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[[Image:Android bug Metrics.png|center|900px]]
[[File:Ios Bug Metrics.PNG|center|900px]]
[[Image:Ios Bug Metrics.png|center|900px]]
<!-- Client Metrics -->
<!-- Client Metrics -->

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Schedule Tracking Category

Score(%) Mitigation Action
SM < 50 Very Late
50 < SM <= 90 Slightly Late
90 < SM <= 110 On Time
110 < SM <= 150 Slightly Early
150 < SM Too Early

SM Score = Estimated No. of Days in Iteration / Actual No. of Days spent in Iteration

Score(%) Mitigation Action
SM < 50 Immediately inform Supervisor Ben Gan and client about the slip within 24 hours. Using the same action for 50 < SM <= 90, consider dropping functionalities.
50 < SM <= 90 PM to discuss with team and re-estimate for future iterations. Eat into buffer days if any change is needed. Analyze the cause of delay and make necessary corrections.
90 < SM <= 110 Estimates are fairy accurate and we are roughly on track. Consider adding remaining days into buffer date or deducting buffer days to cater for changes.
110 < SM <= 150 Over estimated the effort required. Re-estimate the tasks for future iterations and add number of days to buffer days.
150 < SM Immediately inform Supervisor Ben Gan and client about the slip within 24 hours. Using the same action for 110 < SM <= 150, consider adding functionalities.


Impact Score (Bug Metrics)

Severity Description
Low Impact (1 - 4 points) Inconsequential. Simple typo error or minor user interface misalignment.
High Impact (5 - 9 points) The system runs. However, some non-critical functionalities are not working
Critical Impact (10 points) The system is down or is unstable after a short period of time. Bug fix immediately to continue

Mitigation Plan (Bug Metrics)

Total Score = # Bugs (Low) x 1 + # Bugs (High) x 5 + # Bugs (Critical) x 10

Bug Score Mitigation Action
Score <= 10 Use buffer time to fix.
10 < Score <= 20 Use planned debugging time in the iteration to carry out bug fix
Score > 20 Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager to reschedule the project.

Ios Bug Metrics.PNG

Android bug Metrics.PNG


Impact Score (Client Metrics)

Client Score Description
CM <= 0.5 Bad
0.5 < CM <= 0.7 Average
0.7 < CM <= 0.9 Good
0.9 < CM <= 1 Exceptional

Mitigation Plan (Client Metrics)

Total Score = Score/10

Client Score Mitigation Action
CM <= 0.5 Clients are not pleased at our work. Halt all tasks and review with both clients and team on what went wrong. Priorities would be placed on making the right changes
0.5 < CM <= 0.7 Clients are relatively less pleased with our work. Discuss with client and team on how to improve our score for the next week
0.7 < CM <= 0.9 Clients are pleased with our work so far. Continue on the same path and discuss with team on how to get a higher rating for the next week
0.9 < CM <= 1 Clients are more than pleased with our work. Continue on the same path and PM to make sure that team doesnt get complacent