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Schedule Tracking Category

Score(%) Mitigation Action
SM < 50 Very Late
50 < SM <= 90 Slightly Late
90 < SM <= 110 On Time
110 < SM <= 150 Slightly Early
150 < SM Too Early

SM Score = Estimated No. of Days in Iteration / Actual No. of Days spent in Iteration

Score(%) Mitigation Action
SM < 50 Immediately inform Supervisor Ben Gan and client about the slip within 24 hours. Using the same action for 50 < SM <= 90, consider dropping functionalities.
50 < SM <= 90 PM to discuss with team and re-estimate for future iterations. Eat into buffer days if any change is needed. Analyze the cause of delay and make necessary corrections.
90 < SM <= 110 Estimates are fairy accurate and we are roughly on track. Consider adding remaining days into buffer date or deducting buffer days to cater for changes.
110 < SM <= 150 Over estimated the effort required. Re-estimate the tasks for future iterations and add number of days to buffer days.
150 < SM Immediately inform Supervisor Ben Gan and client about the slip within 24 hours. Using the same action for 110 < SM <= 150, consider adding functionalities.


Impact Score

Severity Description
Low Impact (1 - 4 points) Inconsequential. Simple typo error or minor user interface misalignment.
High Impact (5 - 9 points) The system runs. However, some non-critical functionalities are not working
Critical Impact (10 points) The system is down or is unstable after a short period of time. Bug fix immediately to continue

Mitigation Plan

Total Score = # Bugs (Low) x 1 + # Bugs (High) x 5 + # Bugs (Critical) x 10

Bug Score Mitigation Action
Score <= 10 Use buffer time to fix.
10 < Score <= 20 Use planned debugging time in the iteration to carry out bug fix
Score > 20 Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager to reschedule the project.