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Project Progress Summary

Final Presentation Slides: Final Presentation Slides
Video Pitch: Video
Poster: File:TeamFriendchisePosterWeb.pdf

Project Highlights

Project Challenges

  • Client unable to find an available server in time for the team to deploy the project (may need to purchase new server but the paperwork and approval required could not sync with project deadlines)
  • Steep learning curve for picking up coding for Android mobile development
  • Unsure of what frameworks to use for

Project Achievements

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.43.34 pm.png

Project Management

Project Scope

Final scope.jpg

Project Timeline

Planned Project Schedule

Friendchise midterm timeline.jpg.png

Actual Project Schedule

Friendchise final timeline.png

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics

Friendchise Final ScheduleMetrics.png

Friendchise Midterm ScheduleMetrics2.png

Bug Metrics

Friendchise Final BugMetrics.png

Friendchise Midterm BugMetrics2.png

Project Risks

Category Description Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Technology Unfamiliar with Android mobile technology and Spring framework High High Project Manager: Arrange for crash course and update team members of available online resources.

Backend Developer: Find out how much effort is needed in Android Development and advise the Project Manager in future planning of schedules.

Team Resources Team members may fall sick or laptops may crash Medium Medium All members: Always duplicate a copy of documentation or code in dropbox, to ensure at least one working copy.

Project Manager: To keep RWS Sponsor updated regularly and ensure that frontend and backend codes are up to date.

Client Resources Inaccessibility of client servers High High Project Manager: Tap onto school resources for the time being until client provides the green light to shift to client side server.
Project Management Functions might change over time as RWS might have new features to suggest Medium Medium Project Manager: Adjust schedule with necessary changes whenever new functions come in. Seek opinions from team members as to whether new scope is manageable.
Scheduling Difficult to measure complexity of tasks and the necessary effort required Medium Medium Project Manager: Conduct review of approximation via schedule metrics at end of every iteration.

Technical Complexity

Translating data from servlet to PDF file

Friendchise Midterm TechComplexity1a.png
Friendchise Midterm TechComplexity1b.png

Use of tokens to reset password
Friendchise Midterm TechComplexity2.png

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Requirements Market Research Market Research
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Risk Assessment Risks
Change Management Change Management
Analysis Use Case Diagram
System Sequence Diagram
Architecture Diagram
Design Low-Fi Prototype
High-Fi Prototype
UI Prototype
Testing User Testing 1 User Testing 1
User Testing 2 User Testing 2
User Testing 3 User Testing 3


User Testing

User Testing Date Venue Users
System Integration Testing 12 Feb 2016 SMU Group Study Room Friendchise Team
User Testing 1 25 - 27 Jan 2016 SMU Group Study Room 18 - 25 year old individuals
User Testing 2 27 - 29 Feb 2016 SMU Group Study Room 18 - 25 year old individuals
User Testing 3 20 - 22 Mar 2016 SMU Group Study Room 18 - 25 year old individuals


Team Reflection

  1. Learnt about the importance of being detailed in project planning and inputting sufficient buffer periods
  2. Learnt to leverage on the core strengths of each team member and allocating tasks accordingly
  3. Learnt to be agile in adapting to constant changes and unpredictable risks that has occurred
  4. Learnt the importance of gathering user feedback and a third-person perspective from external evaluators of the system to avoid functional fixation
  5. Learnt that with IT, HR processes can be improved and enhanced tremendously

Individual Reflection

Name Reflections
Friendchise NgPohHui.jpg

Ng Poh Hui

  • Learnt the importance of providing consistent updates and raising the red flag whenever an important issue arises to the project team and stakeholders involved so everyone is kept in the loop
  • Learnt how to juggle and balance other projects together with IS480
  • Learnt to be more forward-looking in predicting and anticipating risks by doing regular system back-ups
Friendchise LimZiYanEvangeline.jpg

Lim Zi Yan Evangeline

  • Learnt the importance of communication code collaboration with the team
  • Learnt to conduct UAT effectively and gather feedback to deliver a quality application
  • Learnt to apply the knowledge and skills picked up in class together with all the self-taught skills in this project

Friendchise EileenSohYiLin.jpg

Eileen Soh Yi Lin

  • Learnt about the value of gathering user feedback from UAT and incorporating the improvements to improve the usability of the app
  • Learnt how to optimise the android mobile app user experience for different screen sizes and densities
  • Learnt about the benefits of alternating between the parallel and serial approach in designing the app interfaces
Friendchise MandesSimYuTien.jpg

Mandes Sim Yu Tien

  • Learnt that all our differences are actually strengths in our own ways. This allows us to appreciate and learn from each other
  • Learnt that a happy team makes a great team
  • Learnt that all documentations in the project is more than for record purposes