: 20
Date and Time: 17 February 2015, 3.00pm - 7.00pm
Venue: Singapore Management University- Li Ka Shing Library, Project Room 4-18
1. To test the application on different Android Devices
2. To Identify any Defects in the design and bugs of the application
3. To Observe the Usability and Accessibility of the application
4. To Better Fine Tune the application in general
Full Documentation of UAT1 here


Number of Users: 15
Date and Time: 21 March 2015, 3.00pm - 7.00pm
Venue: On site
1. Clean UI, easy to navigate

1. App crashes on some phones during the use of the app
2. App crashes on 2 phones when opening the app
3. Lag during usage
4. Should have better user experience in form input such as Capitalisation of the name

Follow Up:
1. Crashes mainly due to OOM
2. Lag to memory limit
3. Reduce image size within image downloading task
4. Auto caps the name and surname for user profile editing and user registration


Number of Users: 15
Date and Time: 28 March 2015, 3.00pm - 7.00pm
Venue: On site
1. Big button, good UI display
2. Simple and neat

1. App crashes on some phones during the use of the app
2. To include other languages such as Chinese and Malay
3. Could not do real transaction using paypal
4. Should have simple introductions for some professional information such as the voluntary events

Follow Up:
1. Include “ android:largeHeap="true" ” in android manifest to overcome OOM error

Our Learning Outcomes